Gravity Defyer Pros and Cons – Should You Buy or Not?

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Painful limbs are just the barriers in the way of moving forward with the sense of achievement. Significantly, the joint pain in the knees, feet, back areas can affect our walking and running style. Hence, ordinary shoes cannot give comfort and safety while facing these conditions. In this case, knowing the Gravity Defyer pros and cons can be a great way of relief and support. 

Gravity Defyer is a unique brand of shoes producing user-friendly footwear products. Their shoes have numerous benefits for easy gaits even having health issues. Also, you will love the cushioning, outsole, insole, structure, and breathability of the shoes. 

We have found many people suffering from different body aches, especially in the lower body areas. The pain increases and makes things more complex when they wear shoes or boots. So, we have thought to share some great info about Gravity Defyer shoes to eliminate all those complexions in this article. Stay with us. 


What is the Gravity Defyer Shoes?

Of course, you can think of lots of profitable shoe brands available now. But Gravity Defyer is on top of the list. They are best at producing therapeutic shoes that you can use regularly or during treatment. 

The company follows its own patented VersoShock® technology available in any shoe. This technology consists of three distinct features:

  • Reverse trampoline heel to absorb any harmful shocks
  • Stabilizing midfoot protects feet from all the stress and abrasions 
  • Rolling forefoot design works impeccably to give relief and support to ankle and forefoot

They use another efficient technology named VERSOCLOUD ® Spring-Cell in their shoe soles. It consists of three unique features:

  • Nucleated polymer cells absorb excessive shocks while moving
  • Multi-density support gives protection to foot arches and offers 3D motion control
  • Rolling forefoot design gives user slightest pressure on toes and joints 

Besides these two technologies, some shoes are also there. These are “laceless,” which means they have laces but no need to tie them. 

The primary purpose of all these technologies is to provide maximum relief from debilitating pain in the bottom part. It helps to put every step forward without being controlled by the pain. Therefore, you can get a wide range of styles of Gravity Defyer shoes, from sports to heavy-duty regular shoes. Also, men and women can use this footwear in versatile sizes, colors, and features. 

The nature of these shoes is very much comfy, durable, and fit for any purpose (like hill-climbing, running, sports). Also, it can help in the betterment of treating Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, and others.

One more thing, many people call footwear diabetic shoes. You may not find such practical items for diabetic patients.

How Does Gravity Defyer Shoe Work?

Gravity Defyer uses multiple technologies to build its shoes. The VersoShoeck trampoline sole absorbs all the shocks when you put your step forward. Also, it gives soothing relief from feet, legs, or back pain. 

After absorbing the shocks, it distributes the energy well throughout the sole. In return, you get helpful traction to walk more with confidence. Additionally, the dual stabilizers help you control movement in a linear direction. 

Smart memory master spring gives a smooth transition between comfy and stability. It means you can feel the same coziness while you are standing or on the move. These facilities become more effective for the EVA midsole, creating an authentic rocking bed. 

Why Do You Need a Gravity Defyer shoe?

VersoShock and VersoCloud Spring-Cell Technology of Gravity Defyer shoes are just beyond the ordinary features of random shoes. These two techs help the shoe wearer gain the best feeling while facing huge body pain in their back, waist, knee, ankle, and feet. 

If you are a patient of diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, rheumatism, injured legs, you should select a shoe to gain relief from them. Ordinary shoes have hard soles, unfit toe boxes, fast-damaging material.

These low-quality features can increase the ailments. Also, they may not last longer while leaving you worse experience. 

Gravity Defyer lessens all the aches and maintains the arches of feet so well. Besides, they can absorb the shocks well while keeping your body straight.

Besides, the incredible color and size options can fulfil your thirst of wearing comfy shoes. Now, you can go at work or play on the field wearing the shoes.

Gravity Defyer Shoes Pros and Cons

It is universal for any product we use to have both positive and critical aspects like Gravity Defyer shoes. But it is virtually tough to note down all the specific pros and cons in a single article.

So, we have filtered the most common pros and cons present in most Gravity Defyer shoes. 

Gravity Defer Shoes Pros – Ultimate Benefits

All the shoes from this manufacturer are highly recommended for treating body pain, stress, and extreme shocks. They offer you versatile benefits like these:

The Soles

Every Gravity Defyer shoe has unique removable soles to overcome redundancies. They are made following the patented VersoShock technology we have already discussed.

Hence, the sole can covert harmful impacts into positive energy and evenly distribute the energy inside the shoes. 

Seamless Interior

The soft interior of the shoes provides much coziness and protection of the feet. Additionally, the wide toe box helps to fit the foot so well for comfy movements. It also improves blood circulation to the toe and gives you stress-free arches and toes. 

Arthritis & Diabetes-Friendly Footwear

The spacious room, the sturdy sole provide relief from joint pain, especially to patients with arthritis and diabetes. It can give up to 8-hours of relief for the feet in different situations.

Not only from these conditions but also you can get relief from pains due to other health problems. 

Lace-free Design

You will love to wear shoes with no laces, just insert the foot inside and go wherever you want. Gravity Defyer shoes have this lace-less design for easy slip-in and -out wearing.

It can help the people who have difficulty bending the waist (for the pain) to wear the shoes. 

Breathable Structure

Most Gravity Defyer shoes have breathable upper to provide you maximum ventilation and flexibility. Your feet remain dry and cool under any adverse situation.

Also, it prevents the risk of fungal attack after wearing the footwear for a long time. 

Perfect Sizing

You have nothing to worry about the fit and sizing of the shoes. Most shoes from Gravity Defeyer are true to their size. Also, they are suitable for any short-toe or long-toe people.

This perfect sizing prevents another unwanted accident or discomfort. 

Gravity Defyer Shoes Cons – Drawbacks

We have found it hard to find the drawbacks of such a competent shoe of Gravity Defyer. Still, there are very few cons (compared to pros) which we are adding here:

Limited Appearance

You can find versatile styles of shoes from the manufacturer. But the look of most items is quite similar or limited compared to the type. 


Some users and reviewers have found it costly in terms of budget. Maybe the price could be a bit lesser than the current one. It may appear like a good value for money shoe.

Gravity Defyer Shoes Reviews

gravity defyer reviews

We have picked two popular models from this manufacturer to explain their efficiency and greatness. One of them is for men and another for women. Please, read the below reviews that may help you pick the best G-Defy shoes for ankle, knee, and back pain.

G-Defy Mighty Walk for Women

Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk is designed for the lovely ladies who want peace of free steps. It has gained popularity for its pain-relieving capacity in the knees.

While reviewing the product, we have found it has an average of 4.2 out of 5.00 rating. Most wearers will consider this rating as first grade, so the Mighty Walk is. 

Incredible Colors

This stylish shoe is ready for you if you are a fashion lover. It comes in 7 distinct colors: grey, black, peach, white, and so on. You can combine these shoes with any casual or sports attire. 

Flexible Sizes

Most of us are concerned about the sizing of shoes. Will the shoe fit in my foot? Yes, Gravity Defyer Mighty Walk is available in multiple sizes, from 6 to 11. So, nothing to worry about if you are petite or a plus size woman. 

Synthetic Sole

The shoe is incredible for its synthetic EVA sole. The manufacturer has used their VersoShock and VersoCloud Spring-Cell tech to build ergonomic shoes.

Basically, the shoe has a layer of soles combined with absorbing shocks and giving you sufficient traction and comfort on each step.

Wide Toe Box

The shoe provides enough space inside the toe box. You can easily insert or slip your foot inside the shoe. Also, it can maintain proper blood circulation and protect the toe from bruises.

Front Rolling Design 

The shoe features front rolling design. It makes you feel like flying while wearing the shoes. Again, this design reduces foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles from any danger.

Breathable Mesh Upper

During the hot sunny days, wearing the shoe all day can leave excess foot moisture. This moisture can grow fungi inside the shoes.

But G-defy’s breathable mesh upper reduces the humidity by allowing air to cool the foot. Also, it can keep feet dry for extra comfort in any weather. 

Free Podiatrist-grade Insoles

When extreme pain, our body alignment can be more unusual than regular time. That’s why Gravity Defyer adds a gift with the shoe package.

It includes free corrective fit orthotic insoles to correct your body alignment and reduce plantar fasciitis. 

Key Features/Specifications:

  • Medicare and HCPCS A5500 certified shoes
  • Patented VersoShock and VersoCloud Spring-Cell Technology
  • Attractive brand logo on shoe sides
  • 7 colors, 4.2 user rating
  • Removable insoles
  • Roomy toe box
  • Front rolling design 
  • Mesh upper
  • Seamless interior 


  • Extremely lightweight shoes good for affected knees and feet
  • Comfortable synthetic EVA sole offers anxiety and pain relief
  • Improves circulation inside the wide toe box 
  • The front rolling design offers stress-free gaiting and running 
  • Breathable mesh upper provides quality ventilation and releases moisture into air
  • Free orthotic insoles for extra comfy for women with injured knees or knee pain
  • Good choice for people suffering from foot problems like plantar fasciitis, arthritis 
  • Easy to wash and dry out for convenient uses 


  • Not recommended for women with smaller feet 

Expert Opinion:

G-Defy Women’s Might Walk is suitable mainly for women who work at offices for a long time. It will reduce body pain and accelerate the medical conditions to a better state.

Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Sneakers

G-defy Mighty Walk for Men is an excellent example of sneakers. You can select this shoe for regular walking, jogging, running, and other gaiting purposes. After all, it really defies gravity as you will feel like flying in the air wearing the shoe.

Like the women’s model, it also has a 4.2 out of 5.00 average rating. Again, many users have already praised this model for reducing their muscle and knee pain. 

Attractive Colors

The G-Defy Men’s shoes have similar color options to women’s. It is available in six colors: solid black, grey, and other dual colors. Usually, the colors recall us sporty look wearing the sneakers. 

True-fit Size

True-fit means no sizing; what you see is the same as what you get. Proven Pain Relief shoes are a fantastic choice for their sizing options. If your foot size is within 6-11 US size, you can purchase the shoe. 

Synthetic Insole and Outsole

Body having pain in the limbs may not have perfect alignment. This alignment puts excessive pressure on the foot or changes the walking style. But if you prefer Mighty Walk sneakers, there will be no walking issues in class.

It has patented VersoShock and VersoCloud Spring-Cell technology, making the synthetic EVA insole and outsole absorb all the pressure and return perfect traction. 

Spacious Toe Box

Most ordinary shoes cannot provide sufficient spaces inside the box. If anyone with ankle pain tries to fit in those shoes, the pain will surely increase.

Alternatively, they can try this Gravity Defyer stress-relief shoe. It has a spacious toe box to provide you with perfect foot placement with proper blood flows. 

Front Rolling Design 

This feature helps to reduce any kind of foot stress. Also, it can protect 28 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles from any harm. 

Durable Upper

There is no alternative to the durable mesh upper of G-Defy men’s shoes to keep your feet moisture-free dry. This upper will keep your feet cool under extreme weather.

Again, you can feel better even if you have painful limbs or suffering from arthritis, diabetes, muscle pain, and so on. 

Free Orthotic Insoles

The pain-relieving shoes come with a pair for effective orthotic insoles. You can insert them below the main insole to correct body gestures and posture.

After using them, you can feel better as these insoles align the body in a more thoughtful way. 

Key Features/Specifications:

  • Medicare and HCPCS A5500 certified sneakers
  • Patented VersoShock and VersoCloud Spring-Cell Technology
  • Brand logo on shoe sides
  • 6 colors, 4.2 user rating
  • Removable insoles
  • Seamless interior 
  • Roomy toe box
  • Front rolling design 
  • Mesh upper


  • Lightweight and front rolling design helps in secure movement 
  • No more stress and pain wearing this shoe featuring synthetic sole
  • The large toe box gives foot life and scopes for regular blood circulation
  • Sneaker style shoes good for running, walking, or on the field 
  • The sporty look gives the wearer ready-to-go feelings
  • A breathable mesh upper gives premium ventilation 
  • Perfect choice for men suffering from different knee or foot pain or injuries
  • Convenient, easy wash and dry out facilities 


  • Some users find it a bit more pricey than its value

Expert Opinion:

G-Defy Men’s Mighty Walk is a stylish sneaker recommended for men who want both style and comfort together.

This shoe can stabilize the body well and give perfect coziness under unexpected medical conditions.

Types Of Gravity Defyer shoes

While surfing the website of Gravity Defyer, we have found they offer several styles or types of shoes. These are based on the activity you want to perform. Here is a list of shoe types based on activity:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Standing
  • Everyday comfort
  • Outdoor
  • Fitness 
  • Slip-resistant

For men, there is another type of shoes available: work boots. You may try them if you like boots.

Where to Buy Gravity Defyer Shoes?

Buying shoes has been so easier nowadays. You can just do some clicks and go to the product website. Then, surf the products and find the best one to purchase.

Again, you need some clicks and share payment details to buy the product. Likewise, you can buy Gravity Defyer shoes online or other prominent websites. 

Is It Value Worthy of Buying a Gravity Defyer Shoe?

G-Defy shoes are indeed bit more pricey than similar brands. But they are far better than others. Also, they are specially designed for therapeutic treatments, which others may not provide.

You are getting stylish, colorful, comfy, and fully featured shoes within single purchase. There will be no more body pain, joint pain, toe bruises wearing the Gravity Defyer shoes. So, it is value worthy of buying a G-Defyer shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do G-Defy shoes last?

Gravity Defyer shoes can last longer if you take proper care. Hence, they can last up to 6-12 months on average. 

  • Do Gravity Defyer shoes offer true to size?

All the shoes from this company are true to their size. Your feet can easily fit in them, leaving no gaps or tightening. 

  • Are Gravity Defyer shoes good for bunions?

Even if you have bunions, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, rheumatism, and other health issues, you can wear the shoes. 

Final Verdict 

So, we are at the curtain-off moment of Gravity Defyer pros and cons. Our prime focus was on showing detailed information on how the shoes can affect your lifestyle. Indeed, these shoes are trendy items for ladies and gentlemen. 

We have also included Gravity Defyer shoes reviews in this article to get more benefits from us. These reviews can save your time to purchase the next pair of G-Defy shoes. No more knee pain.

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