6 Best Shoes to Wear with Walking Boot to Buy in 2022

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Why should you look for the best shoes to wear with walking boot? Well, you can learn about the shoe for walking boots and some relevant, interesting info in this article. Also, some great shoe reviews are waiting for you.

A walking boot protects an injured or post-surgery ankle and foot by keeping them stable. Also, you can use this boot prescribed by doctors in medical conditions like fractured bones, tendon injuries, sprains, and shin splints. But something more helps faster cure wearing the walking boot: a shoe leveler or balancer, or a shoe lift.

Yes, you can use rather more. A shoe leveler or balancer shoe lift are some shoes (also named walking shoes) you can wear with the walking boot. Therefore, a walking shoe has several benefits. It helps to prevent back pain or strained gait. 


What Shoes to Wear with the Walking Boot?

Walking boots have more height than regular shoes. Suppose you put a walking boot on one leg and a standard shoe on another leg. The body alignment will cause difficulties when you start walking. Sometimes one foot may get extra pressure than another one. Thus, you get body pain too. 

A walking shoe (leveler/balancer/lift) is the best item to wear with a walking boot. It helps to balance and match the height of both legs wearing shoes. Generally, shoe leveler is available as a single piece. You can put it on both your left and right feet. 

When Should You Wear a Shoe with Walking Boot?

You should wear the shoe with walking boot when:

  • You put a walking boot or cast on your foot
  • Bandage length extends to your feet section
  • People born with a shorter leg

Please, read the below reviews of some quality shoes to wear with walking boots. After qualified research and comparison with the most familiar brands, we have listed these items. 

How Have We Prepared Our List?

In this competitive market, you will find many walking shoes offering versatile facilities. They can fulfill some individual purposes. But somehow, most of them may fail to keep your feet length well-balanced wearing them. Again, some may cause pain while you try to walk. 

Keeping all these in mind, we have filtered out the below products. We consider them the best for their user reviews, positive ratings, versatile features, and attractive prices. It will save your time and redundancies in finding the right one quickly. 

Here are the Best Shoes to Wear with Walking Boot

Our review consists of several top-quality walking shoes currently winning the market. You can look at the features, pros, and cons to know them with better analysis. 

1. EVENup Shoe Balancer – Overall Best

Key Features:

  • 7 sizes with adjustable heights
  • Lightweight, black shoe with a blue outsole
  • Compatible for both left and right foot

Are you getting hip or knee pain while walking on a boot without any leveler or a low-quality leveler? We suggest the overall best shoe balancer for walking boot. Small, medium, large, extra-large – each size of EVENup shoe leveler you buy will offer you the same comfort and adjustment facilities. It comes with the enhanced version two design to balance the limb length and reduce body strains.

We have selected a small size for our review. It fits men 6-8 and women 5-8.5 US size. Besides this size, the product is available in seven different sizes. So, kids to adults, everyone can wear this shoe leveler. You can use this product with a tennis shoe or sneaker for more benefits. 

The shoe lift has a universal fit. You can put it on either left or right foot as well. After wearing it with an orthotic walking boot, you will get several heights lifts like 0.5”, 0.75”, and 1.25”.

Moreover, you will face no uneven gait and back, hip, or knee pain. Already, lots of people have tested the unit. 


  • Dual-layer anti-skid rubber outsoles
  • Expert Orthopedic doctors suggested version 2.0 design
  • Seven distinct sizes for people of different ages
  • Very lightweight and lifts the height to several inches
  • Balances the limb length to step on the surface properly
  • Reduces strains limb pain caused by uneven gait without EVENup
  • Used by many users and recommended by doctors 


  • No other color options are available

What Other Reviewers Say

While we are reading the reviews of other users, we have found our review on EVENup is not any exception. There was a review like, “A must when wearing a cam boot!” 

Most reviewers are concerned about the comfort while picking up this shoe balancer. They have made sure their feet alignment is correct, wearing it beside the comfort. 

Some mixed reviews are also there, which we think quite rare regarding this shoe. They suggest that sellers deliver the right size product following the users’ orders. Again, some come up with its weight as it feels heavy to them. 

The Verdict

If we compare the positive and critical ratings of the actual users, EVENup is a win-win product. It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on approximately 4.7K user ratings.

Luckily, we have found so much greatness in this walking shoe except the user ratings. You will love to have this shoe in your shoe rack, even for a short time.

2. Procare ShoeLift Shoe Balancer – Most Lightweight Shoe Balancer

Key Features:

  • 3 sizes with 1” offset height
  • No-skid rubber outsole 
  • Black color sole with ash/off-white strap 

If your uneven gait causing back or knee pain, you should offset the leg length with a quality shoe balancer. Procare ShoeLift shoe leveler for walking boot is the next-gen helping kit for people for making every gait properly.

Hence, wearing this shoe leveler with post-op shoe or a cast can protect your body from strains. It has a user-friendly design with 1” offset height, which is preferable for both the right and left leg. 

The shoe lift is available in three sizes. People can wear this shoe with a walking boot from young to age as it fits men 9-11.5 and women 9.5-12.5 US size. We suggest you pick Procare for wearing with injured walking boots. After all, it works better with sports shoes better. 

The walking shoe is easily removable and replaceable. Also, you can wear it quickly while adjusting the hook and loop strap closure system. This strap helps to keep the shoe in the right place.

Besides, the rubber outsole provides sufficient grip and traction to prevent skidding, even on smooth surfaces. Buy this popular shoe leveler to align back and hip according to the right shape and structure. 


  • User-friendly design with rubber outsole
  • Suggested choice for wearing with an orthopedic walking boot
  • Lifts to 1” height of leg to balance the body alignment
  • Three distinct sizes for young to old people
  • Wearable on both right and left foot
  • Lightweight, non-skid sole prevents uneven gaits
  • Hook and look strap closure system


  • No adjustable offset lifts than 1 inch

What Other Reviewers Say

“I work as a brace fitter. I bought this for a coworker…” this is how a user of Procare commented. Many people like him are advising to use shoe balancer like this one. It fills the wearer’s requirements fully to balance the body alignment perfectly. 

Even people are calling this “absolutely perfect” for reducing hip pain. There is no longer uneven walking or stress on the back. Unfortunately, one of these users found it “Good for 3 days and then it broke.” But he has got the replacement shoe faster as soon as he complains to the seller. 

The Verdict

Procare Shoelift has an average user rating of 4.2 out of 5 upon about 871 user ratings. Maybe it is not higher as EVENup. Still, it is the favorite choice for people wearing orthopedic boot. After all, it increases and equalizes both leg heights to have safer gaiting.

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3. iGuerburn Shoe Lift for Walking Boot – Best Slip-Resistant Shoe Balancer

Key Features:

  • 3 sizes with 2 adjustable heights
  • Velcro straps closure system
  • Slip-resistant outsole 

Do you have a short leg or an injured leg that causes troubles while putting on a step forward? You can sort out the problem mostly with iGuerburn shoe balancer.

Many people have admired its lightweight and straightforward design to ease movement. Hence, it will prevent an imbalance of the lower limb entirely while aligning the back, hip, and knee in the right gesture. 

We have found its availability in three sizes: small, medium, and large. You can check the size chart on the product page. However, we picked the medium size that fits men 6.5-9.5 and women 7.5-10.5 US.

Again, it offers two height adjustments for the users: 0.5” and 1”. So, you can remain comfortable and limp-free wearing it with a walking boot. 

The design of iGeurburn shoe leveler is attractive. This black shoe has a non-slip bottom to prevent slips while boosting traction on every footstep.

Also, the 4 adjustable hook and loop Velcro straps help attach it firmly to regular shoes. Likewise, you can wear it on both left and right foot like the above shoe balancers.


  • Simple design with 4 Velcro straps
  • Slip-resistant outsole to prevent unexpected falls
  • Three different sizes with proper size chart (US)
  • Dual height adjustments for better body alignment
  • Velcro straps help to attach to regular shoes firmly
  • Prevents damage of hip and back from limping
  • Preferable for both left and right leg


  • Shorter straps for wearing on a wider foot

What Other Reviewers Say

Like other products we have selected for reviews, iGuerburn shoe leveler has much appreciation. Other reviewers have found it an excellent choice to relax, happy movement. 

Some users have loved its adjustable Velcro straps to fit their athletic shoes well. For example, one user comments: “It has 4 adjustable Velcro straps that keep your shoe firmly attached…”. Another user has been wearing a walking boot for a long time. His pain has been gone after he “…got this shoe lift!”

If we talk about some dissatisfactions, then the size of the straps is a problem for being shorter. One reviewer even claimed this shoe: “These are basically two flip flops stuck together with straps added.”  Therefore, we don’t count it as the “stuck together” shoe that has already helped many sufferers. 

The Verdict

This shoe is impressive for preventing any skid while on walking boots. It can give you two offset heights so that you never feel down. Moreover, Velcro straps keep the shoe holding firmly.

But you may find some disappointments caring 3.5 out of 5 average user ratings. Only 470+ ratings in total is given to this product. But you should try it.

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4. Healvaluefit Height Enhancing Shoe Lift – Rugged Shoe for Larger Foot

Key Features:

  • Black EVA shoe for walking boot
  • 3 sizes with dual adjustable heights
  • 4 belts with Velcro straps

When you search for best shoe to wear with a walking boot, Healvaluefit will be the most common item in the list. This shoe leveler for walking boots is made of high-quality EVA material.

And EVA is already a popular material for making shoes, ensuring their sturdiness. Also, the Healvaluefit limb balancer is an efficient choice for wider feet. 

The black walking shoe is available in three sizes. Our selected small size shoe fits men 5.5 and women 5-7 US size. Still, you can learn about sizing from their size chart.

Wearing the shoe on either right or left leg, you can increase the height of the worn foot up to 0.5” or 1”. You can adjust this height by removing the top pad. 

Keeping the hip and knee alignment correct is possible by attaching the shoe’s four belts with Velcro straps. Also, these straps enable flexible wearing with a walking boot. Lastly, you can peacefully gait wearing this shoe. 


  • Widely used EVA material sole
  • Most suitable for people with larger feet
  • Black color shoe available in three sizes
  • Increases height for 0.5” and 1”
  • Height adjustable by removing the top pad
  • Four belts with Velcro straps
  • Laidback to wear and walk with this shoe


  • Not preferable for tiny feet

What Other Reviewers Say

If you want to use a shoe leveler with a walking boot for a larger foot, Healvaluefit is the only contender. Its sturdy EVA material can give excellent traction and resist unwanted falls. Someone came to buy this shoe after reading other reviews like me among the reviewers of this shoe.

He found it top-rated and ordered one for him. Then, his reaction appears remarkable as we found his comment “…it doesn’t slip at all as I’ve read in some of the reviews.” 

The shoe is a value for money for plus-size people too. It helps to maintain the limb balance even if you are working. Also, you can get reduced pain especially on your back, hip, and knee.

Besides the good, some negative reviews also surprised us. Someone suggested Healvaluefit like “Great concept but needs work”. So, we think the manufacturer should pay more attention to these facts. 

The Verdict

This shoe has universal sizing, it still works best for larger feet. So, around 100+ reviewers gave mixed ratings of an average 3.7 out of 5.

Maybe the product is trending in the market, and people are getting ideas about this product lately. Otherwise, it is as good quality as other superb walking shoes.

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Key Features:

  • 2 friendly sizes 
  • Universal shoe design
  • Removable insert for two height adjustments 

We have found a shoe lift with a universal design named BootBud Discrete shoe lift. It has an incredible plan that differs from other brands.

Indeed, the agony of walking boots will leave just after attaching the leveler with the regular shoe. Moreover, orthopedists and athletes recommend wearing premium shoe balancers like this one.

If you use an improper size shoe lift, you may face another injury or worsen the present one. But BootBud is a winner as it offers two friendly sizes. It will suit both right and left feet. So, you can pick this shoe to wear with the post-op boot.  

The removable insert can increase the height at 0.75” and 1.25”. Also, wearing the shoe is super easy using the Velcro toe and heel straps.

These straps help hold the shoe well and never let you fall by chance. Overall, there will be no struggle walking after surgery on your foot. 


  • Universal shoe design for men and women
  • Two friendly sizes for flexible wearing
  • Suits on both left and right foot
  • Reduces the chance of limping and body strains
  • Removable insert can increase height up to 0.75” and 1.25”
  • Two Velcro toe and heel straps
  • Easy to wear on and off


  • No back straps for a more secure fit

What Other Reviewers Say

Perhaps this is one of the latest shoe balancers on the market. So, it has comparatively less reviewers who bought and used it for their emergencies. However, it can be a gift for people who have an injured leg or one shorter leg.

A reviewer of the product says his wife broke her left ankle. But when he gifted her this Bootbud shoe lift, she “was walking with a limp.” Even one user has bought the shoe for his mom. 

Orthopedics recommend this efficient shoe for increasing height and aligning the body parts well. So, the positive feedbacks are not surprising at all. If the shoe strap sizes could be wider, many people would love to wear this shoe balancer. Still, it is a matter of happiness and comfort when people suffer from joint pains. 

The Verdict

As we have said, it can be the latest shoe; it has only a few reviewers. Some users (around 15+) have given this shoe an average rating of 3.7 out of 5.

But if the shoe gets better popularity, we can assure you will get more than this rating. You can buy this affordable shoe lift and keep it for further use.

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6. Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer for Injury Boots – Designed by Orthopedic Surgeon

Key Features:

  • 2 sizes, suitable for right and left foot
  • Orthopedic surgeon designed shoe
  • Functional with or without a walking boot

You may risk your foot injury more if two feet height remains uneven. But wearing an Ergoactives Level-Up shoe balancer with an orthopedic walking boot can balance the height properly.

This top-quality shoe can resist any slipping while gaiting. Surprisingly, the designer of this walking shoe is an orthopedic surgeon to fulfill the wearer’s interests. 

The shoe is available in small and medium sizes. It superbly fits men 7-10 and women 7-9.5 US sizes. Again, it gives elevated height to both left and right feet.

Wearing the shoe, you can get three major benefits: adjusting height for short-legged men, the person wearing a cast, and more comfort during post-op situations. 

The shoe has no adjustable height like other reviewed products in our list. Still, you can wear it with or without any walking boot. Then again, the shoe provides good traction to walk without slipping securely.

So, there will be no more misalignment of body limbs to create back, hip, or knee pains. 


  • Competent shoe balancer for injury boots
  • Balances foot height and reduce body strains
  • Designed by an orthopedic surgeon
  • Available in two sizes providing good traction
  • Useable as a leveler and a cast shoe
  • Preferable for both left and right legs
  • Long-lasting unit for wearing with or without walking boots


  • Not available for large size foot

What Other Reviewers Say

An orthopedic surgeon is the designer of Ergoactives level-up shoe balancer. So, we assure you it has some proven benefits as a professional knows which design is user-friendly.

It reduces back pain while you walk on an injured leg. You can wear it without a walking boot which is the most exceptional yet astonishing part of the shoe. 

One of the reviewers of this shoe has said it “doesn’t hurt the back, because your feet are the same height.” The incredible design is the reason why the users will feel every step and enjoy like never happened before.

Some users also recommend “I think this is Perfect for us like this way. We needed to even out 3-4 inches for my dad’s bad hip.” 

But there is no sign of Velcro straps in this shoe. So, it appears a bit tough to adjust the firmness. A skeptical user couldn’t stop showing anger on this point. He bought the medium size shoe balancer.

But he found it “impossible to adjust using the buttons on the sides…” Thus, ignoring this point (or at least you consider), this shoe is a nice post-op thing, nothing else. 

The Verdict

Like Bootbud, this shoe is also possibly a new item in the market. So, it has only 3.1 out of 5 average user ratings. We have found only 42 user ratings, which can impact picking the product.

Yet isn’t it good to wear without any walking boots? Think this again, especially you have a shorter leg. It will make your regular days more charming and enjoyable.

Things to Consider Buying Best Shoes to Wear with Walking Boot

Things to Consider Buying Best Shoes to Wear with Walking Boot

A shoe leveler or balancer helps during the cure of injured ankles and feet. It will save your money from wasting to buying a new walking boot. Consequently, you will feel comfortable when you wear high-quality shoes with walking boots. 

You should care about several factors while buying a shoe leveler. These factors emphasize the quality and facility of a walking shoe. Now, have a look on them:


The size of walking shoes can vary from one model to another. It should cover your walking boot well. Buying longer or shorter shoe balancers can cause wearing and movement difficulties. For this, you may look at the sizing options of the selected shoe balancer. 


The shoe balancer for walking boot must have a unique and patented design. Again, the hook and loop straps in the design will hold the balancer in the right place.

Besides, the rubber outsoles will prevent slipping on the surface you walk. 

Inserts and Straps

Some walking shoes may have removable inserts to adjust the height of shoes. These inserts can increase the height at a minimum 1” from the base.

Also, the adjustable Velcro straps can secure the position of the walking boot inside the walking shoe. You may also see non-elastic straps instead of Velcro straps that fulfill the same purpose. 


It is an important feature you should always consider during the purchase. The weight of a shoe depends on its material. The walking shoe must weigh less to have a flexible walk.


Already you have an injury or are in the process of treating the injury. If you fall again, you may worsen the whole process or get other health issues.

So, the selected shoe leveler must provide sufficient traction to resist skidding. Especially if you walk on smooth surfaces, traction is a crying need from the shoe leveler. 

Ease of Use

Wearing walking boots can be troublesome. But you can quickly wear it with a shoe balancer or a walking shoe. The Velcro Straps will make the job easier to give a snug fit. Therefore, it is wise to purchase versatile walking shoes on any right or left leg.

Some boots are also suitable for handwash or machine-wash. After cleaning well, you can easily use it again or keep it for further uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you search for any walking shoe online, you may see some queries about it. Many wearers like you have already asked these questions to better understand the shoe leveler for walking boot. Below are some recently asked questions about the shoe:

Question: Can you wear shoes with a walking boot?

Answer: Yes, you can wear a regular shoe with a walking boot. But the height of feet will be imbalanced unless you use a shoe leveler with the regular shoe. 

Question: Can I adjust the height of a walking shoe?

Answer: Most high-quality walking shoes come with a height adjustment feature. You can use the removable insert of these shoes to gain 0.5-1.5” extra height. It will help you balance the limb alignment. 

Question: Is it good to walk in a walking boot without a walking shoe?

Answer: Of course, you can walk in a walking boot without a walking shoe. But there will be an increased chance to worsen the body condition for the misalignment of limbs. A walking shoe can balance the height well. 

Question: What type of should I wear with a walking boot?

Answer: Most experts suggest using a walking shoe under a sneaker or athletic shoes with a walking boot. 

Question: Can walking shoes help the person with a short leg?

Answer: All the shoe leveler or balancer helps to equalize limb length, even for a man or woman with a short leg. Also, it will help them to have skid-free gaiting on any surface. 

Final Words

So, we are now at the end of our best shoes to wear with walking boot reviews. In this article, we have discussed the greatness of our selected walking shoes. They are far better than ordinary, transient shoes that may worsen the injury. 

Our selection includes the most efficient, lightweight, sturdy, and comfy shoes. We assure you that you will undoubtedly thank us after using any of these shoe balancers for walking boots.

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