What are the Best Shoes for F45 Training to Buy in 2022?

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We all know how hard it is to get the best shoes for f45. The functional training with a mixture of different workouts and movements for 45 minutes needs to be perfect. And when the talk is about movement, the first thing that you need to consider is the shoe quality. 

For the best outcome in your f45 training sessions, you need something comfortable, flexible that helps your movement and of course, well-cushioned. Keeping everything in mind, we have prepared our suggestions with the best picks. Keep on reading to know what we have in store!


Why Do You Need a Specific Shoe for F45

You need full support in your feet during the movements of your f45 training. That’s why any ordinary shoe will not help you during the training sessions. During the sessions, you will need to have both feet on the ground for some of the exercises. 

These high-impact exercises require good support from the feet to keep your feet safe from any injury. Whereby, you need plenty of cushioning in the shoes to protect your arches against the hit. 

Another point is shock absorption. Regular shoes cannot offer you good shock absorption and it will injure your feet as well as ruin your performance. Sufficient traction is another reason why you need specific shoes for your f45 training. The traction makes your movement flexible and quick. 

How Did We Come Up with Our List?

While you are looking for the best shoes for f45, you need to give a priority to flexibility, comfort, and breathability alongside other features. So, while making the list for you, we have specially picked the ones that stand out for the quality, comfort, flexibility as well as breathability. 

We have tried the shoes for many days and picked the ones that suited the best with our needs. Our picked list has the best materials, affordability, and the previously mentioned must-needed features. So let’s move forward to the choices that we have picked!

7 Best Shoes for F45 (Men’s and Women)

1. Nike Men’s Odyssey

Key Features:

  • The midsole is made of fully synthetic materials providing extra support and lifespan
  • Includes foam collar for the fittest ride
  • Contains react technology to make you move even more swiftly
  • Laced-up edges give off a fashionable vibe

This shoe is laced up and packed up with lots of fashionable advantages. For example, it proves that it is a combination of fashion and perfection as it provides extraordinary advantages in the form of design.

The edges are laced up which provides extra durability to the shoe as well as increases the quality of the outlook. 

To be the perfect partner in the workout sessions during your f45 training, this shoe has its midsoles made with synthetic materials, which helps it to move faster and fit better. But even though it fits well, the breathability of the materials allows the shoe to prevent swelling and uncomfortable moving.

Also, the foam used in it helps this shoe to soak up the sweat if the skin swells and to make the bottom of the shoe very comfortable to walk with. 

It feels like fashion is blended with passion and perfection when you get to use these shoes. The surface style and the outlooks are just beyond description.

Most importantly, the price. This shoe comes literally within the budget and with a bunch of cool factors.


  • Affordable
  • Fashionable in combination with comfort 
  • Prevents sweating
  • Made with breathable material 


  • Kind of tight

2. Reebok Men’s Nano

Key Features:

  • Made of pure fabric which increases safety
  • The adjusting size system is unique and comfortable
  • Keeps the feet cool with its sweat-preventing materials
  • Great for the workout as it fits flawlessly

Most often, it gets really hard for the f45 trainees to choose a shoe as it becomes hard to practice while wearing a shoe that doesn’t cope with all the sweats and fast movements. But that won’t be a problem for you if you just try these shoes for once.

It has an amazing coping-up formula with sweat and uncomfortable movements. This is the perfect shoe for jogging, weight lifting, or any kind of sporty activity. 

The most amazing feature about this shoe is that it has wider space on the inside than the regular shoes but these are the fittest ones too. These are flat and are comfortable to move with. The wider space allows it to prevent sweating by keeping the inside cool.

Even if it’s wide inside, it fits the foot so perfectly that you won’t even bother to do all the rocky activities while wearing these. 

An outstanding plus point of this shoe is that it tends to be the best shoe for weightlifting activities with the help of its flattened bottom. The flat bottom of the shoe gives extra support in lifting the weight and also helps the user to move steadily with the weight. Again, the tight-fitting yet wide insoles ensure the safety of the user.


  • Can move swiftly
  • Provides enough space inside
  • Adjustable size
  • Made of pure fabric


  • Not quite affordable

3. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Sonic 3 Running Shoe

Key Features:

  • The sole is made of rubber so that you can get extra flexibility in your activities
  • The ‘zero-gravity feel’ of this shoe makes you feel light and free in every step
  • The foam ensures stability, well-cushioning, and the return of energy
  • Sensor technology is installed so that you can track your progress and lackings easily

The most amazing thing about this shoe is that it follows the sensor technology and has a sensor adapted in it which is digitally connected. This sensor keeps track of your movements and improvements when you go running or other physical activities.

It also analyzes virtually and saves every step that you take to let you know how much you lack and how much you’ve progressed. 

Materials used in the outsole are breathable, ensuring the prevention of sweat. Most importantly, it helps dry spilled liquid in the shoe faster. This is why this shoe is the best companion for morning runs during winter days and also your f45 training period. 

The bottom of the shoes is super comfortable as it has adjustable and spreadable wings attached to the footbed. The whole bottom part is covered with soft and comfortable foam.

It returns the pressure equally, which makes you move steadily and quickly. The bottom footbed is attached with outstanding tongue construction. 


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Extra spreadable wings are included in the footbed
  • The sensor tracks the improvements
  • The surface dries real quick


  • Misunderstandable color

4. New Balance Men’s 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe

Key Features:

  • Comes with cush and midsole cushioning
  • Has leather and mesh upper
  • Designed to help prevent irritation
  • The outsole is made of all-terrain rubber

The very first thing we desire to get from our shoes during f45 training is comfort. New balance men’s shoes are designed in a way that wearing these shoes you will feel the most comfortable.

These shoes are capable of meeting the needs of an athlete. The cush and midsole cushioning of this shoe make it comfortable and all-day-wearable. 

Although this shoe is made with leather and meshes upper, you won’t be facing sweating issues with this shoe. Wearing these shoes will keep your feet sweat-free and stink-free all day long. The materials these shoes are made of are gentle to your skin and would never harm your skin. 

The shoe provides enough space inside the shoe so that you can move your feet properly and there’s always good air circulation inside the shoe. In addition, the all-terrain rubber outsole of this shoe makes it stronger and eligible for rough usage.

The ultra-softness of this shoe comes with a good insole. The width and toe box of these shoes are just so right to provide your feet with a nice space. 


  • Ensures adequate air circulation 
  • All-day wearable
  • Strong but comfortable 
  • Ultrasoft


  • Lowkey arch support issues

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

Key Features:

  • Neutrally designed, wearable with every outfit
  • Features rearfoot GEL technology cushioning
  • Made with synthetic and mesh fabric
  • Reliable lace-up closure system

If you are craving attenuated shock during the impact phase which allows a smooth transition to midstance then you should get ASICS Women’s shoes because they have Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system.

These shoes are officially slip-resistant with their rubber outsole which offers better grip. That makes running way easier during the f45 training. 

ASICS shoes are suitable for athletes and you can say these are the best shoes for f45 workouts. They are made with synthetic and mesh type fabric which makes the shoes comfortable, heavy-duty, and durable of course.

No matter how roughly you use these shoes, these shoes will never let you down. A perfect pair of shoes to make the journey of a woman athlete easier yet efficient. 

Running or working out while putting these shoes on will help you feel comfortable. The lightweight construction helps you run faster without hurting your feet. You get arch support, wider space for frequent movement and air circulation inside the shoe, comfortable insoles, and heavy-duty outsole with these shoes. 


  • Good for fast pace
  • Heavy-duty mechanism 
  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight


  • Might show color issues

6. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

Key Features:

  • Comes with surprisingly lightweight cushioning
  • Comfortable and all-day wearable with a responsive ride
  • Comes with bootie upper construction
  • Offers you a sleek design and supportive fit

Haven’t you been searching for a supportive, comfortable yet good-looking shoe to use as the best shoes for f45 training, forever? Well, the game-changer is here! New Balance Women’s shoe is comfortable and all-day wearable with its incredibly lightweight cushioning.

The shoe offers you a supportive fit with its bootie upper construction and great stylish looks with contemporary bootie design, isn’t that the best combination?

The shoe is made for wearing anywhere, women can wear them casually, formally, for working out, and especially for the job of an athlete. Besides, the mesh and synthetic materials will never hurt your feet during your sessions. 

It comes with an ultra-soft insole which makes your feet feel comfortable. The width of the shoe ensures sufficient air circulation and no sweat inside the shoe which is super important. You will love the design and color variations of these shoes in every possible way.


  • Supportive fit
  • Durable
  • Roughly usable
  • Lots of color variant


  • Not specified

7. Feetmat Women’s Running Shoes 

Key Features:

  • Has breathable mesh layers for the outer material
  • Comes with a drawstring closure type
  • Creates a dry environment for your feet inside the shoes
  • Protects your ankle in every possible way

Doesn’t it feel super annoying when your feet feel wet inside a shoe, especially during your training period? You can forget about that annoyance with its breathable mesh layers. The material keeps your feet away from wet situations.

Fundamentally, your feet get good breathable wide space for frequent movement. The foam inside the shoe is ultra-soft and super comfy, all-day-wearable. The shoe features moisture-wicking insoles. 

However, we know the first thing you would look for as a woman is a good design. The black elegant look of the shoe can make everyone fall in love with this shoe.

The outsoles of this shoe are slip-resistant, so obviously this shoe will be great for athletes. Furthermore, the shoe comes with a lightweight as well. 

You won’t believe that the shoe is medically certified since it never lets your ankle get hurt. It reduces the risk of your ankles’ sprain. You get a drawstring closure type with this shoe. So this shoe would make your every journey special with its comfort, good looks, and arch support. 


  • Protects feet from injury
  • Classic design 
  • Slip-resistant
  • Breathable


  • Not that affordable

Key Benefits of Wearing Quality Shoes For F45:

Key Benefits of Wearing Quality Shoes For F45

After our suggestions, you might be wondering what’s the benefit of these shoes. But let us reconfirm you that once you buy shoes specially meant for F45 training, you will understand how beneficial these shoes are. Here are some of the key benefits that you will recognize: 

  • These shoes give you enough protection against any kind of injury while you are in your training.
  • The well-cushioning protects feet from heavy landing during the training sessions. Therefore, your ankle won’t get hurt at all. 
  • The breathability ensures that you can use the shoes for an extended period, even all-day long.  
  • Choosing specific shoes for F45 training can boost your performance.
  • You will notice that the shoe is helping you in getting a fast movement that you won’t get from ordinary shoes. 

How To Buy The Perfect Shoes For F45 Training?

Doesn’t it feel terrible when you find a single defect in your shoe which you didn’t notice before buying the shoe? Well, we all have been there and that’s why we know how that feels. 

So we wouldn’t want you or anybody else to go through that circumstance ever. That’s why here we present a little suggestion from us which would tell you what to look for while buying a shoe-

  • Cushioning: Good cushioning of shoes is one of those things which people seek the most for f45. Shoes that offer Gel Technology cushioning which is a very stirring thing for your feet would be good for you because that kind of cushioning offers infinite comfort to your feet and is gentle to your feet. 

While buying the shoe look for a lightweight cushioning insole to help your feet feel comfortable while walking. F45 shoes with cush and midsole cushioning are wonderful as well. The better the cushioning the more comfortable the shoe would feel. 

  • The upper part: Synthetic and mesh layer upper is the most comforting one. But the leather mesh material made upper won’t bother you that much with sweat and tight space and additionally offers the leather which looks classy and elegant would be the right pick. So we would suggest you go with that kind of leather and mesh upper shoe for f45.
  • Outsole: Look for f45 shoes which have breathable mesh layers for outer materials. Shoes made with this kind of outsoles will be breathable and will keep your feet not sweaty. All-day-wearability depends on that too.
  • Closure type: Nowadays great closure types are found on f45 shoes. Drawstring closure type is always good for everybody. So find yourself a pair of shoes that offer a drawstring closure type. 
  • Fitting: Before buying the shoe never forget to get the shoe that offers you a supportive fit. 
  • Slip-resistant: Shoes that come with slip resistance would be ideally the best choice for f45. You wanna get yourself that one that offers you slip-resistance. It would be even better if you look for shoes that are water-resistant as well.

To know more you can check this video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are running shoes good for f45?

Running shoes would be a pretty good choice for f45 but not that perfect. Yet as running shoes tend to come with a lightweight, it helps your feet move frequently without hurting.

On the other hand, running shoes would be slip-resistant, come with good cushioning, good outsole, insoles, and so on. So unless you find something else, running shoes will be good to go. 

Can you do f45 in cross-training shoes?

Unfortunately no. Yes, training shoes are pretty good but they are for weight loss exercise. Not for f45. Doing F45 would be good with running shoes.

But cross-training shoes would be a bit heavier for doing f45. That’s why you should avoid cross-training shoes when you plan on doing f45. 

What Shoes Should I Wear To F45? 

The best choice for doing F45 would be athletic shoes. They are perfect for wearing to F45. Cross-training shoes are a bit overwhelming for wearing to F45.

Running shoes would work fine too. But athletic shoes should be your first choice without having any second thoughts. 

Are f45 shoes expensive? 

If you wanna get the best type then it might cost you a rich price. But there are shoes available at the market for f45 which come at a decent price. Athletic shoes are a little expensive.

You can go in running shoes instead. Running shoes are quite budget-friendly. We have suggested a few incredible choices that are reasonable in price, you can check those out too.

Bottom Line 

Hope we have fulfilled your demand to get the best shoes for f45. Choosing a good shoe for your f45 is hard, but not impossible with our given suggestions. You can now pick the best shoe for you by following our instructions and the best shoes. 

After every talk, we must remind you to make sure of the comfortable fit before you buy the shoes. Some of the shoes may not run true to size, so if you don’t ensure the perfect sizing, you will feel uncomfortable during your sessions. Therefore if you prefer anything else, you need to check that as well. 

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