Best Shoes to Wear with Scrubs to Buy in 2022

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The best shoes with proper scrubs are important for medical workers to perform their tasks during serious medical emergencies.

The right shoes can help you extract the best of performances during work shifts. Moreover, the best shoes with high-quality scrubs can give you proper grip and stability on the floors. So, you won’t have to worry about tripping or falling over and making a mess, or getting injured.

So, to help you with this, our experts have shortlisted the best shoes that go with scrubs. Therefore, next time you choose your desired shoe to wear with scrub, you won’t need to feel worried.


Why Do You Need Special Shoe to Wear with Scrub?

Hospitals are places of continuous emergencies. In such cases, nurses and doctors must stay alert at all times. No matter what the case might be, medical workers need to keep moving. So, in that situation, you need such special shoes to wear with your clogs to have stability, flexibility, durability, and comfort. 

The shoes you choose must have all the features that can support you during your long hours of intense shifts because you simply can’t enter the battlefield without proper shoes! Therefore, it’s essential of the kind of shoes you choose. 

Most medical workers prefer clogs as these are very sturdy, comfortable to wear, and can also withstand a lot of stress and strain. However, while choosing your special shoe to wear, scrubs ensure that you follow the hospital dress code and get the best pair of shoes according to your fit. 

What Kinds of Shoes to Wear with Scrubs?

what shoes to wear with scrubs

Well, there are different kinds of shoes to wear with scrubs. However, you won’t need to worry about which category to choose as our experts have shortlisted for you.


Sneakers are pretty casual and can be worn with a sweater or shirt underneath the scrubs. These will keep your feet from becoming fatigued, especially if you need to stand all day.

These shoes are ideal and useful for jobs that require a lot of movement or jogging; they also help with stability during workouts. A long and tiring day standing in hospital clothes requires comfort, movement, and foot breathability.

Therefore, when selecting these shoes, look for those with a proper rubber sole and support, so you don’t have trouble standing all day. They’re less formal but can still look good with the right clothing. 

Boat Shoes

They are quite comfy and are available in different colors. Boat shoes are also the most comfortable to wear, especially with scrubs, because of the amazing and relaxing design.

You can pair your classic boat shoes with blue or khaki scrubs for a fantastic professional look. These shoes are cushioned and may be more secure than sneakers.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a great choice for wearing with scrubs as they are pretty lightweight and also have a flexible sole. The material won’t chafe your feet, and its color code matches medical scrubs.

Ballet flats can also help you avoid slipping on wet areas. These flats are the best shoes to wear with scrubs for trends, comfort, style, and slip resistance.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a popular choice for shoes with scrubs and many other reasons. Moreover, they are a classic style with synthetic or pure leather.

You’ll love wearing these boots as they are perfect for all-day wear and also protects your feet from germs and bacteria.


Scrubs are most commonly worn with clogs. These are pretty simple to wear and clean. They look like regular shoes, and no one will know you’re wearing them. Moreover, they look like casual shoes and are also pretty comfortable.

This is the reason they are so much preferred with scrub shoes. You’ll also get a variety of styles for this shoe. They are especially common in nurses as they need to stand and work for long hours.

Key Benefits of Wearing Quality Shoes with Scrubs

Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits to weaning quality shoes with scrubs. Below are some of the benefits explained briefly. 


Safety plays a vital role in high-quality shoes. They are slip-resistant and avoid accidents and falls. Slick floors and regular cleaning are the main reasons for falls and slips, which is why nurses and medical workers need to wear high-quality slip-resistant shoes. 


A high-quality shoe with good scrubs should have a better and thick rubber sole. This sole protects against falls and the persistent stress for long-hour shifts. Given that nurses spend their entire shift standing practically and walking, a thick, cushioned sole is essential for preventing foot pain.

Fortunately, high-quality shoes deliver on both counts, and some even allow you to add custom orthotics for extra comfort.


Slip-resistant shoes for heavy-duty don’t have to be boring. These shoes can be worn as casually or dressy as you choose.

Most styles don’t appear out of place with anything other than scrubs. So, you can go for different styles and designs that you find fit according to your style. 

How Did We Come Up with Our List of Best Scrub Shoes?

best shoes to wear with scrubs

There are many kinds of boots in the market, and coming up with this list was also not very easy. So, we decided to go through different markets and shops and shortlisted the best kind of shoes to wear with scrubs. 

We tried each of these mentioned products and have tested ourselves to clarify whether or not to include them in this pillar post. That’s not all; we also asked our subordinates and team members to try them out and give their reviews and feedback. 

Then we searched through the reviews and feedback of customers to cross-examine our preferences and concluded the final shortlist in this article. So, you can be 100% assured that all these mentions are the best of the best you can get.

Reviews of 7 Shoes to Wear with Scrubs

1. DOUSSPRT Women’s Walking Shoes Slip-on Sock Sneakers

This is one of the most comfortable walking shoes, especially if you need to spend most of your time on your feet. Moreover, this study shoe comes with both affordability and durability. This is the reason why it’s considered to be the best shoes for scrubs.

The stretchy and durable mesh fabric upper ensures a perfect fit. As a result, the shoe molds to your foot’s natural shape rather than against it. Moreover, when you wear this shoe, you won’t feel pain on your feet due to the soft insole material. 

So, if you are a nurse and have to deal with patients, then DOUSSPRT can be the right brand for you. So choose wisely while choosing.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Incredibly soft insole
  • Air-cushioned sole and meshed fabric
  • The soles are super durable
  • Perfect ventilation for air to circulate

Expert’s Verdict: Our experts do appreciate the overall quality of this shoe and even recognize the design. The shoe is pretty durable and can be perfect footwear during heavy tasks. 

2. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam

You need a good pair of walking shoes, especially if you have a lot of footwork to do. New Balance Men’s Fresh foam delivers amazing shoe qualities. The immense comfort and durability are some of the reasons the shoe has got so many positive reviews.

The soft and comfortable rubber sole is another amazing feature of this shoe. When you wear them you won’t feel any ache or pain on your feet. So, if you have long shifts with hours and hours of standing work, then this shoe might be the golden ticket to comfy your feet. 

Moreover, the breathable fabric and shoe support make it one of the most comfortable shoes to wear. So, next time you are on long-hour shifts, you won’t feel pain and ache on your feet anymore.

Reasons to Buy

  • Best support and quality 
  • Breathable fabric
  • An amazing rubber sole for comfort and support
  • Light and comfortable to wear

Expert’s Verdict: According to our experts, the shoe offers comfort and durability to the users. The fabric is also breathable and fits well with any foot.

Moreover, our experts also recommend this shoe for any heavy-duty performers for better stability and productivity.  

3. Adidas Ultraboost Sneaker

If you are a nurse or doctor, you must grab this sneaker. Addidas ultraboost sneaker is amazing and pretty comfortable to wear due to their ultra-smooth soles. The shoe even gives you support while you are on a quick run-on smooth floor. 

The lightweight property is another amazing feature that will allow you to walk freely without feeling any strain on your feet. Even the responsive boot support also gives it amazing traction on the floor, and you can walk freely without the hesitation to trip or fall. 

The entire shoe is constructed with a robust and durable material that ensures a secure and comfortable fit. This shoe can also withstand a lot of strain and shock, aiding you to work freely during heavy-duty. In short, this is the best sneaker to wear with scrub.

Reasons to Buy 

  • Synthetic sole for durable performance
  • Best for running
  • Better control and lightweight
  • Responsive Boost midsole

Expert’s Verdict: Our experts personally recommend this sneaker to wear with scrub because of the texture and structure that it can give to the users.

The sole of the materials is also amazing, and the overall robust structure can be a perfect deal for any user. 

4. Merrell Men’s Jungle Shoe

Merrell men’s jungle shoe is famous for its sturdy and comfortable structure, allowing heavy-duty workers to carry out their tasks with no issue. 

The shoe is imported and is perfectly waterproof, so either it’s rainwater or medical distill water, nothing can destroy the structure of this shoe. Moreover, the fresh and classic look will give a different vibe when you wear it with your apron or uniform. 

Moreover, the overall design and combination of midsole and rubber soles will give you the best comfort, especially when you have to stay on your feet to serve your patients. The shoes are also designed to absorb shock for you, allowing your feet to stay comfy.

Reasons to Buy 

  • 100% leather 
  • Best rubber sole with high-durability 
  • Breathable material 
  • Shock absorbent

Expert Verdict: The sturdy and comfortable structure is something that our experts appreciate the most. The waterproof design and high-quality sole material are outstanding features that give this shoe superb comfort.

5. Crocs Unisex-Adult Shoes

This shoe is designed specially to give more durability, flexibility, and comfort to ensure your joints and feet don’t hurt when you walk. 

Moreover, Crocs Unisex also provides all the facilities to provide its users with reliability and stability, especially during rush hours or heavy-duty. The shoe is also easy to clean and doesn’t require that much maintenance. So, you don’t need to think that much about caring for or maintaining them.  

There are also different sizes available, and you can indeed make the most out of it according to your needs. The shoe is also slip-resistant, allowing you to carry your duty without worrying about falls and trips.

Reasons to Buy

  • Incredibly soft insole
  • Air-cushioned sole and meshed fabric
  • The soles are super durable
  • Perfect ventilation for air to circulate

Expert’s Verdict: Our experts highly recommend this to the users, especially because of the anti-slip feature and the variety of sizes.

With this product, users won’t have to face any issues with the sole durability and can even choose any desired size they like. 

6. Dansko Women’s Clogs

You’ll want to invest in a solid and durable pair of walking shoes, especially if you’ll be doing a lot of footwork. The Dansko Women’s Clogs have all the properties of an exceptional shoe. The incredible structure and design are the main reasons it’ll provide you with all the benefits.

Another remarkable feature that’ll surely come in handy is its rubber sole. When you wear them, you will not have any discomfort or feet-ache. 

Therefore, if you work for long hours, your feet will still absorb the pain and help you stay on foot. The breathable fabric and supportive shoe construction make this an ideal choice for you. 

The shoes are also slip-resistant, so no matter how slippery the hospital floors might be, you will always have a proper grip and stability.

Reasons to Buy 

  • 100% leather 
  • Best rubber sole with high-durability 
  • Breathable material 
  • Shock and water resistance

Expert’s Verdict: The shoe is an ideal example of comfort at hard shifts. Our experts love this shoe’s overall comfort mechanism, and they even recommend users purchase it if they want their feet to stay comfortable and ache-free even during heavy-duty.

7. Brooks Ghost Shoe

Brooks Ghost shoes are famous for their stability and smoothness. Moreover, the high-quality cushioning also provides comfort and reliability to work better without enduring any feet-ache. 

The soft and secure fit also ensures better foot strength, allowing you to carry out tasks without any hesitation or problems. 

It’s also a good fit because of the high-quality elastic and durable fabric. So, you won’t have to worry about the durability of this shoe. Moreover, the mesh structure and 3D print make it the perfect footwear for nurses. 

In short, this shoe will give you all the essential factors required to perform your task without any problems or issues.

Reasons to Buy 

  • Durable rubber sole
  • High-quality cushioning
  • One of the best shoe materials 
  • Good quality design and sturdy structure
  • Durable and elastic fabric

Expert’s Verdict: The shoe is perfect for stability and smoothness. Our experts recommend this shoe for those who want to keep their feet stable and comfortable during long hours of emergency shifts. 

Things to Consider When Buying Best Shoes to Wear with Scrubs

buying shoes to wear with scrub

You need to consider a few things, especially when choosing the best shoes to wear with scrubs. Below are some of the things that our experts recommend you to follow when buying shoes with scrubs.

Cushioning and Arch Support

Medical workers need exceptional arch support and cushioning, especially if they have long shifts and hours of emergencies to handle.

Shoes with perfect cushioning and arch support will give good posture and comfort during these long and challenging hours. That’s not all; it can also minimize the shocks and strains on feet due to intensive walking and running.  

Non-slip Is Important

Hospital floors are usually pretty slippery due to the sleek and smooth tiles. So, wearing shoes with high-quality soles and traction on the floor is essential.

Moreover, shoes with proper non-slip properties will always ensure less risk of slipping, and this will also allow heavy-duty workers to perform their tasks without worrying about slipping or tripping.  

Check the Shoe Material

Sneakers are a popular choice for practically any career, but not for nurses. They are breathable and light but difficult to clean. It doesn’t guard against blood, vomit, or pee because nurses are in contact with different body fluids.

Conversely, leather shoes are even easy to clean. You can clean them using an antibacterial cloth. Even though they are heavier than mesh options, they can be utilized for meetings or patient care.

Where Can You Find Scrubs Shoes? 

Scrub shoes are available everywhere. You can also find these shoes in the market or shop online from Amazon, walmart or any other online platform. 

However, when you choose any of these shoes, ensure that you put focus on the shoe sole quality and the overall material to ensure durability. This will help you to choose the best scrub shoes for yourself. 

Safety Tips When Wearing Shoes with Scrubs

  • When wearing these shoes, ensure that they don’t trip or slip-on wet surfaces. Always ask the provider about the shoe quality and surface traction before purchasing. 
  • Your scrub shoes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Ensure that they have the perfect fit to give you proper comfort during heavy duty. 
  • Ensure the material is not too skin sensitive as this can lead to itchiness or even cause issues when you try to perform your tasks. 
  • It’s always recommended to use non-lace shoes as during heavy-duty if the shoelaces open, there are chances for you to trip over. 

Tips to Take Care of Scrubs Shoes

Pay Extra Attention to Your Shoe Materials

The material and style of nursing shoes define how they should be cared for and cleaned. For example, EVA nursing clogs can be easily disinfected with any kind of alcohol wipe.

However, ensure that the wipes don’t destroy the texture of your shoe materials.

Moisturize the Leather

Leather shoes look fantastic and may last a long time if properly cared for. Leather shoes might also show cracks, so moisturize them every few months.

Leather is porous and collects stains easily, so wipe it down with a moist cloth or disinfectant, but don’t let it rest.

Wash the Shoes (if applicable)

Of course, washing your shoes with scrubs in detergent is the easiest approach to disinfect them. Shoes with thin leather or fabric usually wash well.

A clog, for example, should not be washed since the agitation might deteriorate the material and ruin the shape. This can also result in the shoe sinking.

If washing is not possible, at least use disinfectant wipes 

A structured shoe consisting of synthetic plastic or thick leather can’t be washed. However, you can indeed use disinfectant wipes to maintain your shoes.

Although, it’s always a better option to use a conditioner after wiping with disinfectants, as these wipes can strip off the protective layers of your shoe covering. 

Tips to Enhance Durability of Scrubs Shoes

Throw off the dirt and mess

Scrubs are designed to work hard for you. Each shoe is constructed from carefully chosen and even more precisely built textiles for maximum comfort and utility. Look for garments with a liquid-repellent coating for extra stain resistance.

Scrubs are no strangers to complicated disaster zones, including stains. Despite harsh scrubbing, stains will come to your shoes. With a cotton-blend cloth, you may wash the shoe with extra care.

Experts recommend Color-protect bleach for large messes or specks of dirt. This not only sanitizes your scrubs but also keeps their colors brilliant and removes stains.

Warm Water

Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of modern washers, for example, hot water and sanitize function perfectly to make your scrub shoes more durable. 

Air Dry

Avoid letting severe stains set if they get through your scrubs’ liquid-repellent coating. Deal with the stains as long as they are wet. This will allow you to deal with stains fast.

It would be considerably more difficult to remove the stain once it has dried. Scrubs with solid colors allow you to apply color-protectant bleach to make them cleaner and more durable.

Common Questions and Answers About the Scrub Shoe

  1. Can you wear boots with scrubs?

Yes, you can surely wear boots with scrubs. Many heavy-duty workers wear it. However, we’ll recommend you wear the shoes mentioned above as our experts have shortlisted them for your betterment and comfort. 

  1. Can you wear heels with scrubs?

Clogs are the best option if you want to wear heels with scrubs. These are very popular among nurses, and they also keep the toes closed for extra protection and safety.

In short, this can be an amazing combination for nurses who are heavy performers. 

  1. Can doctors wear heels in the hospital? 

Yes, doctors can wear heels in the hospital, but a dress code restriction state not more than 3 inches. Shoes or boots with heels more than 3 inches are not allowed in the hospital.  

  1. Why do nurses prefer clogs so much? 

Most medical workers prefer clogs as these are very sturdy, comfortable to wear, and can also withstand a lot of stress and strain.

However, while choosing your special shoe to wear scrubs ensure that you follow the hospital dress code and get the best pair of shoes according to your fit.

To know more you can whatch this video:

Final Words

There are many shoes available both on markets and online shops. However, not all provide the same performance. When you choose a shoe, you need to ensure that it supports your feet during heavy-duty and keeps them comfortable and ache-free. 

All the shoes mentioned in this article are thorough research and a shortlist of experts, so you won’t face any issues whatsoever. Although, among these seven shoes, Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers and Crocs Unisex-Adult Shoes are considered to be the best options for users as they are pretty durable, reliable, and comfortable to wear. 

So, I hope this article will help you know all the essential details to choose the best shoes to wear with scrubs and be effective during emergencies without worrying about trips and falls.

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