Pf Flyers Vs Converse- Everything That You Lack To Know

Pf flyers and converse, both shoe brands have fan bases on their own. But which one to choose can make you confused because of the similarities. If you are not so into shoe types, it’s usual to overlook the differences. 

But trust us when we say that there are a lot of differences between these two. And today, the talk is about pf flyers vs converse in details. In a few words, flyers are sneakers whereas the converse is daily worn sneakers which are almost similar to Nike shoes. If you prefer comfort and durability, pf flyers always win over converse. 

From the style, pattern to the material and wearing occasion, there are a lot more things that you should think about if you want to get into the fashion sense. So today, we will share the core differences between these two brands, sizing differences, comfort differences, and also durability variations. Let’s march onward and get to perceive everything about these footwears. 

Pf Flyers Vs Converse- All The Differences 

Mainly, Pf- flyers are an American shoe-making company that was founded in 1937. A long ago. These shoes are currently constructed by New balance. Pf Flyers are mainly sneakers and they are used in the fashion world. 

On the other hand, Converse is also an American shoe company that produces more likely sneakers, and shoes that are oriented with daily life. Converse can be said as an alternative to the Nike company and it was established in 1908 a lot before Pf flyers.

Here are some core discrepancies between pf flyers and converse:

  • The outlook: Pf flyers tongue has a double-ply canvas that is bonded around the edge. Pf flyers classic chuck got a serged edge too. Though the converse 70s also has a double-ply canvas, the difference here is it’s not glued together. Also, both of the shoes are approximately 1.1 mm thick so that doesn’t make a whole lot of variation.
  • Counter: now if one talks about the counter of pf flyers it has got a rubber counter containing a canvas cover. But the converse has got a higher rise counter than normal counters. It reaches up to one’s Achilles tendon area and keeps the shoe away from collapsing. 
  • Material: as for the upper material, pf-flyers contain the same material as the tongue. So there’s not a change in the upper material. And as for the converse, it contains an inner layer of .6 millimeters and .4 millimeters.
  • Outside layers: pf flyers have an additional layer of canvas outside which enhances a little more structure to the eyelets whereas converse has a single layer outside adding up with the highlights. 
  • Insoles: the insoles of a pf-flyer have got an extra layer of memory foam above the actual insole. The strange thing is this memory foam is present on just one side. On the contrary, the insole of the converse contains a layer of canvas, an additional layer of foam, a wedge of air-infused rubber for the heel that tapers off towards the ball of one’s foot. 

Some insoles of converse can be removable too. Pf flyers have a knit insole in their maximum insoles whereas converse has normal air-infused insoles.

  • Cover built: pf flyers have a strong and solid binding tape along with a toe guard around the top. The converse has two layers of binding tape among them one is reinforced with the fibers on the inside.
  • Toe range: pf flyers have a wider toe range but the converse doesn’t have a much wider toe range.

So, these are the basic differences between Pf flyers vs converse. Let’s have a look at a quick representation: 

Difference sector Pf flyers Converse 
The outlookThe double-ply canvas that is bonded around the edgeHas a double-ply canvas, the difference is it’s not glued together.
Outside layersIntensifies a little more structure to the eyeletsAppends up with the highlights. 
CounterRubber counter containing a canvas coverHigher rise counter
InsolesGot an extra layer of memory foamContains a layer of canvas, an additional layer of foam, a wedge of air-infused rubber for the heel
Cover builtStrong and solid binding tape with a toe guardTwo layers of binding tape
Toe rangeWider toe rangeNot so wide toe range 
Size Just as ordinary shoesGenerally made a size bigger.
Durability More durable Average durability 
Comfort More comfortable Average comfort 

Pf Flyers Vs Converse Sizing Differences

Pf flyer and Converse are generally almost the same in every sector. But they contain some differences in sizing. Pf flyers include the actual shoe size just as ordinary shoes. No one has to go through sizing hassles to buy one. 

As it is said that Pf flyers have a wider toe range that’s why one doesn’t need to push their feet backward. As a result, they can buy the actual size of the shoe according to their shoe size. Pf flyers naturally run true to their size. Sometimes a Pf flyer can be smaller than its actual size. But that rarely happens. 

Another thing about the Pf flyer is that it stretches after using it. So one should not buy a size bigger than their actual size because after stretching it automatically becomes a half size bigger than the actual size. 

On the contrary, the converse is generally made a size bigger. So the converse doesn’t provide the actual shoe size like regular Snickers. One has to go down a half size if not possible a full size than their actual shoe size. 

The converse commonly runs bigger than its main size. One of the main reasons is it has a smaller insole. So, to balance the shoe coordinate it is commonly made a size bigger than the substantial shoe size. 

Another thing about the converse is it does not stretch from its certain size. Because while wearing converses seems wider than one’s real foot size so one might find it uncomfortable to carry. 

Thinking about this aspect one has to make a wise decision while choosing between pf flyers and the converses. In conclusion, it can be said that Pf flyers are true to their size but the converse isn’t. 

Pf Flyers Vs Converse Durability Differences 

It is somewhat uncertain if pf flyers or converse which is more durable. In maximum time, the durability of shoes depends on how they are being used and treated. When comparing it is said that pf flyers are way more durable than the converse. 

Most of the time the converse gets broken whereas pf flyers don’t. The inner part of the converse which contains the insole is stuck with glue with the outer part. Sometimes the glue doesn’t accomplish their real work. That’s how the insole breaks and then one is unable to the Converse anymore. 

Things like this don’t happen with pf flyers. Pf flyers have a powerful and substantial binding tape along with a toe guard around the top. Also, the insoles of a pf-flyer have got an extra layer of memory foam above the actual insole. 

So the insole of a pf-flyer is much stronger than that of a converse. It contains more durability even if it’s used daily. The upper canvas of the pf-flyer protects it from any distraction and makes sure that the insole is safe. 

On the other hand, the converses have two coatings of binding tape among them one is augmented with the fibers on the inside. But it can not provide the same strength as the pf flyers. Furthermore, the converse insole doesn’t have a separate chamber like pf-flyers. As a result, it fails to make the insole stronger. 

A new pf-flyer can last up to six months of everyday use whereas the converse will wear out in approximately three months. In conclusion, pf flyers are more durable than the converse.

Pf Flyers Vs Converse Comfort Differences 

Most of the time it is said that pf flyers are much more comfortable than the converse. It can depend on the user too. One can find a converse more comfortable too. Anyways many surveys and data show that pf flyers have gotten more votes in case of comfort and easy going. 

Pf flyer is way more comfortable because it has a wider toe range. As a consequence, it provides a relaxed state to the feet and helps in walking and running for a long amount of time. Pf-flyers have added memory foam on top of the insole to prevent the ankle from hurting. 

The converse does not contribute to providing a wider toe range so one might find it uncomfortable if he can’t move his toes according to their consent. Moreover, the converse doesn’t contain any memory foam. This can cause the feet to hurt if someone is using them for walking and running for a long time. 

Another reason why pf flyers are more comfortable than the converse is, pf flyers are made with the quality of slip resistance. But the converse does not come up with this unique quality.

Wrapping up 

Our debate over pf flyers vs converse and all the differences between these two brands is done. Now it’s up to you which one you want to choose. If you want a short overview, pf flyers seemed more convincing to us. Be it durability or comfort, pf flyers stand out. 

Again, one can choose the converse over pf-flyers. It relies on their personal choice. There’s no denying the fact that both of the shoes give great service and are used widely all over the world. But some of the cons of the converse make it a little less chosen while considering the comfort.

So, brace yourself with the differences and pick whichever goes with your style. Both the shoe companies make quality shoes. So there will not be much to lose. 

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