Best Shoes for Baristas to Buy in 2022

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Baristas fill up our minds with their incredibly creative hands and artistic ability. They stay at the coffee or tea bar, restaurants, and cafes for a long time. Even if they are doing their job, they should wear cozy attire to remain more active. But most of the time, the low-quality shoes fail to give them what they need. 

What are the best shoes for baristas then? Well, these shoes should ensure total safety, comfort, and flexibility to boost performance. A barista shoe must-have air-cushioned sole to give sufficient pace and stability.

Also, the shoe mustn’t slip or skid to prevent any embarrassing moments. It should be easy to wear and provide full coverage of the feet. Overall, it should be an impressive unit for the boss and customers. 


Why Do You Need Special Shoes as a Barista?

We assume you are a barista, or maybe your closest one is an employee at the coffee shop. Now, think of wearing regular shoes (primarily focused on styles) at the workspace. Will you get the same feel after long 8-hours work? Of course, not! The main reason is, you cannot break the dress code of barista. 

The dress code and there are numerous reasons why you need unique barista shoes

Consistent movement, focus, serving, impressing others, etc., are everyday things that happen at bars and restaurants. You must wear shoes to prevent sores and pain after many back and forth movements.

So, a solid pair of barista shoes can avoid knee or foot pain. Also, the slip-resistant outsole and cushioned insole keep feet thoroughly in the right shape and condition. 

So, this article has thought of showing some incredible shoes to enable comfy at barista works. Read the below reviews and other valuable questions and answers about top barista shoes. 

Key Features of Quality Barista Shoes

These are some main features of a pair of premium Barista shoes:

  • Made of durable, breathable upper
  • 100% leather material 
  • Quality stitching
  • Large toe box 
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Easy to wear on and off
  • Soft insole for comfort
  • Standard size options 
  • Oil and moisture resistant 
  • Proper ventilation 

Key Benefits of Wearing Quality Barista Shoes

Best shoes for baristas are beneficial for anyone. Some of them are:

  • No risk of getting ankle or feet pain 
  • Keeps feet dry and cool while protecting them
  • It prevents slipping on spilled liquid, oil, and other sticky materials
  • Reduces the risk of falling while carrying or serving the drinks
  • Completes the uniform to match the work environment
  • Enhances the confidence and keeps the mind fresh and active 
  • Helps to create a good impression among customers 
  • Increases chance of getting more incentives 

What Shoes Do Baristas Wear?

Most baristas prefer low-accent color shoes. But it is always mandatory to follow the dress code where they work. For example, Starbucks work shoes are either brown or black color.

The baristas of this food chain are not allowed to wear suede shoes. However, the shoe must be slip-resistant with a durable upper and rubber outsole. It can also have foam padding, standard size tongue, and 0.75-1.5” heel. 

How Did We Make Up with Our List?

Lots of shoes are out there offering versatile facilities. They can be stylish, colorful, and full of fantastic features. Unfortunately, not all of them are preferable to wear while working at a food-serving job. They may fail to keep their feet cool and fit after heavy-duty movements. Even some shoes can cause serious pain to the feet. 

So, we have selected best stylish shoes for baristas that remove all these critical issues. We contemplate them the best for their user reviews, positive ratings, versatile features, and attractive prices. It will save your time and redundancies in finding the right one quickly.

Here Best Shoes for Baristas

We have shown you a glance at selected shoes for tea and coffee specialists. Now, we welcome you to enjoy the full review of each product below, including others’ opinions. You will feel more confident to buy Starbucks work shoes and others.

1. Dr. Martens 1461 Eye Leather Oxford Shoe – Overall Best Shoe

Days have gone wrong putting fake cozy shoes and a chance of losing the job for a sore leg. Dr. Martens have made life satisfactory by deleting these problems. You will love the 1461 3-eye leather boots for barista activities for long hours. 

This shoe features army-grade yellow stitching and grooved edges. Also, the 100% leather upper and rubber sole make the full unit long-lasting. It is designed to win the bar and bring more confidence.

1461 shoes are an excellent choice for any male or female barista. You can enjoy the iconic Doc’s style with this pair. Additionally, you will thank Dr. Martens for the blend of low-top AirWair (air-cushioned) soles and classic three eyelets. 

When you put on the shoe, your feet will remain stable even on oil, fat, and other liquids. It gives good traction to gain pace at serving liquids. Again, the 1.25” heel prevents the erosion of the outsole by frictions. 

For comfy, the shoe features memory foaming padding to absorb impacts. Besides, the moisture-absorbent liners keep feet cool and dry for hours. 

If we talk about color, you have around 25 color options to choose from. Also, the multiple size options are good for people with smaller or larger feet. 

Features and Specifications

  • Classic 3-eye design
  • Around 25 color options
  • Multiple sizing for large or small feet
  • 100% leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Memory foam padding
  • Grooved edges
  • Army-grade yellow stitching 
  • Unisex shoes for baristas
  • Slip and impact resistant sole
  • Moisture absorbent liners

What Other Reviewers Say

“I’ve owned several pair over many many years…” – the hyperbole of “many many years” expresses how Dr. Martens users feel about the shoes. This reviewer considers the 1461 Oxford shoes as workhorses. Another reviewer (probably a barista) has praised this Vietnam-made shoe. She found “the build quality to be great.” 

We also went through the critical reviews on the same product. A restaurant worker complained about this 1461 shoe in this way, “Very tight and restricting and they hurt my feet even though my feet are tough.” But if you believe Newton’s law, then you can ignore this little negative feedback too. 

Our Opinion

We consider Dr. Martens 1461 the overall best shoe for baristas and other long-hours working people. It has a unique build, cozy padding, and attractive color choices.

Also, the slip-resistant sole is very compatible for consistent movement to the server at the restaurants.

2. Red Wing Iron Ranger Boot – Rugged Design & Promising at Work

Minnesota, the place of many iron miners, was the inspiration for naming the shoe style: Iron Ranger. So, we think Red Wing is viable with their products like this barista shoe. Iron Ranger boot is a similar popular item to fulfill the needs of the busy barista. 

The best boot for baristas is made of pure leather. It doesn’t bend or ever hurt the wearer. As well, the Nitrile Cork sole prevents getting any marks or unwanted falls over the oil or other greasy things. 

It has removable scuffs to add some personality to the footwear. Besides, the cap toe, contrast stitching, and high polish hooks can easily please the eyes. We consider this shoe is suitable for any double shifts. 

You will love to wear this shoe at Starbucks, Saxby, Joe Muggs, and other chain coffee shops. It has a larger room up-front with a solid leather heel pocket. So, you can remain in full comfort while you are on or off the duty. 

Iron Ranger is a very supportive shoe to baristas as it has a steel shank. This shank can keep your feet firm whether you are gaiting on the café’s floor. Again, the 6.5” shaft covers the ankle well while protecting from any friction. 

As you move back and forth constantly, you need a shoe with a thick heel and platform. Iron Ranger features 1” heel and 0.5” platform that ensures wearing it throughout the year. Lastly, we love this boot for its unique style and premium leather construction.

Features and Specifications

  • Cutting edge premium leather 
  • Several color and size options
  • Products made in the USA
  • Rugged design for heavy uses
  • Removable scuff and Nitrile Cork sole
  • Large bump toe and wide shaft
  • Thick heel and platform
  • Steel shank for coverage
  • Polished high cut style
  • Long-lasting contrast stitches  

What Other Reviewers Say

People love to wear Red Wing shoes as the manufacturer builds robust products. This company is fully concerned about wearer’s preferences what they love to wear formally or casually. When we have gone through the reviews, we found the truth of this fact.

We have even seen people want to go on war wearing this boot: “Go to war (or the grocery store [or even a grocery store war]) in boots made to endure.” Some reviewers even recommend this shoe for indoor and outdoor applications.

The well-made shoe is good for 8-10 hours barista job. However, it can be a bit compromising for outdoor working. You may see redness on your toes (a rare example though). Also, the shoe’s price is comparatively higher than other similar work boots. 

Our Opinion

Many working men have already shown their happy faces wearing Red Wing Iron Ranger shoes. We also suggest it if you want made-for-work shoes, it will be a good investment.

It is a genuine leather shoe that can complete your formal attire and help you to gain great success.

3. Vans Men’s Vn-0tuy187 Sneakers – For Faster Movement 

While we are busy in reviewing the best barista shoes, we have found Vans on the top list. Vn-0tuy187 is one of the top-rated Vans shoes, yet we find the model’s name very weird. You can keep this in your regular outfit list. 

Vn-0tuy187 has more than 10K user ratings. So, it is something a barista or bartender deserves. Basically, it is a low-top sneaker for regular uses from workplaces to high hill tracks. You will never feel low wearing these sneakers. 

It comes with a traditional gum rubber outsole to grip on any even or uneven surfaces well. It means a barista can consistently move his feet here and there flawlessly. But there is no risk of slipping on spilled liquid. 

The non-marking canvas upper is extremely durable. It keeps any stain away. So, you can get ready for work within moments. You will also love to know about its color options. For example, pick the full black model if it is for your work. Otherwise, choose from many other colors like white, brown, blue, etc. 

Vans Vn-0tuy187 sneakers offer ample support and cushioning for their great sock liner. It keeps the sock and footbed separated to give you extra comfort while making or serving a cup of coffee. 

Its traditional lacing system gives the flexibility to wear on and off. You can adjust the length easily to get a perfect fit inside the shoes. Lastly, you will feel warm in cold weather and soak the moisture to keep your feet dry. 

Features and Specifications

  • Canvas upper
  • Gum rubber outsole
  • Low-top design
  • Enormous colors 
  • Good traction 
  • Supportive sock liner
  • Adjustable lace system
  • Abundant ventilation 

What Other Reviewers Say

What makes a shoe great? Perhaps, its structure, color, comfortability, and others! Can you imagine a loyal Vans user who has been using shoes from the same brand for 35 years? Yes, we have seen it in his review. He added, “I have been wearing Vans for 35 years.”

He has got “exactly what I (he) expected.” Many reviewers appreciate the Vn-0tuy187 barista sneakers for their reliable fitting, and you will also get it well.

Vans shoes provide the same best service if you are at the bar, or on the road. It can absorb every impact well while eliminating moisture out of the sneakers.

Therefore, you will get the most flexibility at working with coffee mugs. Like other products, it also has a few disadvantages that we didn’t like. An example would be the short tongue that fails to cover the lace area properly. 

Our Opinion

Can Starbucks baristas wear Vans? – someone asked the question. Well, certainly you can wear this at Starbucks. It meets the standard of best shoes for Starbucks baristas.

It is not a leather shoe but you can take it to any workshop or commercial space. For a better idea, you can check out other user reviews too.

4. Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen Service Shoe – No Sore Anymore

Skechers have fulfilled the shoe industry with their premium quality products. Flex Advantage Mcallen from them is a brilliant piece to complete work attire. It has around 11K user ratings, which proves how large the fanbase is. 

If you prefer fabric shoes at café, coffee shop, bookstore more than leather ones, then this shoe is for you. Its excellent mesh fabric upper provides lots of air-passing facilities. So, the warmth of feet after long-day work won’t bother you anymore. 

The Flex Advantage is preferable for baristas as it has a slip-resistant synthetic outsole. Your feet will stay active and stable even on the spillage of liquid. So, you have no fear of losing your job for numb feet. 

The cushioned memory foam insole is not so thick yet comfy enough. Also, the padded collar with reinforced stitched seams prevents swelling wherever you move your feet. Besides, you can easily insert your feet inside the shoe due to convenient elastic side gores at the opening. 

Men with large feet can keep this Mcallen service shoe in their shoe rack. It has medium heel width and a large toe box. However, we suggest you choose the shoe if you have medium size toe for maximum comfort. 

The thickness of heel-to-toe drop is 0-.5mm. It helps to keep your position even and stable on the floor. Also, the soft fabric shoe lining will hold your ankle and toe well. You can wash the shoe easily.

Features and Specifications

  • Low-cut style
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Dry-feet feature 
  • Mesh fabric upper
  • Memory foam insole
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Padded collar 
  • Reinforced stitched seams
  • Elastic side gores at opening
  • 0-.5mm heel to toe drop
  • Fabric shoe lining
  • Washable

What Other Reviewers Say

It’s our duty to provide the readers, or the baristas get their best work shoes. So, we didn’t leave to care about what other reviewers say about Skechers Flex Advantage shoe. This is on top of the best shoes for Starbucks baristas and other employees.

It is a very comfy, slip-resistant, snug fit to many other reviewers/users. Many found “no foot pain after 10 hours on my (their) feet”. 

Some reviewers found it a “relaxed fit” while providing sufficient air circulation. This pair of shoes is solely designed for “walking and running around in the kitchen” or maybe at coffee shops. However, only a few users complained about the synthetic part as they found it falling after wearing certain time. 

Our Opinion

Putting on a shoe for 8-10 hours, then putting off with a relaxing mood is expected of any working man. Skechers have fulfilled their desires for any indoor and outdoor works.

The Mcallen shoes provide the maximum comfort and least risk of falling at working arenas. You will enjoy every step from now on.

5. Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot – Value for Money Boot

With the most positive feedback, Clarks Bushacre 2 is leading in the market. It is a versatile, trendy, and affordable boot for casual or formal activity. You can choose this pure leather shoe for rough uses with full comfort. 

Chukka boot has a wide range of color palettes, from bold to regular ones. It has either leather or suede upper that can enhance the impact of your uniform. Also, the design of the shoes reflects the everyday struggle and movement we do. 

You may think the shoe has scratches. But if you look it closely, the finish on this shoe looks like those scratches (actually, marks). Again, the shoe has attractive trim wrapping around the upper. 

The shoe follows the original Chukka boot silhouette style. It has two reinforced metal eyelets as traditional Chukka boots have. Additionally, you can add some casual style for its braided laces. 

You can confidently put every step for its synthetic outsole with a uniform texture. It will absorb shocks and provide a good grip on even slippery surfaces. Again, you can wiggle your feet inside its wide toe box. 

Bushacre 2 gives sufficient height and ankle support to the wearer. It has 0.75 platform height and an elevated collar to cover and lift your feet as well as poise. Overall, this barista boot is a good value-for-money item for regular uses. 

Features and Specifications

  • Iconic Chukka style boot
  • Leather/suede material
  • Multiple attractive colors
  • Synthetic outsole 
  • Trim wrapping around upper
  • 2 reinforced metal eyelets
  • Braided laces
  • Roomy toe box
  • Elevated collar

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewing the Clarks Buschacre 2 is fun when you see lots of positive feedback from users. One satisfied user has commented on this shoe like this “The iconic boot that goes with everything.” It is evident that you can wear the shoe for any official or non-official purposes. It also catches the eyes for its great look and mediocre fit. 

When you invest in barista shoes, you should be careful about the quality and features. And we think Clarks is well concerned about their shoes or boots. Therefore, a few criticisms are also out there about this boot. You may get a mild fading of the shoes after a certain period. But this doesn’t lower the demand for this stylish barista boot. 

Our Opinion

When you are going on an interview session for a beverage or light drinks serving job, you may wear this durable boot. It will help you get the job, and then, you will love to wear it every working day.

We care about this product for its durable sole and sturdy leather. After all, it is a bold entry-point shoe for men seeking style and comfort together.

6. Skechers Women’s Work Relaxed Fit – Safety Shoes for Women

Do you love wearing full black or white shoe during daily activities? We have brought another Skechers shoes for female baristas. It fulfills the list of best stylish shoes for women baristas engaged in different cafés. Also, you can save money while buying the Felton-Albie SR shoe. 

Felton Albie SR meets the OSHA regulations. It ensures you are getting the protection of feet from any electrical hazard. Many employees from food service, retail, healthcare industries love to wear this walking shoe. 

The construction of this shoe is made of 100% synthetic material. It will keep your feet dry and cool from sweats and moisture after continuous back and forth movement at restaurants. Even behind the bar, preparing the Latte or Espresso, you will feel relaxed and confident consistently. 

Albie Sr features a synthetic outsole that absorbs the shocks well. Also, the non-skid rubber sole prevents accidental fall even on a slippery surface. This imported shoe has a memory foam insole. You may know the greatness of this insole as it is a synonym of comfort. 

There is a visible puffed logo at the upper part. It somehow carries the popularity of the manufacturer. Besides, the 1.25” heel adds a height to your feet so that you innately feel safer and more assured. 

You can purchase black or white color shoes. It ensures you are getting the classic monochromatic style shoe. A trend-savvy girl or lady can easily fit her feet inside the “relaxed-fit” shoe. 

Features and Specifications

  • Monochromatic style
  • Attractive price
  • OSHA-qualified
  • Synthetic upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Memory foam insole
  • Non-skid and good traction
  • Visible puffed logo
  • Full-proof color
  • 1.25” heel
  • Two convenient colors
  • Relaxed-fit design 

What Other Reviewers Say

We believe Skechers shoes are very much comfortable at working hours. Someone reviewed this Albie SR shoe like this “After I go home, I change out of these work shoes, and I can do what I need to do.”

It proves the reliability of the shoe. If you want something reliable for its quality, you must take Skechers to barista jobs. 

There were a few negative reviews too. These were about sizing, width, fit, etc., issues. But if you are fully aware of these specifications while buying this, Skechers can easily beat other brands. 

Our Opinion

Relaxed Fit work shoe is something in between casual and formal style. You can pick this stylish shoe at work, wear it for long 8-10 hours, heat the concrete floor, and return home happily.

Also, it is a recommended shoe for people with walking difficulties.

7. BZees Women’s Barista Ankle Boot – Stylish Boot for Women Baristas

The name says it all! BZees is an expert in making shoes specifically with full combination of style and coziness. Likewise, the Women’s Barista ankle boot style and coziness. Again, the Women’s Barista ankle boot is perfectly made for lady magicians who love to make others happy with coffee or tea. 

The shoe has a build of breathable fabric. It features a stretchable synthetic upper. So, it will get no marks even if you bend your ankle for natural movements. 

This imported boot for women baristas has a synthetic sole. You will never feel like the worn shoe is creating a nuisance. Instead, every step you put will be safer and better. Also, the black and chocolate color variations are so cute that you will love to use them off and on-duty time. 

BZees barista boot covers the toe and ankle well. It has a wide shaft that measures from arch to ankle-high. You can also get sufficient arch support that keeps feet protected from swellings. Again, the comfort cone gel in the heel gives good traction.

You will love the ornaments on the shoe. It ensures feminine beauty and matches nature. Besides, the padded heel collar with BZees cloud technology adds more interest to the pair of boots. 

You can wear the barista shoes easily for their slip-on closure style. Just put your foot inside the boot and start gaiting. It is like you will never be late to work for tying the laces. 

Features and Specifications

  • BZees cloud technology
  • Black and chocolate colors
  • Fabric material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Ornamented style
  • Wide shaft 
  • Padded heel collar
  • Stretchable synthetic upper
  • Slip-on closure system
  • Designed for baristas

What Other Reviewers Say

“I like to see this style and shape…” – it is the expectation of a user/reviewer of BZees ankle boot. It has mostly attracted the ladies with its unique ornate style. Some users from different parts of the world also have praised its uniqueness.

While going through the reviews, we have seen, “These shoes are like slipping into a cloud. Unreal!” It ensures you are always ready to do any physical activities at the afternoon party or morning coffee servings. 

Our Opinion

As long as this pair of active barista boots are in the market, we are sure it will soon beat others and take the number one position. It is one of the most affordable working boots for a woman.

So, you can work steadily wearing the boots while saving extra money to have another BZees barista boot.

8. KEEN Utility Women’s PTC Oxford Service Shoe – Best Low Profile Shoe

How long do you need to be on shoes daily? Probably it is minimum 8 hours if you are at any food service job. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford is such a friendly working shoe for your long working days. It features a low-profile design in solid black to meet any office requirements.

The shoe has a leather upper with water and stain resistance quality. It ensures any spillage of water, tea, or liquids cannot damage the shoe. Even if it gets water on it, you can easily wipe with dry cloth to keep it clean.

This low-top barista shoe has a non-slip rubber outsole. Also, the compression-molded midsole is very much comfortable when you keep your foot inside it. The mid and outsole fulfills the relaxation and sore-free condition of the foot at work. 

Like other KEEN Utility shoes, it also has KEEN.CUSH PU footbed and memory foam add extra padding. So, you can walk on the customer’s table or stand behind with any pain or sprains. You can also stand stable wearing it as it has a stability shank. 

The measurements of this lady barista shoe are also pretty clear. Heel and platform thicknesses are 1.25” and 0.75” gradually. It gives you extra height while the 3” arch-shaft provides enough room for foot. 

The foot security is on top of this shoe as it has a 12” boot opening. So, it can easily cover from the top of the toe to ankle. Besides, the soft toe and KEEN toe protection are also there for you. Overall, the shoe is an entry-level, impressive one to impress the crowd jam the sessions of entertainment.

Features and Specifications

  • Solid black color
  • Low-profile and sturdy design 
  • Leather upper
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Easy-wipe and clean 
  • Compression-molded midsole
  • KEEN.CUSH PU footbed
  • Memory foam insole
  • Wide shaft and boot opening
  • Thick heel and platform
  • Soft toe and KEEN toe protection

What Other Reviewers Say

A real barista shows her eagerness about KEEN Utility why she loves to wear this shoe. She adds “…it’s hard for me to find durable, good-quality shoes that are non-slip.” It clarifies that it adds quality comfort and femineity to your outlook.

Additionally, the shoe lasts longer than other brands. One thing you may find odd, if you have small feet, you may find it bit tough to fit in the roomy toe box. 

Our Opinion

This top-notch shoe is genuinely made for working in the food industry. Whether you are a barista or not, you can definitely keep this shoe for everyday use.

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for Baristas

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for Baristas

You can order any shoes to wear. But if it is for barista jobs, you should be careful about a few factors. Below are some of the factors you should consider to buy barista shoes:


Baristas need to stay at work for almost 8-10 hours. If they wear unfit-sized shoes, they will get into a lot of trouble. Too roomy shoes may cause slip on the floor.

Again, too small shoes can go tight on ankles and toes. So, you should read the size options before you consider buying a pair of footwear. 


In most cases, people just buy the shoe for its outlook. But if the beautiful shoe is not comfy for your feet, then there is no use of this shoe at indoor and outdoor works.

The shoe should not create any soreness, pain, or other health problems. Read the reviews to know about these comfy talks. 


As a barista, you must keep your feet even after standing and walking all day. The consistent movement from one corner to another requires better stable shoes.

So, you should check out the outsole design or any extra feature that provides good traction and stability to walk on a dry or wet surface well. 


As you are at a public place, if you fall accidentally, it may cause you a considerable loss. It may create a bad impression on them.

As well as, slipping on the floor while carrying or preparing the coffee can make the environment and clothes dirty. So, you should be careful whether your selected shoe is slip-resistant or not. 

Shoe Style

Style is not a mandatory thing. But if you get it from the shoes, it will add some value to your position. Many shoes are available with unique designs, ornamentation, toe-tap design.

Also, there are special shoes made only for lady baristas. You may check out the styles but don’t forget the uniform code of your organization. 


You can purchase leather, suede, or fabric barista shoes for men or women. The material plays a vital role in your foot comfort wearing the shoes.

However, retail chains like Starbucks do no allow suede shoes. On the other hand, long-lasting leather shoes don’t fade away soon. 


As you wear the shoes all day, your feet will release moisture inside the shoes. This moisture can create a bad odor.

To remove the sweating and keep your feet dry, you can choose shoes that provide sufficient breathability. In such a case, fabric shoes are good for you. 


The sole of shoes is essential for your comfort. If you wear shoes with a hard soles, it will cause huge pain, numbness, swellings on your feet.

Many experts suggest wearing shoes with rubber, spongy sole. It should grip the floor well and provide good shock absorption and traction to maintain the pace. 


After preparing the coffee, you may need to clean the stuff. Also, water, oil, or other liquid can fall upon the shoes and leave marks so badly.

So, you should choose water-resistant shoes. It may also keep your feet dry and out of swellings. 


Usually, the great products are lighter as lightweight items help to make any task easier. Similarly, the best shoes for baristas must be lightweight and flexible to walk, run, and stand well.

A heavy shoe can put extra pressure on your feet and restrict the regular blood circulation from the heart to the toe.

Where Can You Find/Buy Barista Shoes?

You can purchase barista shoes both online and in physical stores. If you are busy with a tight schedule, you can order these shoes at different online stores.

They will shoe you full info about the product, including price, features, reviews. 

Safety Tips When Wearing Baristas Shoes

You may follow these safety tips:

  • Wear socks with the shoes to get an extra layer of comfort 
  • Ensure your shoes are not overwhelming 
  • Check if the shoes have a comfy outsole 
  • Sufficient room inside the toe box
  • Choose water and skid resistant shoes to stay dry and stable
  • Color matches with barista dress code
  • Perfect fit to your foot so that you can move easily
  • Try to use two pairs of shoes for better comfort and impression

Tips to Take Care of Baristas Shoes

These are some tips to care the shoes:

  • Apply shoe cream to make it water-resistant 
  • Check out if there is any marks or damages regularly
  • Repair the shoes immediately unless you have a second one
  • Return the shoes if you find anything not right
  • Wear hazard proof shoes to save from any electrical hazards

Tips to Enhance Durability of Baristas Shoes

Follow these tips to make barista shoes more durable:

  • Avoid putting your shoes in the washing machine. Instead, try to do it by hand.
  • Keep your shoes neat and clean by regular cleaning.
  • Protect the soles for long-lasting uses. Invest money on adding some toe taps with the shoes.
  • Apply water repellent solution on the shoes.
  • Use newspaper to stuff the shoes to prevent odor and keep shoes dry.
  • Store the barista shoes in a safe place. 
  • Replace the sole if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dr. Martens good for baristas?

The shoes from Dr. Martens are uniquely designed to meet the barista dress code. They have a comfy structure to give you a better feeling at work.

Can you wear barista shoes for a full time job?

It depends on the quality, build material, cushioning, and foot support of the shoe. If you find shoes with satisfying features, they will surely fit 8-12 hours. 

What kind of sole is suitable for barista shoes?

You should pick shoes with memory foam sole that provides cushion and comfort. 


Thanks for visiting our article on the best shoes for baristas. We have added the selected products that meet the maximum requirements of the users. Our selection includes unisex, men, women, stylish or low-profile shoes from different renowned brands. 

You can compare this footwear with others. But still, these will be a winner. However, if you need a unique recommendation, you can choose Dr. Martens 1461 or Iron Ranger. 

We hope this article makes your choice efficient and straightforward. 

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