The Consistent Debate of Vans Ward vs Old Skool

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What makes a sneaker perfect for every confident step? Just have a look at the premium products of a famous brand like Vans. Vans has been very sincere about its user-friendly footwear and collections from birth. Likewise, Ward and Old Skool are popular sneaker styles from this company. But there goes a debate: Vans Ward vs Old Skool.

So, what is the main difference between Vans Ward and Old Skool? Well, Vans Old Skool is a mainstream classic sneaker with a 40 years successful history. Again, Vans Ward is a modern, aesthetic sneaker with an inspiration from Old Skool. Both sneakers can fulfill the desires of the wearers, yet they have some distinctions besides similarities.

Picking up the right one between these two can be confusing as they both may look the same. They indeed have the same design motive. But when you read the below discussion, you may learn and decide which one you should pick as sports shoes or skateboard sneakers


Introduction to Vans Old Skool:

The Old Skool is an everybody-knows type sneaker collection. It has an ideology from the skateboarding subculture to the modern mainstream that’s enjoyable from its unique design and structure.

Again, the nifty silhouette, brand value, unique stitching can intrigue you to have a pair of this shoe. The most notable aspects of this shoe line are canvas, suede, and vulc sole.

The invention of Vans Old Skool happened in 1977, and still, it has been very iconic “skate shoes.” It offers the wearer perfect cushioning and ankle support, sufficient ventilation, and good traction for skating.

Also, it has a mesmerizing structure with reinforced toe caps, rubber Vulc soles, and padded collars. Above all, the founder designed its “Jazz Stripe” sewn lines on the upper part, mostly identical. 

Introduction to Vans Ward:

Vans Ward skate shoes are a mixture of modern and conventional Vans sneakers. It is not so aged in the brand’s shoe line.

But it is equally popular for its comfy build and incredible support while running with the skates. Also, the suede and canvas upper and vulcanized rubber sole offer good pace and must-needed comfort. 

Many people may consider this model an improvement or slight change of Old Skool. For example, it has no Jazz Stripe lines on the upper.

Again, if you prefer low-profile sports sneakers, you may love to pick the Vans Ward. Putting them in your feet gives the same support and snug fit as the Old Skool. 

A Quick Comparison of Vans Ward vs Old Skool

FeaturesVans WardVans Old Skool
Closure SystemClassic laceClassic lace
Lace TypeCottonFlatCottonFlat
TongueMinimalisticTag on tongue
Sole ColorDeep brown waffle styleLight brownish waffle style
Eye stays Stitched over the toe boxStitched under the suede toe box
Sole typeVulcRubberVulcGum
Print Tie dyeCheckered

The Differences between Vans Ward and Old Skool Footwear 

You can get multiple similarities between these two shoe streams. These similarities make the shoes convenient for everyday uses on and off the road. However, you should know the differences between these Vans sneakers. 


Vans Ward has canvas and suede upper, most popular for flexibility and comfy under heavy use. On the other hand, Old Skool is also available with leather upper including canvas and suede. Leather upper is for those who want a better impact on others. 


The tongue helps to keep your foot stable and easy to wear. Therefore, a slight difference between Ward and Old Skool is available in this part. In fact, you may notice the tongue design first while taking it on hand.

Vans Old Skool comes with a retro, minimalistic design. Again, Ward has a brand signature on the tongue. It is a brand tag attracting the eyes. 

Sole Type

Most Ward sneakers have vulcanized rubber soles. It is a unique style sole where rubber sole is glued to shoe upper.

Again, many Old Skool sneakers are available with rubber, vulcanized, and gum-type soles. However, all these sneakers offer a good grip on the surface you move. 

Sole Style

Both shoes feature the signature waffle-style sole. But there is a glimpse of the difference in their colors. If you look at Old Skool, they have a light brown colored sole.

Ward is not the same as it has a deep brownish sole. This point is an identical difference between these two shoe lines. 


Vans Ward and Vans Old Skool have lots of colorways. But Old Skool has a relatively higher quantity of colorways than the prior one. Thus, the brand is improving this part day by day. 

Hem Position

The hem near the collar stays above the Jazz Stripe on the Vans Ward. Meanwhile, you can see the stitching inclines into the stripe. 


Vans Old Skool has an interior with an off-white color. In the meantime, Vans Ward has a dark black interior which makes it look bolder. But both shoe lines have the same branding style and possibly the same brand value. 


The print of Vans shoes can be different from one model to another. Likewise, Vans Ward has tie-dye print, and Old Skool has checker print on their upperparts. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Vans Ward Sneakers

vans ward

In this part, you will learn the facilities and difficulties of Vans Ward skateboarding shoes.


  • Vans Ward is a great combo of classic and trendy outlook
  • The timeless design is for the trendy athletes who love a blend of classicism and modernism
  • Many reviewers have found it comfortable and breathable for longtime uses
  •  Provides sufficient foothold and relaxation
  • Adaptive shoe design to match with different situations
  • The vulcanized rubber sole looks great to see and comfy to wear
  • More durable than usual Vans sneakers


  • Some users have found the shoe takes more time to feel comfortable
  • The outsole may appear hard to maintain

Benefits and Drawbacks of Vans Old Skool Sneakers

vans old skool

You can know the pros and cons of wearing Old Skool sneakers here:


  • Pure classic silhouette with a touch of color blends
  • It matches almost any outfit and situations
  • Invincible comfort and easy to wear option
  • Perfect true to size feature for the people who wants a snug fit
  • Breathable canvas upper to keep your foot cool and dry
  • Wide range of color options 
  • Very neat and clean aesthetics 


  • Not so good arch support as it has a slight bent sole
  • The back design creates swelling on foot, according to a few users

Vans Ward vs Vans Old Skool – Which one Should You Pick?

After reading or knowing the beauties and virtues of Vans Ward and Old Skool, you may feel confused. You may find it hard why you should buy them. 

It is as old as its name says if you think of Old Skool. Many brands appeared in history, and only a few survived. But Old Skool has a versatile history pf winning people’s hearts. Alternatively, Vans Ward is preferable mainly to the young generations who believe in the modern revolution. 

If you want a low-profile shoe, you can pick Vans Ward for its minimalistic design at a very affordable price. You can check out the Old Skool sneakers for luxury and conventional beauty. 

Both shoe models have unisex, male, and female versions. However, it depends on your choice to buy any of them.

If you have more questions in your mind you can check this video:

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Final Verdict

Vans will never break your heart. Instead, they offer greatness of high-quality footwear like Vans Ward and Old Skool. But the Vans Ward vs Old Skool remains the hot topic on the web. 

Each shoe model has its own definition. They can be better than their counterparts. Similarly, the two variations of Vans have some similarities and dissimilarities. Nobody can tell or demand one shoe line is bad; another is fine. 

So, you should pick the correct item while keeping the above thoughts in your mind about these shoes. 

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