Best Shoes for Onewheel to Have Exciting Rides Instantly

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Onewheel, a unique skateboard style, is getting popular day by day. So, the riders are getting more concerned about preparation before riding the board. Wearing comfortable shoes is an integral part of that preparation. 

Ordinary shoes may cause harm to feet, ankles, and discomfort. Significantly, the beginners may slip off the board, putting them on. Alternatively, riders can remain confident and secure when they wear quality shoes to run everything fine. 

But most of us (or the riders) do not know about the best shoes for Onewheel. I will ease the path of picking the right one in this article. After observing the market well, I have accumulated a list of top-class shoes for onewheel riding. 


What Shoes Are Best for Onewheel Riding: High Tops vs. Low Tops? 

The collar (the back part) of a shoe can be of different heights. High tops have higher length, and mid-top has medium height. Both may cover the ankles well. Low tops are preferable to remaining below the ankles. These are the facts when you want to find the perfect shoes for onewheel riding. 

So, what are the best onewheel skate shoes? Low-top shoes are best for rapid movement while riding on the board. You can ride for a long time wearing them. High tops are prior choices for beginners who need the best ankle protection and decrease chances of falling off. For moderate security and flexibility, mid-top shoes are the top choices. 

If you are a beginner, start with high-top shoes. They cover the ankles well. Also, they can limit the dreaded wheel wobble. Besides, it will provide extra control for the immediate response from the onewheel. As a bonus, you can run without fender wearing these shoes.

5 Best Shoes for Onewheel

So, you have a glance at my selected products. Let me describe these shoes’ best and worst parts for better understanding. I hope you will read it till the end.

1. Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers – Best for Movement Control

Vans is a hotcake in the shoes industry. They have been serving the market since 1966 and remain on the top list of shoe manufacturers.

Likewise, their Men’s low-top sneakers are the unchallenged choices for riding on skates, onewheel boards. These shoes are best in class! I love these shoes for comfortable movements.

This product has around 15K user feedback. So, you can think about how popular it is. These England-imported shoes are available in 30 wide range of color options. Therefore, you can use them for regular and onewheel riding purposes.

Consequently, the waffle outsole is made of rubber so that your feet remain protected from slipping on wet surfaces. The fabric insole provides perfect change and flexibility.

Vans canvas shoes do not have any PVC construction. Water can penetrate briefly for their fabric build if you ride on wet roads. The heels of Vans shoes are straight soles to keep you well-grounded.

This feature enables playing and striding in the same shoes for long onewheel rides. Even if the shoes become dirty, you can clean them in two easy ways: wiping with wet cloth and washing in a machine. 


  • 53 size and 30 color options
  • Designed for beginner onewheel riders
  • Made of high-quality breathable fabric material
  • Rubber waffle outsoles to prevent slipping
  • Affordable canvas shoes, imported from England
  • Easily washable in washing machine 


  • No waterproofing feature 

2. Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas – Most Lightweight Design

Like Vans, Nike is the most impressive name when looking for canvas for onewheel riding. This giant company has been a winner in the game since 1964. And you can find the name in many sports, including onewheel skateboarding.

Nike SB Check Solarsoft is one of their excellent products, winning the hearts of the riders. You will feel like wearing nothing even if you put these shoes on, so lightweight!

Onewheel shoe nerds can swallow the greatness of this shoe. It gives the riders fantastic board feels. Also, the thick sole offers exclusive support and high gaps to the feet.

Solarsoft Canvas can beat most counterparts in terms of its grip feature. You can tie the shoelaces within moments and start getting on the onewheel. 

The soft cushioning of the unisex shoes is top to provide the best performance. Additionally, the grip gives maximum traction for better movement on the skateboard. You can reliably order this shoe with a wide toe box if you have wider feet.

Also, the back’s zoom air unit keeps your feet cool and comfy during the rides. Overall, the shoe is extremely durable and long-lasting. You will see no sign of wear and tear after spending all day on onewheel.


  • Unisex shoes with two-color options
  • Stable lace-up closure and attractive, luxurious design
  • Extremely lightweight, and ample ventilation feature
  • Thick, comfortable insole support
  • Soft padded collar for hassle-free riding
  • Maximum traction for superb control 


  • Inaccurate sizing; smaller than other shoe models from Nike SB

3. Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar II Shoe – Best for Comfort

Who hasn’t heard the name of Adidas? I assume you are not one of them. Starting from 1949, Adidas is providing the market with their best onewheel skate shoes. Adidas Originals Superstar II is a great product to match your riding needs.

It has already received more than 12K feedbacks. And, people are still talking about this low-top shoe as you will do so. It was originally made for comfort and support!

This shoe’s design is classic (from 1969) so that trust is born in your mind. But that is not bad because the manufacturer now uses trendy materials. It has full-grain leather or synthetic upper, giving coziness to any riders.

Besides, the rounded toe shell protects feet when you are on the onewheel. The herringbone cup sole offers extra foot and ankle support. 

You can use 100% rubber shoes with lightly padded ankles regardless of your foot size. The zig-zag grooves offer premium stability and maximum traction to control the speed of onewheel. You will not fall off the board again.

Also, the low-top design improves maneuverability when practicing the onewheel. Lastly, you can remove the synthetic insole for cleaning the shoes. 


  • 8 colors and 28 size options 
  • Classic, lightweight design with a roomy toe box
  • Full-grain leather or synthetic upper for comfier
  • 100% rubber material with a lightly padded ankle
  • Zig-zag grooves for better stability and maximum traction
  • Adequate arch support for the riders


  • Mild break-in period

4. DC Men’s Pure Casual Skate Shoe – Best Leather Skate Shoes

A company solely dedicated to producing skate shoes for Onewheel and other skateboards! Starting from 1994, DC shoes are available in most stores. If you want a shoe for skating and regular uses, the Pure casual shoe of DC is a suitable choice.

It has around 7K user reviews to prove its greatness, and mostly from the skaters. Even, you can wear it in any season casually or on the onewheel board. 

Like Adidas, DC has used a cup sole for superior ankle and foot support in this shoe. What makes it great is that its padded tongue and collar offer comfy, which an onewheel rider desires.

Also, the air can pass well through the ventilation holes while you are riding your favorite board. So, it will be a great choice for fun riding with friends. 

The upper part of the shoe is made of a mixture of leather, nubuck, or suede. Also, the mesh lining enhances the beauty of the sneakers. Thus, I found the DC logo on the upper part beautiful. It makes the shoe universal with any DC clothing.

Additionally, the classic lace system keeps your shoes placed rightly while ensuring feet’ safety. It helps to ride onewheel for a long way. 


  • 23 colors and 21 size options
  • Unisex shoes, primarily suitable for skaters
  • Incredible mesh lining design and unique ventilation holes
  • Made of leather, nubuck, or suede
  • Padded tongue and collar for superior comfort 
  • Flat sole activates onewheel sensor faster


  • Not so good board-feels

5. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top Oxfords Shoes – Best for Beginners 

Many may mistake calling sneakers as Converse – it shows how this manufacturer has become familiar to us. They found this company in 1908, producing shoes for the military during World War II.

Then, they have become a subsidiary of Nike. However, the quality of shoes is never compromised. Similarly, Chuck Taylor All-Star is a surprise gift to the beginner skaters of onewheel.

Many users have found Converse high-top shoes compatible with any streetwear. It can help you impress your favorite person. Accordingly, the breathable canvas is made of cotton upper to make it durable.

Also, it has a high-top to leverage extra protection of feet and ankle. The double stitching along the upper can satisfy you quickly. 

This lightweight shoe has a rubber strip beside the sole under the toe. You can remove the rubber insole only after removing the glue. It may help you absorb the shocks while riding on the onewheel.

Again, the vulcanized outsole keeps the shoe untouched from any scratches, wear, and tear while the wheel rolls. Lastly, the Chuck Taylor fits true to size, which means it can easily fit your feet. You can clean the dirty sneakers with baking soda and vinegar. 


  • Limited color options yet high-quality design
  • High-top shoe for onewheel learners 
  • Unisex model of Converse shoes 
  • Cotton upper, rubber insole, and vulcanized outsole
  • Protects feet from wear and tear while you are riding onewheel
  • Fits true to its size


  • Not ample arch support

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for Onewheel Riding

I suggest you pick any of the selected onewheel shoes. But suppose you want to purchase except the selected. In that case, you may get confused as they may not be selected adequately after research. Here are a few helpful items that you should follow while buying shoes for onewheel:

Comfort and Support

Whatever shoes you buy, you should know how much comfy or support they will provide. It depends on the size and structure of the shoes. Some shoes have minimal padding that provides better flexibility but may not provide sufficient comfort and support. Alternatively, heavily padded shoes are good for feet and ankles support. 


It is common for the onewheel skate shoes to wear and tear off after a certain time. The main reason is the skaters always get on and off the onewheel. Also, they constantly put pressure on the front pad and use the ankle to maintain balance. Through these processes, shoes get damaged.

So, you should know it. The selected pair should have a rubber toe cap, lace protection for better endurance. Also, leather shoes may run longer than canvas or synthetic fiber shoes regardless of the comfy zone. 


Flexibility refers to better control over the onewheel skateboard. Always try to pick shoes that provide optimum comfort to swing your feet. You can stride or ride the board well wearing these shoes.

I suggest selecting a lightweight yet sturdy pair of onewheel skate shoes. Low-top sneakers may be a good idea for you. 


As you control everything with shoes, they should have a good grip on under sole. You can recall the boots of soccer players. Their boots have spikes beneath the outsole. Similarly, onewheel riding shoes may have quality adjustments to grip on the board well.

Most brands use these patterns to offer the users a wide range of styles: triangle tread pattern, waffle grip, rubber outsole, and others. 

Feel on the Board

It always matters how you feel on the onewheel. Many riders love to put on shoes with vulcanized or cup soles for better feels. However, lightweight and thinner shoes offer maximum board feel and ultimate experience. 


Shoes providing good traction help you manage the balance on the onewheel. Shoes that work well on the front pad can maximize traction. Likewise, most brands I have mentioned have unique tread patterns to provide better traction.

They can keep your feet in the right place and help you move the onewheel in the right direction. Also, shoes with good traction features may prevent falling off the onewheel. 


Ventilation of shoes is always crucial as you ride onewheel skateboard for a long time. Also, it keeps feet in the right condition while preventing unnecessary sores or foot pain. Anyway, breathability depends on the design and structure of the sneakers.

Shoes made of fabric have all-out breathability. But they are not water repellent. On the other hand, leather shoes with ventilation holes may be a good choice for you.

If you have more questions in your mind about choosing one wheel shoes you can check this video:

Why Do You Need Specific Shoes for Onewheel? 

Onewheel has a sensor under the front pad that requires activation after applying pressure on it. If you can engage the good activation, you can easily get off and, on the board. Putting on flat bottom shoes helps solid contact with the sensor. Also, you can disperse the pressure throughout the front pad. 

Shoes with raised heels can prevent distributing the pressure well. As a result, your feet cannot properly touch or contact the sensor. These are why you should purchase the Onewheel shoes only made for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long do onewheel skate shoes usually last?

Answer: It depends on the shoes’ brands, models, and design. Also, if you use shoes properly, they may last 1-2 years without or minor wear or tear offs. 

Question: Does it matter what shoes you ride on onewheel?

Answer: Obviously, it matters! Regular shoes are not efficient in Onewheel skating. Either they are irritating after using for short time or risky for riding on the onewheel skateboard. It requires specific shoes to boost performance.

Question: Why are onewheel shoes flat?

Answer: Flat shoes are suitable for grip and traction on the pad of onewheel. You can control movement well wearing flat shoes. Therefore, the trend is constantly changing. 


Hundreds of models and brands are available in the market. Yet you were looking for suggestions! It happens because these hundreds of shoes are not entirely preferable for getting a thrilling onewheel riding experience. They can be worse even if they appear the same!

I hope my reviews and buying tips about the best shoes for onewheel will solve any confusion. Also, you can use them for riding and in a regular fashion. I recommend you know the user feedback, features, prices of these products and start enjoying the ride. Happy Onewheeling.

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