How to Prevent Creases in AF1 – 7 Most Effective Methods

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Finding creases in the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers is why our faces also get wrinkles. Of course, it is evident to change the perfect shape of the footwear over time. But I don’t see anything to worry about as there is always a solution to a problem. So, how to prevent creases in AF1? Can you stop your air force one shoe from getting wrinkled?

The best way to prevent creases in Nike AF1 is the insertion of crease protectors or cardboard shields. They can keep the shoe upper in the right shape and offer extra space for the toes. Besides them, you can try wearing half a size down to regular size, walk flat-footed, and buy two pairs together. 

The artistic look, solid leather/suede upper, incredible sole, and breathable inner make the Nike Air Force shoes popular. They can complete the outfit we deserve.

Also, they are good to go for years with proper maintenance. But creases are common. So, it is better to know how to prevent creases in air force 1. Thus, I request you to read the below information:


How to Prevent Creases in AF1

Nike is indeed one of the finest shoemakers in this world. They can beat other brands with their expertly crafted, full-fusion products. So, creases are hard to get in their shoes.

Yet, we should give attention to this matter to maintain the beauty and comfy of the footwear. Now, follow the below steps to prevent wrinkles in AF1 Nike shoes. 

#1. Cardboard Shoe Shield 

You can get things in the market called crease protectors or sneaker shields. These are mostly inserts like insoles.

Thus, you can attach them beneath the tongue and in the frontal part of the shoes. In the case of AF1, the shoe already comes with a similar thing, mostly known as a cardboard shoe shield. 

All these are the same and built with the same purpose. They can keep the upper protected from any impact. Even if you bend your ankle and put pressure on the front area, the upper will remain the same as the newly brought sneakers. Also, your feet and toe stay in the right shape when you use them. 

#2. Use Socks Properly 

Nah! I am not talking about buying a new pair of socks. You should wear socks wisely if you own air force one sneakers.

Stuff socks into each foot of the AF1 when you are not wearing them. It will help to maintain the right shape of the shoes. 

Many people suggest wearing thick socks if you love Nike AF1. In this way, there will be the least space inside the shoe while preventing the chances of creases. 

#3. Keep Foot Flat while Walking

It is not so popular idea to prevent wrinkles on the kicks. Even your friends can make fun of it. But I suggest you try at least once and see the result.

Generally, we apply pressure on the toes, and the stains and crease marks appear. If we put pressure on our heels, it may reduce the possibility of getting crumples soon. 

#4. Having Double Pairs of AF1

It may sound a bit costly, as many think to buy affordable sneakers, even a single pair in number. But having multiple pairs of Nike air force is good to maintain the structure of the sneakers.

If you wear the sneakers daily, there is an increased chance of getting rumples on the shoes. But if you have two or more pairs, you can swap them according to your need. For example, you can pick one pair for tomorrow and another for the next day. 

#5. Find Right Fit

When you gait wearing the air force one, you may experience heels slip and slide. Usually, it happens if you wear a bit larger sneaker than your right fit.

So, I suggest you choose the sneaker half a size down to the regular size. For instance, you have selected US 11.5 size footwear.

But your heels are slipping when you walk wearing them. Please choose 11 sizes (0.5 sizes down). It will keep the area inside shoes engaged and withstand wrinkles. 

#6. Perfectly Store the Shoes

I know we may need to wear the same sneakers the whole day. Also, it is more than normal to throw the pair into the closet after a long day. But it has a bad impact on the air force shoes.

So, you should store them properly while stuffing them with a thing like tissue paper, newspaper, or using a shoe tree. You may also find shoeboxes at the market for storing the shoes. 

#7. Use Maintenance Tools

Many of us think about ironing the shoes, but it is not always good for them, especially on the leather upper. So, you may try alternatives to stop creases in AF1. You can apply leather oil to let the creases slacken up and vanish soon. 

Using a heat gun to cure wrinkles is also a good idea. But you should stuff the toe with paper or socks first. Then, covert the kick with a wet towel and apply the heat gently. You may apply steam to the creases like a cloth steamer as an alternative to a heat gun. 

Final Verdict

I have seen many people looking for the right way to keep their footwear fresh and fit. But the stubborn creases do not go away or stop from occurring.

So, I have tried to follow possible methods to prevent or eliminate the wrinkles in my sneakers. Among them, shoe trees or crease protectors are the most effective methods. 

I have shared all the possible methods in this article. If any of them doesn’t feel efficient, you may iron your shoes. But you should study first how to iron any Nike shoes

So, I hope you have a worry-free face now without thinking about how to prevent creases in AF1.

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