11 Nike Shoes That Make You Taller – An Expedient Guide

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Are you trying to get the best appearance with an increased height? A good pair of shoes with thick soles can fulfill your desires. This article will discuss some competent Nike shoes that make you taller. 

Adding some inches to natural height can be fancy to many of us. Also, the people suffering from stress due to their height know better the importance of height addition. You cannot do anything to your body height naturally. But the user-friendly shoes like Nike can lift your ankles and toes with full comfort. 

There are several matters relevant to gaining height by shoes. Some shoes offer a 0.5” height increase, while others may offer up to 2”. In case of Nike shoes, you can get an average 1-1.6” height lift when you wear them. Practically, the structure of Nike sneakers or boots is incredible in design so that the wearer feels confident. 

Okay, I have added a lot of exciting stuff below about height-increasing Nike shoes. You may love them to know.


Factors of Nike Shoes that Make You Taller

We all love to enjoy walking on the grass wearing sneakers or running shoes. Some shoes are notable for parties, and some go well with formal attires.

Each type of shoe adds a different height to your natural height. However, several factors determine how much height increase you will get wearing the Nike shoes:

Nike Shoes Style or Design

Design plays a vital role in providing you some height with full comfort. It covers sole thickness, heel pattern, and body structure. It is evident to use Nike shoes with a thicker bottom for the best height increase. 

Thicker soles can offer you a solid grip and expected traction on every move. Shoes with thicker soles like Nike boots can add 1.1-1.7” depending on models. If the shoes have internal cushioning, it will also increase overall height. 

Usually, Nike sneakers are designed to bounce the feet back faster. They are also flexible for on-road and off-road gaiting, running on the fields. So, the sole thickness is a bit less than the boots. You can get a 0.7-1.2” height boost on average if you wear the sneakers.

So, keep the fact in mind when looking for Nike shoes that make you taller. Because the style or design of shoes significantly impacts shoe height.

Heel Height of Nike Shoes

If you are a short-legged person or have a height below expectation, you will love to increase your body height.

Shoes from the Nike brand can offer you this facility by providing shoes with good heel height. It is obvious to get more height wearing shoes with thicker heels. 

The high heel shoes can rotate feet towards the ankle back when you wear them. It helps to align the ankles more horizontally than vertically. Thus, we add a few inches more to our actual height.

Generally, shoes for women have thicker heels to give them a taller look. Nike can offer shoes with 1-1.4” heel thickness. Heels without a platform can provide this height increase based on heel length. 

Therefore, the impact of the heel impact is helpful for both men and women. That’s why boots, running shoes, sneakers, etc., have different heel thicknesses. 

Nike Shoe Soles

Sole can play a vital role in achieving an artificial height lift from a pair of Nike shoes. Experts divide the sole into two types: insole/midsole and outsole. Insoles are removable as you can remove them to wash the footwear. Outsoles remain in the outer part of the shoes. 

You may have some questions like “can Nike insoles add height?”, “how much height can Nike outsole add?”. Well. They both can add height when you wear Nike shoes. 

When you add insoles into shoes, they can lift your natural height. Even some insoles are specially designed for making you taller.

Moreover, they can provide you a good cushion, massive shock absorption, and a certain height level together. 

Nike outsoles can add 0.5-1” height on average. It may include the heel length too. Usually, this height is most expected from any shoe.

The thicker the outsole is, the more height you get. Besides increasing height, you can also get traction and grip support while moving. 

Can Nike Shoes Increase Your Height?

Of course, Nike shoes are popular for giving you a better height and comfort. All these shoes can make you taller. Some Nike collections like Air Max can offer better height increases than others.

This collection has incredible Air Technology. It is made of pressurized air inside a flexible bag. So, you get an immediate boost of height without any structural change. 

List of Best Nikes Shoes to Make You Taller

Product NameHeight Increase
Women’s Air Max 95 Running Trainers1.46 inches (3.7 cm)
Men’s AIR MAX 95 Denham Shoe1.46 inches (3.7 cm)
Women’s Air Max 97 SE Shoe1.6 inches (4.06cm)
Air Max 97 OG/UNDFTD “Undefeated” Sneaker1.6 inches (4.06cm)
Unisex Air Max 270 (GS) Running Shoe1.34 inches (3.4 cm)
Women’s Air Max 270 Running Sneaker1.34 inches (3.4 cm)
Men’s Air Max 270 Running Shoes1.34 inches (3.4 cm)
Women’s Air Vapormax Flyknit 3 Running Shoes1.34 inches (3.4 cm)
T90 Laser III Firm Ground Soccer Boots1.34 inches (3.4 cm)
Air Force 1 Pixel Women’s Casual Fashion Sneaker1.2 inches (3.04cm)
Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 An20 Basketball Shoe1.2 inches (3.04cm)

Best Height Increasing Nike Shoes

nike shoes that give you height

There are numerous collections, models, and color variations of Nike shoes. It may take a whole month or more to try at least once wearing these shoes.

Again, not all of them are good to gain extra height. So, I have picked a couple of Nike shoes that add your height for my review. Now, I am describing the mentioned products in the above list here:

#1. Nike Women’s Air Max 95 Running Trainers

Notable Features:

  • Height increase: 1.46” (3.7cm)
  • Size options: 6-10 (US)
  • Type: Women (Sport)

If you are an active woman looking for everyday wearable shoes, you can pick the Air Max 95 Running Trainers.

This pair of shoes follow the conventional airbags or unit to boost your height to 1.46 inches. Thus, your confidence in everyday activities rises wearing these tough-built comfy sneakers. 

The Height Increasing Factors

You will never feel overwhelmed after putting 95 trainers on your feet. Like other Air Max shoes, this one too has an air bubble feature on the midsole. A couple of air bubbles are visible that make the shoes more attractive and sportier.

They offer good bounce and support to the wearer. Moreover, these bubbles are transparent with the presence of contrasting colors like pink or orange. 

Speaking of the outsole of this model is like other Air Max height boosting sneakers. You can find the regular Nike logo on the outsole.

Also, the thickness of the outsole is enough to grab anyone’s attention. You can get good traction when you run wearing the Air Max 95 running trainers. 

Experts say Nike has got inspiration from the human body and running DNA in the Air Max series. Additionally, the true-to-size option offers versatile uses without worrying about the fit to your feet. The shoe offers 6-10 true sizes. 

Structural Significance

The shoe is available in 3 incredible color combinations: (1) full black, (2) navy blue, orange, and platinum, and (3) sail, light brown.

This running sneaker has solid, pure leather and meshes front and back panels beside the inside of the shoe. 

The unique lace and loop system is quite different from others. Overall, the shoe is suitable for rough uses as it is lightweight, flexible, and convenient for any environment.

Also, it offers great scope of passing air inside and outside.

#2. Nike Men’s AIR MAX 95 Denham Shoe

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.46” (3.7cm)
  • Size options: 5-11.5 (US)
  • Type: Men (Casual)

Man looking for stylish denim shoes with a virtual height lift can choose this Air Max 95 Denham shoe. It is an excellent addition to the collection of Air Max. Jason Denham invented the denim used in this Denham shoe in 2008.

Thus, you can see the Denim logo on the footwear. I consider this sneaker as a perfect blend of style and comfort. Therefore, it will add 1.46 inches height to your body. 

The Height Increasing Factors

Each color set has colorful air units in the midsole part, which belongs to Air Technology. They offer good height and ground support.

Once you step forward, the air bubbles will work like a spring. So, you can put your head straight and move like a taller person. 

The outsole is made of high-quality rubber material to provide excellent traction on any surface. Likewise, “The truth is in the details” text is available written on the outsole’s transparent part.

However, this slogan may not be available in all the color-combos. 

You can purchase Air Max 95 X Denham in true sizes. It ranges from 5-11.5 depending on color variations. So, it is almost universal in terms of size options. Anybody can wear this pair of sneakers to match their closet. 

Structural Significance

The Denham Air Max 95 comes in three combined color variations. The upper part of this shoe is made of pure denim with a dark to light gradient color.

The back part is in cream color, fully suede material with a slogan “Denim- The jean maker”. 

Also, the neon or black semi-wax laces are more notable with the gradient waves. Again, the white summit tongue under the lace is fully comfortable.

#3. Nike Women’s Air Max 97 SE Shoe

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.6” (4.06cm)
  • Size options: 6-7.5 (US)
  • Type: Women (Casual/work)

Every Nike shoe collection shows the creativity and beauty of an artful mind. Air Max 97 SE (Special Edition) has a fantastic design to give you the perfect pace in your life.

The design is the reflection of a high-speed Japanese bullet train. You will love the leather and textile construction combo with a 1.6 inches height boost. 

The Height Increasing Factors

The interior of Air Max 97 SE provides great comfy and easy wearing. The midsole is an excellent choice for adding some inches to your overall height.

Likewise, the visible air units are comparatively longer, starting from the back panel to almost the front panel. 

Like the conventional Air Max 97 series, 97 SE also has a rubber outsole. It is thick enough to withstand the roughness of the road. Also, the white color of the outsole gives a contrast with the upper part.

You can see the original Nike logo at the surface of the outsole. However, the outsole is enough to absorb your pressure and gives good traction and support. 

The shoe is available in 6-7.5 sizes. But we couldn’t figure out whether it offers true to size fit or not. But the roomy toe box has sufficient space. So, a woman can easily fit in her feet inside these shoes. 

Structural Significance 

Air Max 97 SE is designed for active ladies who love to stay uniform at the home, office, or the trails. The super-sleek shoe offers comfy soft cotton and the ruggedness of premium leather. 

You can feel the coziness of the fabric tongue and cushion of the bed. Hence, the golden lace and a touch of golden leather on the tongue can easily differentiate this model from other Nike trainers.

#4. Nike Air Max 97 OG/UNDFTD “Undefeated” Sneaker

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.6” (4.06cm)
  • Size options: 4.5-13 (US)
  • Type: Men (Casual)

Like the 97 SE, Air Max 97 OG Undefeated is a mind-blowing addition of shoes from Nike. It can capture every moment with a burst of happiness and energy with its look and great fitting.

Militia green or Black volt – any color you choose, you will bash the rivals and remain “undefeated”. Therefore, the structure of this shoe helps you gain a 1.6” boost of height. 

The Height Increasing Factors

97 OG/UNDFTD features a white, thick midsole and full-length black air units. This white-black combo with militia green upper makes the shoe look stunning.

Also, the air units work in the same ways as other Nike shoes. You can get total bounce and boost for walking or running. Also, the thicker midsole can add some length to your natural height. 

The rubber outsole is entirely black with a sign of orange close to the front panel of the shoe. Likewise, it is made of rubber to give you good traction and maintain your balance in any situation.

You can see the outsole has some artworks of little rectangular, square, and triangle boxes. These boxes can help you grip on any surface preventing skids. Besides, there is a Nike logo on it that proves the originality of the shoes. 

The shoe is available in 4.5-13 sizes, depending on the color preferences. Besides, anybody can find these shoes super-fit to their feet for the true to size. 

Structural Significance 

Famous LA boutique shop Undefeated has revamped this model to give exceptional appearance and comfort.

It is available in two combo colors: militia green and black color combo and the black and volt-militia green and white combo.

Several waves of leather upon the fabric woven with experts match almost all outfits. One wave has the name “undefeated” that covers almost the whole shoe.

Again, the lacing system is almost the same as 97 SE sneakers. The laces are golden in color past through leather eyelets.

#5. Nike Unisex Air Max 270 (GS) Running Shoe for Kids

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.34” (3.4 cm)
  • Size options: 3.5-7 (US)
  • Type: Unisex (Casual/sport/kids)

Do you love the essence of pure white? Nike Air Max 270 GS amazes any male or female kids with its beauty. You can add 1.34” extra height to your body by wearing these shoes.

Besides, this footwear’s largest volume Air Max unit records in sneakers’ history. 

The Height Increasing Factors:

Air Max 270 series are undeniably most famous for its thicker midsole. It has been designed to endure the extra weight of the body. In return, the wearer gets the perfect height boost for the same thicker heel.

Unlike most Nike shoes or sneakers, this pair of shoes have air units only in the heel area. So, it works more than a spring when you run or jump wearing them. 

The outsole is made of premium rubber. It looks very simple in this area, as I have figured out. Again, a clear but stylish text or logo is written “AIMAX”.

However, the outsole meets the front panel of the running shoe. You can see another “Airmax” text written on the joining area on the front side. In other color variations of 270 GS, this can be a bit different by its look. 

Teenage girls and boys can wear these shoes. But it is a shoe for the school goers. Imagine a kid is facing difficulties being smaller than others. You may gift the kid this pair of shoes. Anyway, the shoe is available in 3.5-7 kid sizes. 

Structural Significance 

You can find Air Max 270 GS in 5 different combo colors. From pure white to crimson-orange, each shoe offers the same facilities.

The upper is made of full-form textile or fabric mesh. Also, the conventional lace-loop system can recall the days at school.

The laces are of solid colors like white in white 270 GS. Also, the soft fabric tongue and high-top back with the Air Max logo can secure your feet while increasing your height together.

#6. Nike Women’s Air Max 270 Running Sneaker

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.34” (3.4 cm)
  • Size options: 5-12 (US)
  • Type: Women (Sport)

The same inspiration from the 1991 Air Max 180, the modern vintage Air Max 270 offers extreme comfort. It can boost your performance on the go adding 1.34” height.

Moreover, it comes with a dual-foam midsole and super responsive heel. You will love to wear them with any outfit. 

The Height Increasing Factors 

Air Max 270 running sneakers are popular among the most freedom-loving women. It has a unique structure to make you taller artificially. Besides, the thick dual-foam midsole can keep a good distance between your feet and surface.

Like the 270 GS, it also has air units at the back panel, which is very convenient for lifting your body. Moreover, the removable insole saves the redundancies of washing the shoe.

The outsole of Air Max Women’s 270 is another means of coziness. It is made of high-quality rubber to absorb the shocks and provide you great energy.

There is a splash of black in the center of the sole as I am talking about the white shoe. In other colors, it can be different colors but in the same design. Likewise, the air units are also in different colors. 

Talking about the sizing, it also wins the heart. You can get 5-12 US-size shoes for a regular house. However, each size has plenty of room to put your foot in it.

All these are true to size which means you get the exact fitting as you select the model. Additionally, the heel pull tab can protect your Achilles tendon when walking with an increased height. 

Structural Significance

The running shoe has a breathable mesh upper with an exaggerated fabric tongue. You can see the brand logo stitched on the upper part two times.

Also, you can meet the trend with its 21 colorways. While sliding in the footwear, you can easily tie the white fabric laces and step forward. 

Each color combo can match with the surroundings you move on. Also, the lightweight design can help you get a good pace for longtime wearing. I suggest you pick the lava-glow and black-white combo as it looks feminine and sporty.

#7. Nike Men’s Air Max 270 Running Shoes

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.34” (3.4 cm)
  • Size options: 7-13 (US)
  • Type: Men (Sport)

Are you standing beside others and feeling down for low height? If you are worried about it, I can say the fear is over as Nike Men’s Air Max 270 is here. When this shoe first appeared at the market, men were like shocked, intrigued, and excited.

Its professional crafting and stylish look have been a top pick for handsome men. If you wear this Nike footwear, you can gain 1.34” height increase. 

The Height Increasing Factors

I am sure that most men will love this pair of height-increasing Nike shoes. It has a removable insole and roomy toe box. Below the insole, the dual-foam midsole offers relaxation and a jump of height.

It includes a thick air unit of Nike Air Max to lift your ankle and give you the extra height slightly. I love this part as it has contrast color matching to the upper part. In different color variations, the color of this transparent heel may change. 

The outsole of Air Max 270 is not different from other models in the same collection. It looks like a horse’s hoof is attached to the rubber outsole when you see the air unit from the outsole POV.

In the middle, a silhouette of our toe is crafted in either black or other contrast colors. Therefore, there is no logo on the outsole’s surface, which is different from the other 270s. Instead, Nike’s two brand logos are available on the upper part. 

Size plays a good role to find a fit for selected height-increasing shoes. Some shoes may match your size but not provide you with the desirable height lift.

In this case, the Air Max 270 Men’s is full-fledged, compatible shoe for any short or wider feet man. You can purchase any among the 7-13 US sizes.

Structural Significance 

“Nike’s First Lifestyle Air Unit” – this was a dubbed name of Air Max 270 for men. It turns out to be a regular wardrobe kit for many men.

Keeping black in common part, the shoe is available in 12 color variations. The air capsules have good color contrast with the shoe’s upper part. 

You can easily tie the cloth lace and gain the performance quickly. Overall, it is lightweight height increasing shoes for men.

#8. Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Flyknit 3 Running Shoes

Notable features:

  • Height Increase: 1.34” (3.4 cm)
  • Size options: 5-11 (US)
  • Type: Women (Sport)

Nike has already spent much time in redesigning the shoes with Air Max technology. Vapormax Flyknit 3 is the perfect example of this change.

It has almost zero or little foam in the midsole while they maxed the air unit in this area. Probably, this shoe is more convenient for height increases rather than extra comfort. Wearing this women’s shoe can increase height at 1.34”. 

The Height Increasing Factors

Vapormax (I’ll say extra airbags) Flyknit 3 is an excellent choice if you look for Nike shoes that make you taller. It has the thickest midsole without any foaming inside it.

So, it works like a solid spring to keep your feet stable. The front part is suitable for walking or any casual use. If you are in a hurry going somewhere, put this one and get there fast.

Besides, the max air chamber consumes all the shocks when you are on the move.

I was a bit confused figuring out its outsole. But Nike has done it by increasing the thickness of the midsole. In this case, I consider the midsole is acting as the outsole somehow.

However, there are visible rubber outsole attached (or stuck) to the air units of the midsole. Both the midsole and outsole combine to walk on road, paved sidewalks. 

You may not like the toe box as it is a bit shallow. Still, you can get comfy wearing this height-boosting footwear.

You can grab a pair of Vapormax Flyknit by ordering the usual size of your feet. Thus, this interactive shoe is available in 5-11 US sizes. 

Structural Significance

The inner and outer side cushioning works independently in this model. Adding weight to the lateral side may compress the pod on the other side.

That’s how I find the structure of this footwear. Hence, the upper part is crafted with a single elastic Flyknit. Also, the integrated tongue, heel collar, functional lacing, etc. are very helpful in wearing the shoe. 

It has a vast 12 colorways for style lovers. From black pink blast as more feminine to white and volt as almost casual wear is there.

#9. Nike T90 Laser III Firm Ground Soccer Boots

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.34” (3.4 cm)
  • Size options: 4-14 (US)
  • Type: Unisex (Sport)

Firm Ground (FG) boots have fantastic soleplates for walking or running on wet grass surfaces. If you put on the Total 90 Laser III boots, you are already close to winning the game.

The shoe has the same Vapormax structure to give the sportsman maximum acceleration, comfy, and better traction. You can add 1.34” length to your natural height by wearing soccer boots. 

The Height Increasing Factors

T90 Laser III from Nike is an excellent boot for people who mostly spend time on the off-road tracks. It has a fixed soleplate that helps to grip well on slippery surfaces.

Moreover, it’s so good that great footballer Wayne Rooney keeps this in his preference list. It has molded EVA sock liner with PORON insert in the midsole area.

Besides, it will help you gain contoured arch and heel support. There is also a heel pull tab to keep your Achilles Tendon safe. 

The outsole is free of any foam and made of lightweight TPU with optimized stud placement. It combines with the Vapormax-like full-length air units.

Again, the air unit is translucent yet colorful depending on the pair you choose among versatile colorways. This thick air unit part gives outstanding shock absorption and great stability to your feet.

The air units are extended vertically to give you a stylish look in the middle of the outsole. 

I have found another feature very good that can fulfill the desire to look taller. It has wide size options ranging 4-14 meaning anyone can wear this and gain height.

Moreover, you get the actual size of the sole as it is true to size. 

Structural Significance 

The upper part of Nike Total 90 Laser III is made of premium-grade synthetic leather. It offers significant air circulation to keep your feet dry and cool even if running.

As well, it features Shotshield technology that helps to step foot with confidence and get kicking accuracy better.

This boot has a side lacing system where the eyelets remain a bit far from the leather tongue. Additionally, the lace is easy to tie and keep your feet firm and risk-free. 

Total 90 Laser III looks like it has a flame on its body, appearing from the midsole to the upper. Except the pure black, all the colorways have this flame-like texture. Hence, the height lifting boots are available in 21 colorways. 

#10. Nike Air Force 1 Pixel Women’s Casual Fashion Sneaker 

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.2” (3.04 cm)
  • Size options: 5-11 (US)
  • Type: Women (Casual)

A great combo of retro and feminine style! Yes, I suggest Nike Air Force 1 (AF1) Pixel to those women who love to get stiletto-like shoes.

These elevated shoes can give you a combined feeling of being stylish and taller. Again, the pixelated format is a way to express your tasteful mind. Putting this platform shoe on your feet can add 1.2” to your height. 

The Height Increasing Factors

Nike launched the Air Force 1 collection in the year of 1982. AF1 Pixel results from its focus on building a must-have fashion sneaker.

It has a distorted midsole with an exaggerated midsole filled with air units. They are thick enough that you can easily separate the Pixel from other AF1 sneaker models.

Being thick, it can give you an extra boost in height and alluring comfort. All the Pixel Casual Fashion sneaker color variations have the same white, thick midsole. 

The outsole has a small Nike logo. This part is made of premium quality and comfy rubber. So, it will not let the shoes to wear quickly.

Again, the rubber pods form a pixel pattern at the outsole. You will love to enjoy the look even beneath the shoe. Additionally, the outsole can undoubtedly increase the shoe’s lifespan even if you wear it for a long time. 

When you get the perfect fit and style wearing the same shoe, I admit you won’t forget to keep the item for regular use. You can purchase the stylish shoe available in 5-11 US sizes. It will fit the actual size of your feet. 

Structural Significance 

Air Force 1 Pixel has a wide, inverted swoosh on its upper part. This part is made of professional leather to give the wearer full-time luxury. Some air holes at the front of the leather tongue give full airflow.

Also, the interior is made of fabric to keep your feet in comfort. Both tongue and insole have cube logos of AF1 and Nike. Besides, the shoe has a conventional yet colorful textile lace system. 

You will love the simplicity of the 5 different colorways. The white sole and the pink upper is the most loved, maybe most popular one. You can pair this footwear with any outfit.

#11. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 An20 Basketball Shoe

Notable Features:

  • Height Increase: 1.2” (3.04 cm)
  • Size options: 3.5-16 (US)
  • Type: Men (Sport)

If you love the thought of minimalism and retro style, you can add Air Force 1 07 An20 to your wardrobe. This basketball shoe is all-season footwear yet the most efficient in the summer season.

Again, you can get the chunky look, putting it with the casual outfit of the day. The classic outsole can add 1.2” to your regular height. 

The Height Increasing Factors

07 An20 represents the rich history of the Air Force 1 collection from Nike. It has a thicker foam midsole that adds some weight to your feet.

But it has some benefits too like keeping your feet stable and cushioned well. Also, this midsole features a condensed perforation for ventilation. 

The non-marking rubber material in the outsole gives good traction and motion control while holding your height stable.

However, the outsole has tiny edges scattered throughout the whole area. They work like the spike of any sports shoes on the artificial grounds. So, you can take the shoe to your office or any party too. 

I was in dilemma while checking out their size options and whether it would fit. But luckily, I have got to know that it is available from 3.5 (kid) to 16 US sizes.

This is really unbelievable but Nike has made it viable for the taller or want-to-be taller people. After all, this shoe is purposefully crafted for basketball players yet you can wear it too. 

Structural Significance

The shoe has a superior leather upper with a classical uniform style. As I selected the full-black model, it has a black exterior, whereas the lace and tongue are also in black color.

Besides, the front panel of this shoe has perforation to keep foot moisture out. It will keep your feet firm and cozy under heavy use. You may also feel like wearing a uniform shoe putting this AF1 07 An20 sneaker. 

The shoe is available in more than 45 colorways. You may pick a solid color or mixture of two or more colors. I think it is a bonus for the people who want to add height and match to their lifestyle. 

Benefits and Demerits of Height Increasing Nike Shoes

Nike shoes that give you height are beneficial in many ways. While doing the review, I have found a couple of benefits and disadvantages of the shoes. Here are some of them:


  • All these shoes feature a thicker foaming midsole to give you height and to cushion. 
  • Some shoe collections like Air Max have medium to full-length air units to absorb extra shocks and give you good balance and stable height increases. 
  • Nike shoes have rubber outsoles with a user-friendly design to grip on any smooth or hilly tracks. 
  • You can get good traction wearing the height-increasing Nike footwear. 
  • Most Nike shoes have leather and fabric upper with full ventilation support to keep feet cool and dry. 
  • A wide range of colorways and sizes can meet the fitting requirements and match any casual or formal outfit. 
  • Average Nike shoes can add 1-1.6” to your height to make you taller. 


  • Lots of styles and color variations may confuse the seekers to pick the right one. 
  • Not preferable for the users who want more than 1.6” height. 
  • Most height-increasing Nike shoes are suitable for sports and casual uses, yet some work boots can fulfill the wishes. 
  • Some shoes may appear heavier for their thicker midsole.

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Tips You Should Follow While Buying Height Increasing Nike Shoes

You were looking for what Nike shoes make you taller, and here you are. Of course, there are a variety of Nike shoes available at the stores.

They may lay your feet flat or sometimes lift to give you better height. Should you buy any of them for height increase? No, you shouldn’t. 

There are a couple of factors which you should check before buying Nike shoes for getting a better height increase. Here is some of them:


Insole remains on top of midsole that can be removable in some models. Insole adds soft cushioning and may lift your ankles a bit up. Thus, it cannot be thicker than the midsole or outsole.

But still, it can play a vital role to hole the height lift when you wear the shoes. Usually, the thickness of the insole is 0.25” on average. You can remove them for washing and use them again. So, you should pick Nike shoes that have a soft, removable insole. 


The midsole remains in the middle part of the shoe. It is the most important factor to control the desirable height. In most Nike height-increasing sneakers or boots, you will find transparent/colorful air units in the midsole.

It is basically known as Air Technology. It holds the body straight and uplifted while working as a spring. When you walk on the footwear, these air units will absorb the pressure and consistently return you a stable height boost. The midsole can be 0.50-1.25” thicker on average. 


The outsole is the part of shoes that remains beneath the midsole. It is not any thick part of the shoe. But it also has a good role to make you taller. Usually, the outsole is made of premium rubber material to give you skid-free gaiting or running.

Nike shoes have its brand logo marked on the surface of the outsole. Now, if you choose shoes with a low-quality outsole, they may easily decay and reduce the height you would love to gain artificially. So, ensure which Nike shoes you are buying. 


The structure of a shoe can mildly help to become taller. When buying a Nike shoe for this purpose, you must check out the build quality.

Check out if the shoes have sturdy materials like pure leather and fabric mixture. Also, check if the shoe is roomy enough inside to fit your foot. It will give you comfy while wearing Nike shoes that make you taller. 


Maybe you are thinking of getting some lift from Nike shoes ignoring the size fact. The desirable Nike footwear must be compatible with your feet.

Otherwise, you may get enough height but may not continue using it. Another thing is, you may have selected one pair with a thick sole but it is not in suitable size for your feet. So, check the selected shoe has the right sizing. 


Each collection of Nike shoes has a design that recalls any story, history, and ways of life. For example, some Nike sneakers or trainers have designs from different inspirations like the Air Max series.

The design of the Air Max shoes comes from the design of human DNA. Indeed, this is an exciting thing when you are buying Nike shoes. 


As you are looking for a height increase, you may want more satisfaction. The wide range of colorways can give you extra happiness. For example, Nike shoes in solid black color may fit the academic outfit or the colorful one with party attire.

So, you should check out how many variations you can get from the selected model of Nike sneakers. 

Closure System:

Most shoes from Nike have a fabric lacing system. Also, the tongue can be made of either leather or soft fabric material.

Together they can offer you a snug fit of the shoes. Again, some models have to pull heel tabs to keep your feet safe from any injuries. 

User Feedback:

User feedback is also important as you look for what Nike shoes make you taller. If you read them, you can learn better about the product you are about to purchase.

Also, you can learn whether the shoe will perform well or not. You can compare the selected model and others by reading those feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do Nike shoes make you?

Nike shoes can add 1-1.6” to your height though some models can offer a 2” height boost on average. 

Does Nike Air Force 1 make you taller?

Nike Air Force 1 can make you 1-1.2” taller with their thicker midsole. 

Can you get a height boost wearing Nike shoes?

Of course. Nike is well-aware of their customers to give them height-lifting shoes and boots. 


After doing the whole review, I suggest you to pick any model from the Air Max 97 collections. These shoes can add up to 1.6” on average. However, if you look for overall performance, you can pick any items from my list. 

At last, I recall the lengthy article in a few words. As you look for Nike shoes that make you taller, you should look at the height increase first. Then, the factors I have described in this article are also important. If you find all of them matching best to your preferences, you can go shopping. 

Lastly, I have tried to focus on structure, height boost, and comfy mostly. I hope you get the best Nike shoes to add height and create a better impact on your surroundings.

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