Best Crease Protectors to Keep Your Shoes in Tip Top Shape

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Even the top-quality shoes can’t escape the curse of premature weariness without decent crease protectors to save them. Good protectors keep both the shoes and your feet safe from many different safety hazards.

Today’s article features an overview of the 7 best crease protectors to keep your shoes in tip-top shape this summer. With these protectors, you can finally dish out those expensive sneakers and take ’em out for a ride!


Why Do You Need a Crease Protector?

By definition, crease protectors are specifically designed to protect the creasing around the shoes. They help to prevent any dent, deformation & in general, don’t easily allow damage to the overall infrastructural integrity. 

Buying a pair of good-quality sneakers is easy. But actually, keeping those sneakers in an equally good quality shape and form after the constant usage? 

Now that’s a whole different question. And even I, an avid collector of custom sneakers, fail to take care of my shoes from time to time.

Crease protectors are integral failsafe accessories in times like these. In addition to keeping the shoes stabilized in-between constant usage sessions, they keep the toe boxes roomy and stink-free when you haven’t been using and taking out the pairs as much.

Types Of Shoe Crease Protector

types of shoe crease protector

Based on their production material, you can categorize crease protectors into different kinds. The market has always been dominated by the three main types of protectors. They’re:

Foam Shoe Crease Protectors

Foam crease preventers are the most common type of shoe protectors. From school shoes to workout sneakers, you’ll see them everywhere.

They’re soft, malleable, and most importantly, comfortable. In addition to preventing indentations, they keep your feet secure as well.

Foam protectors are also the most affordable ones as you can find them literally everywhere. For as low as three to ten bucks, you can get good quality foam protectors anyplace.

But they do fall short in terms of longevity. Excess moisture can cause them to fall apart from within like rust invades steel PipeWorks.

Plastic Shoe Crease Protectors

While they do sound uncomfy, plastic shoe crease protectors aren’t very uncommon either. They’re mostly used with heavy work shoes with a super sturdy structure.

Shoes like crocs, heavy boots, specified work boots, etc. will often require plastic protectors. In terms of price, they are still within the affordable range. However, people with delicate feet often choose to avoid these shoe protectors.

The durable and sturdy material isn’t often great for running and jogging either. Low-quality plastic shoe protectors struggle with breathability issues as well.

They can make your feet calloused during the scorching summer. And your feet will smell really bad from being trapped in sweat all day.

EVA Shoe Crease Protectors

Finally, EVA shoe crease protectors are a lifesaver in today’s world. EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate foam is a common ecologically sustainable type of protector foam.

In addition to preventing shoe creases, they can practically keep anything padded and secure. Manufacturers use them for comfortable insoles, helmet padding, boxing boots, etc.

Despite being soft with enough malleability, EVA foam has high tensile strength. Remarkably enough, they can take a lot more aggression than normal foam protectors.

Again, the soft padding nature ensures their highly comfortable status – something that the plastic protectors cannot always provide. Weighing out the pros and cons, you’ll eventually find that EVA foams score higher than both plastic and regular foam protectors.

Key Benefits of Crease Protector

Even now, many still seem to think that crease protectors are a waste of money. And that, by simply being a little bit more careful, you can completely ignore the necessities of protectors.

Well, they couldn’t be more wrong, folks!

Here’s a brief rundown of all the reasons why you absolutely need crease protectors –

They Add Structure To Your Shoes

You might have noticed sometimes how light cartons get easily deformed when you put heavy cartons on top of them. The lack of anything stable and sturdy inside the cartons force them to crack under outward pressure. 

The same thing happens to the toe boxes in shoes if they don’t have any protectors. Even the slightest stepping will cause the upper surfaces to lose their umbrella-like structure. Protectors add structure to shoes and sneakers.

They Keep Your Feet from Getting Sore

Shoe protectors help to smoothen out the layer between your feet and the upper box. 

Therefore, you don’t feel the friction as much while walking. Your feet don’t also get sore and develop painful calluses that easily. 

They Stabilize Your Every Positioning

You can walk better when your upper feet aren’t completely glued to the toe boxes.

The best crease protectors stabilize your every positioning by providing a comfortable layer between both surfaces. You can then fearlessly walk without feeling too constricted. 

They Retain the Shape of the Toe Box

Crease protectors, by definition, protect the shoes from annoying creasing occurrences.

They retain the shape and structure of the toe boxes to a certain extent. Light missteps here and there can’t cause the boxes to deform then.

They’re Multi-Functional & Super Affordable

In addition to securing the structural integrity, shoe protectors can keep your feet from developing smell and calluses.

They are also affordable and accessible. For a low price, you can enjoy proper comfort and integrity while walking, running, working, etc.

They Ensure Proper Breathability in the Box

You can’t assign the best shoe crease protector title to a pair that doesn’t ensure breathability.

Premium quality crease protectors come with subliminal moisture-wicking properties. Alongside the insoles, the crease protectors contribute a lot to keeping the feet comfortable. 

How Did We Come Up with Our List?

You can find both affordable and unreasonably expensive shoe protectors on Amazon. While the affordable ones feel budget-friendly, they may not always last very long.

Again, the expensive ones can’t always guarantee quality either just because they come with a mighty fine price tag.

Hence, our team scoured both the internet and the crease protector market to come up with irrefutable evidence from credible sources.

We put together a list of the fifty top-rated crease protectors according to popularity and consumer satisfaction. And then we spent weeks trying out those protectors to judge whether they actually lived up to the mark.

From foam density, breathability, comfortability, longevity to affordability – we made sure to keep everything into consideration.

Our long research paid off when we managed to shorten our list to only seven protectors. Today’s article features all these winning protectors and their distinctive specifications.

Reviews Of The 7 Best Crease Protectors

You’ve already read about the necessities and beneficial characteristics of a shoe crease guard. Now it’s time for me to review the 7 best crease protectors currently available on the market.

If you’re feeling unsure about your decisions on which protectors to get for your shoes, the upcoming follow-up can help you out greatly. 

#1. Best Overall: 2 Pair – Shoe Crease Protector

Key Features:

  • strong tensile strength for longevity
  • soft but sturdy material and structure
  • environment-friendly TPE material
  • auxiliary lines for proper cutting navigation

After days of observation and analysis, I decided that the 2 Pair-Shoes Crease Protector is the best shoe crease protector overall. Breathability, usability, storability, and subsequent longevity – these protectors ended up excelling in all of the different sectors.

These protectors are also the absolute best because they support close to 95% of the shoes. Hence, you won’t have to keep buying separate protectors for your Kobes and Lebrons. 

These soft material protectors will work great for both of them effortlessly. The protectors also fit in perfectly within AJ, Yezzy, AirForce1, Pump Fury, Timberland, and many other popular shoes and sneakers.

I’d highly recommend pruning the edges if you’ve got pointy toes like mine. That way, the protectors feel a lot more snugly without compromising on the existing breathability.

What I Like

  • They’re great for lace-up shoes and boots
  • They come with a simplified universal design
  • They can help to restore creased sections

What I Don’t Like

  • They’re washable but takes time to dry

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers mostly provided a conclusive positive response to these protectors.

They heavily appreciated the auxiliary lines as the cut-off feature fixed existing fitting issues.

However, some also felt that without cutting the edges, the protectors seemed to pinch the toes. Unless you mold them accordingly, you can harshly feel them while walking and running.

Editor’s Opinion

Non-toxic, cuttable, and also breathable – this 2 Pair shoe crease guard keeps on ticking all the right boxes. I’d personally conclude that the multifarious features alone make these protectors the best protectors overall.

If you’re interested in conventional and yet progression-friendly protectors, you should definitely go for the 2 Pair – Crease Protector.

#2. Best For Sustainability: ForceField Sneaker Crease Preventer

Key Features:

  • imported protectors for enhanced sustainability
  • specialized patented design for a snug fit
  • non-toxic adhesive layer for better adjustability

The ForceField Sneaker Crease Preventer is one of the best crease protectors in my experience. In fact, I actually have been an avid fan of Forcefield mercenaries for a long long time.

But coming back to these protectors, they’re great because they do exactly what they’re supposed to. And that is – prevent the creases! With these protectors, you can even somewhat restore the previously damaged toe boxes.

The subtly elliptical design is actually patented to sustain the shape of the shoes. The ForceField Sneaker Crease Protectors also offer adhesion facilities for similar reasons.

Protectors have a habit of moving around and causing discomfort within the shoes. 

The level of discomfort keeps increasing when you’ve to keep fixing the positioning. The adhesive layer can keep that from happening.

What I Like

  • The protectors have soft and bendable foam
  • The adhesive works great when applied well
  • They work exceptionally well with big shoes

What I Don’t Like

  • The adhesive isn’t as strong as advertised

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers received these sneakers with a warm welcome as well. And deservedly so, as they’re pretty affordable for their standard.

They’re not compatible for constant usage. Despite the shortcomings, the protectors were loved by many as they helped to uplift the overall appearance of the shoes.

Editor’s Opinion

I’d recommend these protectors if you’re looking for affordable protectors for dress shoes/ formal shoes. These crease preventers will keep your feet dry and toe box super sturdy while you’re entertaining peers and colleagues. 

#3. Best For Comfort: 4 Pairs Air Force Shoe Crease Protector

Key Features:

  • polyethylene and leather all-around combo
  • low arch protectors suitable for casual shoes
  • polished finishing for preventing wrinkles

The 4 Pairs Air Force crease preventers are one of the best crease protectors for Jordan 1. They’ve got a certifiably good reputation for increasing the lifespan of sneakers significantly.

The polyethylene in the protectors ensures enough stretchability to accommodate your toes inside the toe boxes comfortably. Additionally, the leather combo helps to prevent creasing and maintain a smooth and polished finish.

There are 26 venting holes in total in these protectors to help your feet breathe properly. Even when you’ve been traveling for days on end, these protectors will keep you hydrated.

What I Like

  • The protectors are manufactured from high-quality PE & TPR material
  • They’re sustainable in a low-temperature environment
  • They’re washable and dries up quickly

What I Don’t Like

  • The sizing chart is a bit off

What Other Reviewers Say

The users are mostly happy with the decent protectors and their breathable nature. However, some feel like they don’t do much to prevent the creasing altogether.

After some time, the creases end up developing near the soles instead of the toe boxes.

Editor’s Opinion

I’d recommend these protectors for comfortable running and jogging purposes. While they’re not the best at avoiding creasing, comfort is undeniably a strong reason to keep using them. 

#4. Best For Crease Prevention: +Protect | Shoe Crease Guard

Key Features:

  • Lightweight build for comfort and convenience
  • Sturdy material for day-long usage
  • Upgraded design for extended security

The +Protect | Shoe Crease Guard falls in line with the best crease protectors for Jordan 1 alongside AirForce 1, Dunks, and many more. They’re specifically designed to keep your shoes looking brand new all day long.

The protectors fit in all types and sizes of shoes and you can adjust them otherwise. They offer trusted protection against aggravated creasing and extend the lifespan of your sneakers.

They also brighten up the overall appearance of the shoes by straightening up the toe boxes. Lightweight manufacturing almost makes these protectors feel non-existent while running.

What I Like

  • They can be made much smaller by cutting
  • They’re incredible for preventing creasing
  • The ‘one size fits all’ feature is cost-effective

What I Don’t Like

  • They take way too long to break in properly

What Other Reviewers Say

Users seemed pretty pleased with these protectors’ crease prevention capabilities. Customers were also happy that the protectors were suitable for most sizes & brands.

However, many also conveyed their displeasure towards the fact that they’re not as comfortable as advertised. There are substantial breathability issues as well. 

Editor’s Opinion

I’d recommend these protectors if you want maximum crease prevention protectors. Otherwise, if comfort is your main concern, they might not be the best choice.

#5. Best For Casual Activities: 6 Pairs Anti-Wrinkle Crease Protectors

Key Features:

  • polyethylene material for maximum breathability
  • sturdy frontal construction for rescuing and repairing bent toes
  • environment-friendly PE & TPR construction

If you’re looking for shoe inserts to prevent creasing inside casual shoes and sneakers, your best bet is to go for the 6 Pairs Anti-Wrinkle Crease Protectors. As advertised, they come in a pair of six and thus can accommodate your needs during emergencies effectively.

They’re also long-standing due to the use of sturdy PE & TPR material in the protectors. Whether it’s snowing for days outside or the scorching heat is burning through the bitumen on the highways – these protectors will keep your feet comfortable through it all.

Plus, they’re washable and dry comparatively quickly as well. Hence, you won’t have to worry about smelling after a long day. 

Just give the protectors a quick wash with soap and water and you’ll be good to go again.

What I Like

  • They’re resilient and low maintenance
  • The washing doesn’t take up much time
  • They’re great for preventing wrinkles

What I Don’t Like

  • They sometimes slide sideways while walking

What Other Reviewers Say

Users were happy with how these protectors kept the toes in place. But they felt like they didn’t contribute that much to prevent hard creasing. And while they’re great for casual shoes, they don’t work that well for dress shoes.

Editor’s Opinion

If you’re okay with slight creasing and need something for casual usage, I’d highly recommend going for these protectors.

#6. Best For Sneakers: SNEAK GEEK Sneaker Crease Protector

Key Features:

  • TPE material for flexibility
  • Crease straightening facilities for Jordan 1’s
  • Simplistic design for long-term usage

The SNEAK GEEK Crease Protectors are everyone’s favorite protectors for sneakers. Whether it’s a pair of brand new Jordans or Air Force 1’s, these protectors fit in perfectly.

They don’t have over-the-top complex features like many other unreasonably expensive protectors. They’re manufactured from environment-friendly TPE material – which ensures both flexibility and breathability.

And most importantly, they’re cost-effective, especially for sneakers. You can use them in different types of sneakers easily. They also don’t break apart at the slightest inconvenience.

What I Like

  • They’re easy to use and install
  • They’re budget-friendly for sneakers
  • The protectors are environment-friendly

What I Don’t Like

  • They can restrict toe movement sometimes

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers were mildly impressed with these protectors for sneakers. Some were happy that these were budget-friendly options, while others thought the protectors were too cheap. 

Editor’s Opinion

If you don’t wear dress shoes or hard boots all that much, get these protectors for your sneakers. They’re great low-budget options.

#7. Best For Reliability: ERGOfoot Anti-Wrinkle Crease Protector

Key Features:

  • EVA material for durability and washability
  • Soft construction for comfort and adjustability
  • Adhesive strips for proper placement

The sturdy protectors offer extra security against inner friction damage due to the breathable material. Proper airflow is maintained at all times and thus the roomy status inside the shoes is ensured.

While they’re not the best for heavy-duty shoes, they work like a charm for dress shoes. They completely change the appearance when installed properly and keep the boxes upright.

Another great thing about these crease protectors – is they’re cuttable. The shoe crease preventers come with easily distinguishable auxiliary lines by the side.

As such, you can cut around the corners if you need to adjust the protectors accordingly.

What I Like

  • The protectors are easily adjustable
  • Doesn’t stray much while moving around
  • Almost zero comfort & breathability issues

What I Don’t Like

  • Lacked proper instructions regarding the tapes

What Other Reviewers Say

Customers really loved the addition of adhesion facilities to keep the protectors in place. However, some of them also felt discouraged as the package didn’t include proper instructions for these double-adhesive tapes.

Editor’s Opinion

I’d recommend these as the perfect crease protectors in terms of overall reliability. Purchase them if you struggle with placement issues with your protectors.

Things To Consider When Buying Crease Protectors

Here’s a list of things to consider before buying crease protectors:


The material directly dictates the durability and the crease prevention capabilities of protectors.

While the plastic ones are good for durability, they can be too sturdy. Protectors made from EVA, Polyethylene, PE, TPR, etc. are amazing.


Without breathability, you can’t find comfort in protectors. 

The soft ones made from environment-friendly materials are often great for breathability. Again, even better if they come with specialized venting holes.


It’s not feasible to keep buying new protectors for different sizes and purposes.

Hence, go for protectors that you can cut accordingly to force them into shape. 


Shoe protectors are necessary accessories for maintaining both appearance and comfort. Hence, make sure to go for affordable ones. 

Where To Buy Crease Protectors?

Amazon is the best place to get crease protectors for all purposes and categories. Additionally, you can also get them from –

  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Flipkart
  • Local shoe shops
  • Shoe repair shops, etc.

Safety Tips When Wearing Crease Protectors

Here are a few safety tips to follow when you’ve been wearing crease protectors –

  • Do not land on your toes while running
  • Do not walk at an oblique angle
  • Keep the protectors away from direct heat
  • Let your shoes and protectors breathe properly
  • Stay away from reckless pruning
  • Do not step into puddles willingly
  • Wash the protectors quickly if they get dirty

Tips To Take Care Of Crease Protectors

Follow these tips to take care of your crease protectors properly –

Read The Instructions

The packages should come with appropriate instructions as to how to best handle the protectors. Read and follow these instructions.

Use Lukewarm Concoction

While washing, don’t use ice-cold water as it could harshly affect the soft material. Lukewarm soapy solutions work better.

Use Talc

To prevent smells, you could use some talc on both your feet and inside the shoes. However, using too much powder can block the pores and venting holes.

Tips to Enhance Durability of Crease Protectors

To enhance the durability of crease protectors, follow these important tips!

Prune The Edges Correctly

If you cut the edges inadequately, those areas will later get crooked and cause discomfort. Follow the auxiliary lines methodically to prune along the edges properly.

Periodic Changes

Don’t keep using the same pair of protectors for too long even if they work well. After certain intervals, wash and store the current ones and switch to a fresh pair of protectors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do crease protectors hurt?

Crease protectors hurt only when they’re tight and lack breathability. To avoid the discomfort, get wider protectors and make sure they’re manufactured from breathable material.

Q: Is creasing harmful to Jordans?

Creasing is actually important to comfortably break in a pair of new shoes or sneakers. Constant creasing can break them too much.

Q: Is it okay to trim shoe protectors?

Yes, many protectors even come with visible auxiliary lines to allow you to trim accordingly.

Q: How to prevent unnecessary creasing while walking or running?

Try walking in a way so that you land on your heel and not your toes with every step.

Q: How can I prevent my protectors from smelling?

Protectors smell when your feet can’t breathe. Ensure proper airflow within the shoes to prevent smells. You can use some menthol talc beforehand as well to maintain freshness.

Final Word

The best crease protectors should always come with a balanced combination of comfort and structural integrity. If they’re too soft, they may struggle with durability. If they’re too stiff, they may heavily lack moisture-wicking properties.

I would list the 2 Pair-Shoe Crease Protectors as the number one crease preventer from today’s overview. Reviewers throughout Amazon seemed to conclusively favor these protectors for their sneakers and shoes.

And I can’t blame them either. These protectors are great for competitive running and day-to-day laborious activities.

The material is not only breathable but also washable. In addition to keeping the toe boxes sturdy, these shoe protectors will keep your feet dry, comfy, and mostly odorless.

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