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Have you ever faced odd situations due to the shoe with creases? Even I feel apprehensive when I see the toe box is tapped. Hence, a fit shoe means it has no stains, fading, or signs of creases.

You can use the crease protectors to maintain the health of the footwear. They actively prevent shoes from bending or damaging when you walk or bend the front part of the toe. 

But do crease protectors work? Yes, crease protectors work as shields that help keep the sneakers, boots, and other shoes in the right shape. So, you can insert them into shoes and step forward with comfort. 

I have used these protectors for shoes to keep my toe free. Also, I haven’t seen any shape change on the shoe upper using them. In this article, I am sharing with you the greatness of crease protectors and how they perform. 


What is a Crease Protector?

Crease protector is a thin, adhesive insole-like insert for the shoes. You can insert it into your shoe to prevent creases from forming.

Interestingly, you may know these guards as “sneaker shields”, “crease shields” or “crease preventers”. Whatever its name is, all of them work with the same purpose.

You can find sets of these protectors at $8-$12 on average. Each set may contain 4-12 pieces of crease shields. 

Do Crease Protectors Work? – The Structure Says It All

I have found that if a user understands the structure of a crease protector for shoes, they can understand its performance. You can also learn how each factor of structure works by reading the below information:


Crease shields are mostly made of polyethylene (PE plastic), thermoplastic rubber (TPR), and some other foaming technology.

TPR protectors are very popular as they bounce back and hold the shoe upper in exact shape. 


Crease preventers come in different shapes. They are designed to insert beneath the shoe tongue and in the front part of the toe. They look like a “U” or “V” shaped thin layer of TPR.

For a better concept, think about you have cut the shoe upper into two equal parts. Between these two parts, the front part is the crease protector shape. 


Manufacturers try to provide their best productions to the market, and crease shield is one of them. They have great sizing to fit your sneakers properly.

Meanwhile, you may find 7-11.5+ sizes of these protectors. This sizing is sufficient to fit the shoes accurately. But one thing you should consider, you may feel your footwear tight, as many users found.

For example, a user identifies that his shoe size is 11, and when he has used the crease preventer, it feels like 10.5 sizes of the shoes. 


Adding something inside the shoe, especially close to the upper where perforation holes remain, can be crucial for any shoe wearer.

There is a chance of preventing air or moisture from passing if we insert any external object inside the sneakers. But you do not have to worry. Shoe creases offer good breathability and let air pass through to keep feet cool and dry. 


All the crease-protecting foams are available for easy storage. You can carry a set of protectors inside your luggage when traveling.

Also, they are easy to store anywhere you want. They will take less area like a pair of socks. 


You may think of keeping shoes clean. So, you want to unlace the boots and remove the insole and the protectors.

You may think of the protectors if they are washable or not. Of course, you can wash these things using regular washing powders. After washing them, you can air-dry the crease shields and reuse them as usual. 

Benefits of Wearing Crease Protectors 

Inserting crease protectors inside the shoes have lots of benefits as they can:

  • Allow enough room for toe.
  • Keep your feet comfortable, cool, and dry.
  • Prevent scuffs, stains, and the tapping of the shoe upper.
  • Maintain the new, fresh looks of sneakers. 
  • Easily fit inside the toe box and prevent wear and tear of sneakers. 
  • Give you a full feeling of walking and running on and off the tracks. 
  • Fit any size of shoes and give the same performance. 

Some of these protectors are tropical scented. They feel fresh after wearing them for a long time. Besides, you can find them in different colors like black, white, grey and others.

But I think the color should not be an issue as they remain covered inside the shoes. 

How to Wear Crease Protectors?

Each crease protector has a strip of glue on top of it. You can attach the protectors using the strip. Here are the procedures for wearing crease protectors:

  • Unpack the crease preventers from the package.
  • Unlace the shoes and keep the tongue outwards. 
  • Remove the outer part of the strip so that the sticky layer remains visible. 
  • Hold the thing, keep it upside on your palm and bend a little. 
  • Insert the protector and attach it to the upper of the shoe. 
  • Ensure you have attached it properly and lace the shoe again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut crease protectors?

Many brands offer resizable crease shields. You can cut them to their trim line if your feet are wide or feel tight wearing them. 

Can I run with sneaker shields?

You can walk and run perfectly as they add stability and structure to the front part of the shoes. 

Do crease protectors hurt?

The design of these protectors is user-friendly, made of comfy materials. So, there is no chance of pain or soreness on the feet wearing them. 

You can also check this video about crease protectors:


Buying a new pair of shoes is one idea to get them free of creases. On the other hand, inserting protectors can give you the same appearance and feel as wearing new shoes. Also, you can get lots of benefits from them. 

I have shared the core concept of crease protectors’ performance. Also, I hope you have the correct answer to “do crease protectors work” now. 

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