8 Best Jordans for Wide Feet with Beginner’s Guide

Gary always likes to wear comfortable sneakers. However, she prefers sleek-looking and trending shoes. But her legs are a bit wide, so it is challenging to find the right size shoes.

Are you searching for the best Jordans for wide feet? But can’t find the right size shoe like Gary? No matter, we have come up with the 8 best Jordan shoes, especially for wide feet.

There is no pair of Jordans for comfortable and stylish shoes. Finding the right shoes can be a little daunting if you are picky. If your feet are wide, then finding the right size shoes is tough.

Let’s see today’s collection. Undoubtedly you can easily choose your desired one from here for the next movement.

Best Jordans for Wide Feet: 8 Exclusive Collections

 Have a look over the best Jordans collection. Do not forget to check out the buying guide attached to the last part. 

1. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes- Lightweight and Flexible

 Let’s have a brief overview of the key features:

Dimensions5.28 x 14.88 x 9.37 inches
Weight2 pounds
MaterialsRubber and fabric
ColorCargo khaki, game royal phantom, sail, red university red black

 Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes are now available in various sizes, starting from 3.5. The larges size is 18, which fits the wider feet easily. The fabric type rubber material and leather make the shoe more flexible and durable. The single layer and the breathability ensure comfortable to use all day long.

The stunning look of this basketball shoe is more attractive now with three different colors. For the lace-up closer, it fits perfectly to any wide foot. For the cushion-type inner line, the shoe will keep your feet warm in the winter and absorb the sweat in the summer.


  •  Comfortable rubber material in the sole
  •  Durability is high for the leather material
  •  Lightweight and flexible for regular use
  •  It fits any season
  •  Various sizes with attractive colors


  • Non-resistance to water

 Why Should You Choose It?

 The various available sizes are the best options for players with wide feet. It is most famous for its lightweight and flexibility to use. In addition, you can use it to experience a comfortable movement.

 2. Jordan Nike Kids’ Air 10 Retro- Best Comfort with Great Traction

 A brief overview of the key features:

Dimensions11.8 x 8.2 x 4.4 inches
Weight2.05 pounds
Material100% leather
ColorBlack, Dark Grey, metallic gold
Item number310806-012

 The full-grain leather Jordan Nike Kids’ Air 10 Retro provides excellent traction for the best comfort. In addition, the polyurethane material builds the sock liner of this shoe that ensures premium quality and perfect fitting.

Nike Kids’ Air 10 Retro is now available for big kids aged 8 to 12. For the entire rubber air sole unit, its breathability is high. It fits any wide feet with 100% leather material and phylon midsole and gives a trendy look.

Interestingly, besides black, you will get Nike Kids’ Air 10 Retro shoes in various colors like black, dark Grey, or Mtllc Gold. Though it is primarily for boys, it fits easily with girls too with any trendy dress.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Comfortable and fresh looking
  • 100% leather materials
  • Includes rubber sole with an air-sole unit
  • Stylish and excellent quality


  • A bit expensive

 Why Should You Choose It?

 It perfectly fits wide feet and gives a fresh look. Stylish and comfortable to wear for a long time. You can try it for the next basketball season.

3. Jordan Men’s Nike Zoom Summit White – Best Cushioned Shoe with Comfortable Fitting

 A brief overview of the key features:

Dimensions12.68 x 9.02 x 4.69 inches
Weight2.25 pounds
ColorSummit White, lucky green, track red, black white, sail, true red, metallic silver, obsidian

 Jordan Nike Zoom shoe provides underfoot cushioning for the best comfort and soft feeling. The internal sleeve gives a comfortable fitting and great flexibility. In addition, the external rigid layer helps to hold the foot relax.

For a smart outlook, Nike uses a herringbone tread pattern which also enlarges the shoe’s durability. Besides, the rubber sole makes the shoe more flexible. Interestingly, you will find Moulded Jumpman pattern at the edge of the Jordan Nike Zoom shoe.

There are so many colors are available of this shoe with summit white, lucky green, metallic silver, sail, obsidian, black, white, track red, true red, etc. Moreover, a stretchy-fit sleeve will help you to go out or play basketball with great comfort. Ultimately, it is a comfortable footwear solution for you.


  • Soft and comfortable with the inner cushion
  • Great fitting with flexible rubber sole
  • Eye-catching design with tread pattern
  • Includes fabric collar
  • Lightweight and High durable


  • Sometimes glue lines may be visible

Why Should You Choose It?

 It gives the best soft and comfortable fitting. This sneaker will be great for any day out or basketball ground. So, you can choose it to get the best underfoot sensation while walking or running.

4. Hurley Men’s Slip-On Canvas Shoes- Best Comfort Casual Sneakers

 A brief overview of the key features:

ColorBlack, steeple grey, white

 Hurley Men’s Slip-On Sneakers is perfect footwear with a classic look. Slide-on design and extreme lightweight make this sneaker more fashionable. In addition, this shoe is made of breathable comfort materials, which are easy to wear.

It matches any trendy look, which makes Hurley Men’s Slip-On Sneakers multi-purpose fashionwear. Besides the black color, this shoe is also available in steeple grey and white size from 8M to 13M, the best choice for wide feet.

Super lightweight and inner cushion give the best comfort to wear this shoe all day long. Again, the round-shaped toe edge provides enough space to feel relax. As these Slip-On Sneakers have no heels, you can wear this shoe for workouts quickly.

However, this comfortable sneaker is long durable and gives the best performance with high comfort for an extended period. In addition, the upper canvas is breathable and can resist moisture.


  • Classy look and stylish
  • Super lightweight with a unique design
  • Soft cushion bed
  • Long durability
  • No lace-up closer


  • Non-water resistance

Why Should You Choose It?

 Hurley Slip-On Sneaker gives high comfort and stylish look. It fits any workout. You can try this shoe if you want comfortable fashion footwear for your wide feet.

5. Jordan Fadeaway Men’s Sneakers Shoes – Smooth Fitting with Stable Feeling

 A brief overview of the key features:

Weight1.8 pounds
Dimensions12.4 x 9 x 4.7 inches
MaterialLeather and synthetic

 The upper portion is leather and synthetic, which provides the best fitting for Jordan Fadeaway Sneakers. Besides, the shock-absorbing cushion made of a Phylon midsole gives long-lasting comfort feeling to the foot. Moreover, it remains stable in any uneven spaces for the rubber outsole. At the same time, this sneaker provides excellent traction.

It comes with a half-length bootie that gives a casual feeling while walking—Jordan Fadeaway sneakers in so lightweight and available in various sizes.


  • The synthetic and leather upper portion
  • Gives a stable feeling
  • Rubber outsole
  • Smooth fitting
  • Long-lasting comfort 


  • May find it a little tight at the beginning

Why Should You Choose It?

 Fadeaway sneaker gives all-day comfort with a stable feeling. So, you can try it for a heavy day out.

6. Jordan Men’s Air 13 Retro- Great Design of Panther Eye with Real Bred Red

 A brief overview of the key features:

Dimensions12 x 9 x 4 inches;
Weight2.5 pounds
ColorBred red and black
Model number414571-004

 The leather mesh makes the Jordan Air 13 Retro so durable. It’s a great combination of bred red and black. The panther designs give a very sleekness to this Jordan shoe which is best for wide feet.

At the upper sole, a jump man logo and a basketball design give the shoe another texture. In addition, there is a panther eye on the side of the Air 13 Retro, which makes it more fashionable.


  • leather materials
  • Sleek look and fashionable
  • Excellent design
  • Cushion under foot cover
  • Fits great


  • May find little weighty.

Why Should You Choose It?

 Its design and color give a sleek look overall. Besides, it keeps the feet warm in the winter. You can choose it to look more fashionable.

7. Nike New Men’s Air Jordan ADG- Great Spike Less Golf Shoes

 A brief overview of the key features:

Dimensions14 x 5 x 10 inches
Size8 m
Weight14.11 ounces
ColorBlack, red, white

The full-length sleeve cover makes the Nike New Men’s Air Jordan ADG secure to hold the feet comfortably. In addition, its grip is so versatile and gives a high-quality performance.

The inner foam provides comfortability for the feet, and the traction pattern helps to move in any situation. Black, red, and white are available for this excellent sneaker with true size for wide feet.

Under the forefeet, there is a logo of the jump man. Moreover, the extra counter with the heel helps to walk on any adverse surface.


  • Extra heel counter
  • Sleeve wrapper and leather sole
  • Excellent grip
  • Gives stability
  • Iconic look


  • Color variation is less

Why Should You Choose It?

Air Jordan ADG provides a stable feeling with the external indented heel. The grip control is excellent of this sneaker and gives a comfortable feel.

8. Jordan Men’s Nike Air 1 Retro High OG – Excellent Leather Material Basketball Shoe

 A brief overview of the key features:

Dimensions14 x 10 x 6 inches
Weight5 pounds
Item number705289-100

 The beautiful white Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG’s upper is 100% authentic material. Metallic silver and off-white colors are also available for this basketball shoe. You will also get the women’s version of this Air Jordan shoe.

However, the blue translucent outsole gives it an eye-catchy and trendy look. The lase close-up helps to fit the shoe as per your fitting. Interestingly, there is a ’30’ logo in the insole to express the 30th anniversary of the brand. In the tongue, there is the Nike logo which gives a unique design besides featuring.


  • Includes leather material
  • Unique stitched design
  • Laser-etched on the upper portion
  • Great quality
  • Eye-catchy color


  • Less color variation

 Why Should You Choose It?

 Soft leather gives a comfort zone to the feet and rubber outsole for better grip. In addition, its nylon tongue and unique design provide a standard outlook.

 Things You Need to Consider While Buying the Best Jordans for Wide Feet

 While buying a pair of sneakers, there are several issues you have to set up previously like size, design, budget, quality and material, longevity, comfortability, the purpose of use, easy to clean, etc. They are pointed out thoroughly below.


 Size should be the priority while buying sneaker shoes. Which size shoe you need for your wide feet is very important to decide previously. So, try to choose the true size of the shoe for your wide feet. It will give the perfect proportioned width also.


Design is another facet of the shoe. If you purchase a hundred-dollar shoe that is not suitable for your personality, it’s nothing but wasting money. So, the design of the shoe must be according to your preference.


Always try to choose the Jordan that gives the value of your money. It is because there are so many available shoes in various price ranges. Hence, you should pick a pair of shoes that is within your price range.

 Quality And Material:

 Before purchasing Jordan sneakers, ensure the excellent quality material of the shoe. You can check it from the product details section also. The quality of the shoe mostly depends of the material that made the shoe. So, you should be sure that if you will feel comfortable with that material’s shoe.


 Usually, Jordan shoes last for long. So you do not need to be tensed about it. Generally, the leather material’s shoe lasts for a long time. But still, if you have any doubt, before purchasing, just check the product details.


 You may find some Jordan shoes with rugged materials, which can make you feel a little uncomfortable. Usually, the rubber sole makes the shoe more flexible than any other material. No matter, when you select the Jordan sneakers for your wide feet, make sure if it is comfortable for your feet.

 Purpose Of Use:

 You will find so many Jordans in so many designs and quality. But before selecting your desired Jordan, just think for which purpose you will use the shoes. Then, pick the suitable one considering if you want to go for a day out, playing basketball, or for formal work.

 Easy To Clean:

 Choose a pair of shoes that is easy to clean. If you are not adjustable with this, simply go for a shoe cleaner.

 Frequently Asked Questions:-

 1. Does high wear make your feet look bigger?

High wears are not suitable for the feet. But it can make your feet look smaller. Men’s shoes never possess too much high sole, but the upper sole comes with various types.

However, it depends on the style you carry to look your feet wide or shorter. But wearing an upper high sole shoe can make your feet look smaller sometimes. 

 2.  Are Air Jordan’s shoes best for wide feet?

Jordan makes the shoes to have a comfortable feeling. Besides, the sneakers are designs to hold the foot in enough space in the tongue. So whatever you are, chile or adult, Jordans provide the best quality shoes for the standard or wide size.

 3.  Is it possible to wear regular size shoes with wide feet?

In normal-size shoes, you can feel uncomfortable and uneasy about wearing if your feet are wide in size. That’s why you should always try to choose the one size larger shoe than the standard size.

Moreover, the regular size shoe does not give you a better feeling and stylish look. On the contrary, the shoes made of soft foam materials will give your feet a stressless sense with an excellent fitting.  

4.  How can you know which shoe is wide in size?

If you see the product details part of any shoe, you will get a common knowledge about its feature. Otherwise, to find out the wide size, measure the shoe with a smaller one. To measure the size, set the two shoes side by side and see whether the larger one is two-inch up than the smaller ones.

 Final Verdict

 Perhaps now it will be easy for you to choose the best Jordans for wide feet. It’s time to forget the stresses. Most of the shoes of Jordan are comfortable and fit great to any wide foot.

So many options are available for you, and wide feet will never cause any problem choosing a shoe. Whether you want leather materials or fabric on the shoe, you can now easily find your desirable pair of shoes.

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