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Most people do not understand how much struggle the delivery drivers face daily, especially from FedEx. They must maintain the right time and place to make us happier. But we forget to care about the importance of their coziness and work safety. Here, the best shoes for FedEx driver can be a pleasant addition to boast about their work. 

FedEx drivers need to do a lot of physical work in different environments. The peripatetic life may bring sore feet or ankle pain for their rapid movement. So, they should wear shoes that can reduce or vanish the chances of any discomfort or feet issues. But what shoes to wear at FedEx is the primary concern. After all, wearing simple heels or ordinary shoes cannot fulfill all the needs.

This article helps readers know about the finest shoes for FedEx and other delivery drivers. It can be a significant source to buy or gift a pair of user-friendly shoes for them. 


What Are the Characteristics of the Best Shoes for FedEx Delivery Drivers?

Jumping out of the delivery truck or loading it with heavy boxes heavily impacted the FedEx driver’s body. Especially, their footwear must bear heavy pressure and consistent friction with the surface. Overall, choosing the right shoes can omit the tiredness and redundancies of feet movement. 

In FedEx, most people recommend wearing black steel-toe shoes or boots. The work shoes should fit your feet and absorb shocks well. Also, they should have proper ventilation to keep feet dry and moisture-free. The sole and upper part should be made of premium quality materials. Besides, these work boots and shoes must offer work flexibility for a long time. 

We recommend a couple of driver shoes in this article. These products are well-researched and compared to their counterparts. Also, they hold the all the features you or a delivery driver needs. We have found Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot as the overall best performer for workplace.

7 Best Shoes for Fedex Driver Reviews

You have just had a glance at our selection of best shoes for Fedex Courier drivers. Let us share whole review of each shoe that works outstanding at workplaces or driving a delivery truck. Trust us, it will not bore you.

1. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Sneaker – Distributes Pressure Evenly

Skechers have been very promising to meet the consumer’s lifestyle needs since 1992. Afterburn memory foam sneaker is one of their popular workplace shoes.

If you are looking for pure leather or synthetic tough-built shoes for daily uses, we suggest you have a pair of these shoes. You can choose this black shoe among 27 size options. 

This imported quality work footwear has a memory-foam sole made of rubber. Also, the sole is of wedge sole type. It helps to distribute pressure to full feet equally.

It can absorb high pressure steadily so that FedEx driver can get pace at his work. However, this pair of shoes is very lightweight yet tough to resist wear and tear. 

We loved the structure of the shoes more for its mesh fabric upper with perforated details. Again, the stitches and overlay accents around 2” heel ensure the ready-to-use condition.

The cushioned mesh tongue and lace-up features enable quick wear-on and off. The laces go through metal top eyelets. To sum up, the shoe is very user-friendly for the employees of FedEx. 


  • Most favorite product to around 52K users
  • Pure leather or synthetic construction allocates pressure evenly 
  • Memory-foam (wedge) sole for absorbing heavy pressure
  • Lightweight, mesh upper fabric design for easy movement
  • Cushioned mesh tongue and metal top eyelets for simple uses
  • 2” heel for withstanding odds in the workplaces


  • Memory-foam may appear hard to some users after certain time

2. Under Armour Men’s Running Shoe – Boosts the Movement Pace

Long day work wearing the same shoes can be disastrous. But Under Armour has made the matter very hopeful. Their Charged Assert 8 has the incredible design to protect feet against impacts.

So, the drivers will never feel upset about their footwear being uncomfortable. They can run, walk, and even drive the truck for a long duration. 

The Assert 8 is available in 12 colors and 25 sizes. It has an edifice of breathable fabric (84% polyester, 16% elastane) to keep feet dry and fit under work stresses. Besides, the EVA sock liner can make every step enjoyable.

The rubber outsole and compression-molded foam insole give you maximum life expectancy. So, you can use their feet freely inside the truck or at the storehouse of FedEx.

People with extra wide feet should not worry anymore as this shoe has a 4E sizing option and a wide shaft perimeter. The shaft circumference covers the arch to the low-top area.

Together, the shaft and sizing give the working men a perfect balance of suppleness and cushioning. Again, the mesh upper has a leather overlay to keep feet stable in the right position. 


  • About 52K user ratings with most positive feedback
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric construction
  • Perfect for repetitive and longtime uses while traveling or at the storehouse
  • Rubber outsole and compression-molded foam for maximum lifespan
  • EVA sock liner and solid sewing to provide flexibility
  • 4E sizing option and wide shaft perimeter to feet plus size feet


  • Not ample arch support

3. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Shoe– Keeps Feet Dry

While moving the heavy loads, your feet may slip. Again, your feet may become numb while pressing the gas pedal for long transportation. These casualties may sadden you losing the driving job at FedEx.

But Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II can prove that you are always active and dedicated to a job like the joining day. Just adjust and tie the lace of the shoes and start your everyday work. 

You can select any from 31 colors and 31 size options. Also, rugged design, reinforced toe and heel barriers, outsole toe overwrap- these are the most attractive features of Ridge Plus II.

Its advanced technology includes PU leather, suede, and mesh. Together, the shoe is water-resistant to keep the driver’s feet dry and happy all-time. 

We have found the shoe provides good traction and grip to keep you ready all day long. The TECHLITE lightweight midsole, and quality cushioning, helps to move restfully on any even or uneven surfaces. As well, the Omni-grip rubber outsole prevents slipping on the terrains.

The shaft-arch distance is around 5”, and heal thickness is 1.5” approximately. We think these measurements prove you can control each step well on the ground or on the delivery vehicle’s ground.  


  • 30K user ratings, including lots of appreciation
  • Adjustable lace-up, PU leather upper for rugged uses
  • Comfortable Omni-grip rubber sole to get the right grip
  • Large toe box and vast shaft-arch distance
  • 1.5” thick heal absorbs shock well and gives good traction
  • It prevents slipping on any uneven surfaces 


  • Not suitable for wearing in rainy season yet they claim it being waterproof 

4. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Ankle Boot – Waterproof Option 

The invention of “Waterproof Timberland” boots was in 1973. But with the trendy technology, they enhanced the shoe quality more, especially for the workplaces.

Following this, the Timberland White Ledge ankle boot is the best shoe for FedEx drivers in any formal or regular uses. People consider it as the most lucrative shoes or boots for rough uses. It works at outdoors and indoor office spaces. 

This pair of shoes is available in 3 colors and 28 sizes suitable for any wet or dry season. The premium waterproof leather upper and rustproof lace system ensures it as classy shoes yet at mid-range budget.

Besides, the rubber outsole and dual-density removable EVA footbed keep your feet in the right condition. The BSFP™ motion efficiency system works well with the outsole to maintain the balance of feet in every motion. 

White Ledge shoe is popular for its two incredible features. The first one is it keeps the feet warm and comfy. FedEx delivery drivers can put it on in winter too. Also, they can stride on any even or uneven tracks wearing this boot.

Second, your outfit will look more professional wearing this dressier shoe. Overall, if you are a FedEx driver, purchase this one for a truck to door and truck-on-road works. 


  • More than 46K user ratings
  • Attractive, premium leather shoes with rubber sole
  • Waterproof structure keeps feet dry and moisture-free 
  • Keeps feet warm while you remain the delivery vehicles
  • Dual-density removable EVA cushioned insole with perforated holes 
  • The large shaft of 4.75” from the arch for flexible wearing


  • Narrow fit to some users

5. Irish Setter Men’s Work Boot – Protects Feet Well

Are you looking for heavy-duty work boots to wear all day without getting sores or ankle pain? You should definitely try Irish Setter 6” work boots. This footwear comes from a 100-years old Red Wing Shoe Company.

Finally, their popular work shoes fulfill all the needs, including matching the Fedex shoe requirements. You will love to wear the imported pure leather boots for work, hunting, and casual wear. 

We know the importance of lower-body attire for delivery drivers. Proper sizing and room of toe box are also important. Luckily, this brown work boot offers large toe space and 25 size options.

Besides, the shoe opening is about 13.5”, which is sufficient to cover the feet well. It repels any outside impact and gives the foot sufficient safety. 

There may be a risk of electrocution at workplaces. But this Trout Brook leather shoe has a protective sole and 1.5” thick heel to reduce the chances of any electric hazards. Also, the HRO sole can resist heat up to 475°F before melting.

The driver’s feet remain cool and dry even after staying for long hours inside the truck. To sum up, except for single color choice, it is one of the best shoes for transportation and courier jobs. 


  • Unique Trout Brook leather upper makes boots water-resistant
  • HRO sole can resist up to 475°F heat before melting
  • Lightweight design with a professional look 
  • Removable cushioned footbed for feet comfort
  • 1.5” thick heel reduces the chance of electric hazards
  • 13.5” boot opening for full proof protection and fit 


  • It takes more time to wear on and off

6. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof Soft Toe Work Shoe

Wolverine shoes have been available on the market for over 100 years. The craftsmanship of the creator has placed popularity at its peak. Floorhand 6 is an artistic creation from the same brand.

This shoe is solely dedicated to using on FedEx floors, storehouses, and outdoor movements. Yet again, the 6” high-top shoes provide excellent performance for a longer time in any weather.

With three colors and 27 size options, you can grab any active footwear. The full-grain leather upper is thicker to stand well against any impacts. Besides, the roomy toe box offers superb feet to any size foot.

The cushioned footbed keeps every step easy. Also, the thick midsole can absorb shocks for at least 5-6 hours fully. 

The outsole lugs are well-designed to prevent slipping over water, oil, and gravel. Together with the insole and outsole, the shoe offers electric hazard protection.

You will love to wear the shoe in any formal or regular activities. After all, it has a stylish design, including silver eyelets, black stitching, and a unique shape. 


  • Full-grain leather upper ensures sturdiness for more extended work life
  • Waterproof shoes with well-designed outsole lugs
  • The cushioned footbed and thick midsole to absorb heavy impacts
  • It prevents slipping over water, oil, and gravel
  • Offers sufficient electric hazard protection
  • Suitable for using as regular or formal footwear


  • No anti-fatigue technology is available 

7. KEEN Utility Men’s Work Boot – Perfect Steel Toe Shoes 

In the winter, the moisture causes huge trouble, and suddenly, the work performance reduces. Keen Utility Detroit XT work shoes are unbelievably competent in such a situation.

You will feel the most comfort and warmth during any rush or extra duty hours. Thus, the work boot is 100% nubuck leather with import quality. It is available in 3 colors and 32 sizes with a steel toe design for perfect fitting. 

The rubber outsole with lugs offers maximum grip and traction on slippery surfaces. You won’t slip on any oily or sticky surface while loading the courier vehicle.

Besides, the dual-density EVA midsole gives optimum comfort, while Cleansport NXT keeps the shoe odor-free. The shaft is about 4.5” from the arch, and the whole boot opening is about 12” around. 

The waterproof KEEN.DRY breathable mesh liner eliminates moisture out of the toe box—also, the contoured heel lock, KEEN. KEY-TECH FLEX interlocking torsional plate ensures every step is secure in a stable position.

Even you can use the removable PU footbed. You can use the work boot in workplaces, hiking, and sometimes casual ones. 


  • 100% nubuck leather boots with steel toe design 
  • Rubber outsole with lugs and dual-density EVA midsole 
  • 4.5” shaft from the arch and 12” boot opening
  • Breathable KEEN.DRY mesh liner lets vapor out and keeps feet dry
  • Contoured heel lock and KEEN.KEY-TECH FLEX interlocking torsional plate
  • Removable PU footbed for longtime comfort during rush hours


  • The lacing system is not so reliable for long-term uses 

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for FedEx Drivers

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for FedEx Driver

Things may get more onerous if you are not comfortable at your workplace. Indeed, there is no alternative to following the dress code properly while maintaining that comfort. Our review includes the top shoes for FedEx drivers and other employees.

Now, you should know some essential factors that control the price of shoes. Below, we welcome you to see the buying guide of best shoes for FedEx drivers:


You can reconsider this factor if all employees follow the same shoe rules. Still, there are many options to choose shoes offering both fashion and work acceptance. Read out the FedEx shoe requirements to know which color or design of shoes they allow.

In most cases, black boots or shoes fit any situation with any uniform. Thus, you can choose black or brown color shoes. 


Remember, most drivers from companies like FedEx need to work for at least 8 hours. Also, there can be a day of summer or winter. Another instance can be van AC has stopped working and your feet sweat.

Bacteria may bear inside and produce foul odors. So, ventilation is always important when you are buying work shoes. You should purchase shoes made of breathable material or have ventilation holes to pass the vapor or moisture. 


Ordinary or cheap shoes wear and tear fast. If you are a FedEx driver, you must pick a shoe that offers value for money. It means your choice should be buying durable shoes, not money-saving ideas.

Check out the user reviews and learn how long the units remain fine. The pair should be fit and in good shape in any weather conditions.


The delivery person delivers the goods facing the rain and snow. They may also walk on oily surfaces. In such cases, the selected shoes should be slip-resistant. These shoes have treads or grooves to keep your feet stable for the next move. 


Some shoes have removable cushioning footbeds. Also, the insole plays a vital role in keeping feet dry and comfortable. The selected shoes should have a flexible sole to move freely on any terrain.

Also, the heel should remain intact under heavy pressure and heat. 


Our selected boots for FedEx drivers have a wide range of size options. It helps to determine the most suitable fit for the feet. The whole shoe opening should be wide enough, like 12” around. However, pick the right size according to your feet size.

Too loosely fitting may cause your feet to remain unstable in the wrong position. Again, too tightly fitting may cause your feet to hurt and shoes to get wear and tear sooner. So, keep this factor in your mind too. 

Shock absorption

You need to jump on and off the delivery vehicle a lot. Also, carrying heavy loads may create heavy pressure on the shoes. So, the shoes must offer good shock absorbency.

A shoe with high-quality rubber outsoles and thick heels may absorb shocks or impacts well. If your selected shoes fail to absorb shocks, it may cause ankle pain fatigue too early. 

Good traction

Good traction enables safe movement without falling. If you fall in case, it may cause your health and financial losses. After all, any accident at FedEx office will cost you and the company a lot.

So, you should learn how the shoes are made and if they are suitable to provide good traction. 

Arch Support

A clad amount of arch support is essential for buying the driver’s shoes. It helps you to keep leg arches natural and in the right shape. Most products declare the length of arches they will provide.

Narrow arch support may bend your toe. Besides, the shoe-wearing may appear tough if it has not ample arch support. Focus on the shoe insole quality to get the best arch support. 

Comfort level

Lightweight, cushioned tongue and footbed, softness, etc., are considered to get comfortable shoes for transport drivers.

It is crucial for the longtime journey on the courier trucks. Thus, ensure the shoes are lightweight, durable, and flexible to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some queries about the shoes for FedEx delivery drivers:

Question: Is it necessary for delivery driver shoes to be waterproof?

Answer: It is not mandatory. It depends on the area’s weather you are in. However, areas with heavy rain or workplaces that may have moisture risk may require waterproof shoes. 

Question: What are the significances of the soft toe and composite toe shoes?

Answer: Composite toe shoes offer heavy-duty protection, whereas soft toe shoes are flexible to wear. So, the prior one is relatively heavier than soft-toe shoes. 

Question: Does it cut your toes if you wear steel toe shoes?

Answer: It may cause bone fracture (rarely) but not cut or harm the toes. 

Question: Do Fedex need steel toe boots?

Answer: Follow the Fedex shoe requirements. It is not mandatory to wear steel-toe shoes or boots. 

Question: What shoes are suitable for long time wear?

Answer: Shoes made of high-quality leather, have a sturdy sole, ample arch support, and shaft sizes, sleek design, and flexible is suitable for longtime wear.

Also, they should keep their feet dry and stable in any condition.

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We have reached the curtain-off of the best shoes for FedEx driver review. We have already done the research and comparison of the products. So, we hope this review will help you save your precious time and money. 

Always try to get premium quality shoes to keep feet in comfort, give you pace at work, and prevent soaking in sweat or water. In this case, you can pick any of our selected shoes. Indeed, they are good value for money products and make your day beautiful at FedEx.

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