6 Best Shoes For Ups Drivers – Get That Comfortable Walk

Are you an ups driver on duty? We know your daily struggle to roam around here and there with the deliveries. In this case, if your shoe makes you suffer more with an uncomfortable walk, it’s not unpredictable to get annoyed. 

Now if you think of getting any ordinary shoe to save you during your work hours, you will make the mistake there. Ups drivers are required to have comfortable, swift, and quality shoes that can last long. As you have to walk for hours, comfort should be your priority. 

That’s why we have gathered our top 6 picks on best shoes for ups drivers here today. Our suggested shoes are very comfortable and specifically suitable for your work as an ups driver. Later on, we will also let you know about a few things that you should consider before getting the shoe. 

Keep on reading and let’s get started! 

Top 6 Shoes For Ups Drivers – Have A Glimpse At The Best Features

Before leaning on the reviews, we will focus on a quick view of the best sides of each shoe. If you have any specific requirements in your mind, you can check here! 

1. Overall best boots: Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot

Better longevity, comfortable to use, no hard toe area to pressure your toes, easy to clean.

2. Best slip-resistant boots: Wolverine Men’s W08289 Wolverine steel toed Boot

Better slip-resistance, suitable with the work uniform, inexpensive in price, incredible quality guaranteed.

3. Best for comfort: Bates Men’s Delta Side Zip 6 Inch Uniform Boot

Outstanding safety, unique arch support, incredible appearance, durable leather, and nylon built.

4. Best waterproof boots: Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot 

Water-resistant, breathable material, non-slippery, wonderful construction.

5. Best looking work boots: Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Work Boot

6. Best comfy sneakers: Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Classy design, versatile, comfortable to wear, offers stylish features.

Best Shoes For Ups Drivers- Elaborated Self-tested Reviews 

Now it’s time for our reviews on the shoes. Soon you are going to view some of the most comfortable shoes for ups drivers. Get ready for it! 

Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot – Best Boots For Ups Drivers

Key Features: 

  • Entirely pure leather made ensures durability. 
  • Rubber sole provides better traction and speed while walking. 
  • No slip-off guaranteed with good quality soles. 
  • 6″ lace-up facility allows you to have the most secure fit. 
  • Soft and comfortable so it doesn’t create any pain in the feet.

Incredible Grip And Traction 

When you are at work, you can’t help but move from here to there. The movement is too frequent for ups drivers. That’s why ups driver shoes should provide a good grip and traction to avoid any unnecessary slipping or falling over roads.

With these shoes, you can walk comfortably anywhere you want. The grip and traction that it provides are so swift that you will neither feel any back pull nor any slipping off of the road while working. Even if the road is muddy or slippery, you can walk confidently like never before. 

Unique Pure Leather Built 

Leather is an amazing material for boots. This boot doesn’t come with any artificial leather built. Hence, you will get pure leather built to provide you a longer usage. Some of the users reported using it for even longer than 30 years. Your spending will totally be worth it! 

Soft And Comfortable Toe Area 

If the toe area of your boot is hard, then it will be tough to cope up with a long workday. At the end of the day, you will feel like your toe pain is unbearable because of the pressure that those boots put on there. 

As a piece of good news for you, this boot has the softest ever toe area. No matter how long you use it, you will never feel any thriving pain in the toe area and for this reason we pick this product in the list of best shoes for ups drivers. So the thought of taking off the boot out of pain will never bother you. 

Easy To Clean 

If you are an ups driver, it’s usual for your shoes to be dirty frequently. Now if the shoe comes with a difficult cleaning method, who would like to clean that after a long day of hectic work? You are saved once you buy this boot because you can clean it with a wipe or spray with lukewarm water easily. 


  • The material ensures longevity 
  • Comfortable to use all day long
  • No hard toe area to pressure your toes 
  • Easy to maintain and clean 


  • May stretch a little bit

Why have we chosen this product: comfort was our first priority. And this boot ensures that very well. Also, the leather built doesn’t compromise with the longevity even a little bit. It is easy to clean with just a wipe of lukewarm water. In every way, it will be a big savior for you. 

Wolverine Men’s W08289 steel toed Boot – Best Slip-resistant Ups Uniform Shoes

Key Features: 

  • Built with 100% full-grain leather for extraordinary performance. 
  • The slip-resistant feature protects you from sliding off the road. 
  • The synthetic sole ensures better traction.
  • The full-cushion footbed adds up to the comfort.
  • Built-in nylon shank absorbs shock to protect the feet.

Good Quality Material 

How would you feel if the boot that you are going to buy for your work doesn’t come in good quality? Well, no chance of feeling so because this boot is made with 100% full-grain leather. As stated before, leather is the only material that goes well with boots. Thus no second thought is needed when this one is built with that. 

Extended Slip-resistance

Again, falling on the road because of a slippery sole is not something to be happy about. Therefore this boot comes with extraordinary slip-resistant soles which will protect you from that awkward moment. No matter where you walk, roads or tiles, you can always walk with the same confidence. 

Better Traction While Walking 

As much as traction can maximize performance and minimize slipping, too much of it can bring possible injuries to yourself. But this boot contains a better balance of traction which won’t hamper your walk. Again, even if you walk at a good speed because you are getting late for the delivery, don’t worry about sliding on the roads because the traction of the soles will save you 

Perfectly Suited For The Work Outfit 

Sometimes, choosing the ups uniform shoes can be a lot of trouble because everything doesn’t look good with that. If you are a fashion-conscious person who wants to look better even in the work outfit, you can get this one blindly. It’s totally trendy and goes really well with the ups outfit. Nothing can stop you from being fashionable even when you are working! 


  • Better slip-resistance
  • Goes well with the work costume 
  • Reasonable in price 
  • Incredible quality guaranteed


  • The tongue is not attached to the sides

Why have we chosen this: The main thing that caught our attention about this shoe was the quality and build. It is incredibly built with good quality leather. Also, as the sole is highly slip-resistant, it ensures better protection while you are walking. 

Bates Men’s Delta Side Zip 6 Inch Uniform BootMost Comfortable Shoes For Ups Drivers

Key Features: 

  • Combined built with 85% Leather and 15% Nylon for the best outcome.
  • YKK locking inside zipper for better security while walking. 
  • Lightweight cement construction for a comfortable walk. 
  • Cushioned detachable insole support for the spontaneous movement. 
  • The thick sole protects your feet from any sort of injury.

Extended Protection From Injuries 

This boot comes with a thick sole to protect your feet from any injuries. Even if you step on a nail, the sole won’t let it get inside the shoe. So you can walk without any worries of stepping on anything injurious. This feature is very important when you are seeking ups work shoes

Better Safety And Security Ensured 

The ordinary locking systems are not always suitable enough for a rapid movement in work. That’s why this is built with YKK locking inside the zipper to provide better stability while walking. Also, it keeps you safe from loosening the shoes while you are working. You won’t have to wait for another minute to tighten up the boot for a better walk while working.

Lightweight To Walk Comfortably 

Who likes it when the boot feels like a burden on themselves? Nobody! That’s why this boot comes with a lightweight to serve you the most comfortable walk that you have ever imagined. You can walk here and there without feeling that you are wearing a boot. That’s the difference between this one and the typical heavy work boots. 

 Perfect Arch Support 

Arch support is necessary for your feet’ health. If the boot that you are going to wear all day long at your workplace doesn’t provide enough arch support, you are screwed! You will not feel comfortable while walking and on top of that when you return home, you can’t even feel your feet because of the pain.  

This boot comes with the best arch support for the well-being of your feet. So you can remain healthy and safe even when you are having a hectic day at work. 


  • Outstanding safety 
  • Unique arch support 
  • Beast looking appearance 
  • Durable leather and nylon built 


  • It may get smelly in summer. 

Why have we chosen this: the main attractive part about this boot is the look. You will scream in happiness once you see how well it matches up with your work uniform. Alongside, the quality is top-notch. The arch support is another reason to brag about this boot. 

Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot Best Shoes For Delivery Drivers

Key Features: 

  • Made with 100% leather and textile.
  • Comes with a non-slippery outsole.
  • Constructed with the breathable upper sole.
  • The leather the shoe is made with is aterproof.
  • Comes lightweight and offers flexibility.

Great Materials

A shoe which is made with 100% leather is going to please you in all ways. Moreover, the leather of this shoe is waterproof. You know how hard it is to find a good waterproof leather shoe, don’t you? The sole of this shoe is rubber which is super soft and comfortable. The upper leather of this shoe is breathable. 

Reliable Construction

The outsole of this shoe is slip-resistant and breathable. Also, the shoe is super protective and abrasion-resistant. The lightweight of the shoe will amaze you as well. As the width and arch support comes in a perfect amount, you will get the perfect fit. It’s constructed in a way that you can wear it in all kinds of weather. 

High-functional Performance

The awesome performance of this shoe will make you speechless. This shoe offers flexibility alongside an electrical hazard rating. It also features a removable soft footbed which is super comfy as well as handy. The full-grain leather of this shoe is durable as well. No matter how roughly you use the shoes, they are gonna serve you with the cool features after years. The comfort level these shoes provide is priceless. 


The shoes go with every kind of work uniform. The colors of this shoe are super classy, so no longer staying behind the fashion while working! Moreover, the designs and features are always ready to impress you in every situation.


  • Water-resistant
  • Giftable
  • Non-slippery
  • Wonderful construction


  • Not quite pocket friendly

Why have we chosen this product- it’s kind of hard to find a good leather shoe that is waterproof and comes with so many great features. The insole is made with rubber, is removable and the outsole is slip-resistant. The upper leather is breathable. These kinds of features can’t be coming all together with any other boot apart from this one. 

Caterpillar Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot – Best Looking Boots With Ups Uniform 

Key Features:

  • A steel-toe boot made with full-grain leather.
  • Offers an electric hazard and slip-resistant outsole.
  • Comes with a comfy and reliable toe box.
  • Constructed with special EH features.
  • Comes with a slip resistance feature to save you from risky slips and falls.

Reliable & Comfortable

The electric-hazard and slip-resistant outsole make your experience with this shoe even better. This shoe lets you help yourself to get rid of unwanted risky falls and slips. The removal insole makes the toe box comfortable to walk on. You will feel at home while walking wearing these shoes as the shoes are comfortable by all means. 

Durable & Strong

The durability and strong performance of this shoe will impress you. The materials of this shoe make it durable. It will be a perfect catch for regular use additionally. If you wear them on rough days then there will be no change in the features of this boot because it is capable of offering you higher performance. 

Clever Design

This boot offers nylon mesh lining, taibrelle, PU sock liner. The special EH construction saves you from open circuits up to 14000 volts during dry situations, isn’t that nothing but mind-blowing? This boot also offers PVC Midsole and Goodyear welt construction. You will get a different design from regular ones which gives your feet a great opportunity to feel comfortable all day long.

Better Compatibility

You will be glad to know that these boots aren’t like regular office boots which look gross if you wear them with other outfits. These boots go with every fashionable outfit and make you more on the trend. Moreover, the leather of the shoe can deal with sensitive skin pretty perfectly. You don’t have to worry even if you have allergic skin. 


  • Slip-resistant
  • Unique and classy design
  • Offers electric hazard protective outsole
  • Reliable quality


  • Not specified

Why have we chosen this product- work boots can make you look kinda dull sometimes. If you prefer wearing boots then you can’t help finding the cooler ones. So you should choose this one which looks good with every outfit and actually is comfortable. These boots do no harm to sensitive skin and behave quite well with sweaty feet, which is every boot lover’s dream come true. 

Skechers Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up SneakerBest Sneakers For Delivery Drivers 

Key Features:

  • Features mesh upper with supportive overlays and padded collar.
  • The foam insole is comfortable and removable.
  • Offers great performance with great features.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Goes with all outfits as it is versatile. 

Powerful Performance

What do we all want from a shoe? Defined high performance at an affordable price. Well, your dream has come true with these sneakers. The performance of these sneakers is blowing every mind. From wearing them in professional places to running with them, it’s all possible with this fantastic sneaker. The arch support this sneaker provides is truly priceless. 

Perfect Combination 

This leather sneaker is worth wearing all day long because of the materials. It comes in 100% synthetic leather which is comfortable yet efficient. The rubber sole goes well with the leather sneaker. Usually, leather shoes make our feet sweat, but you don’t have to worry about that here as well, the leather is breathable and the rubber sole can be removed. 

Priceless Construction

The design of these sneakers is smart and right in the place. Given fabric lining makes the sneakers efficient and comfortable at the same time. You can fit this sneaker in every kind of lifestyle because of the compatible construction of this sneaker. It is constructed in a way that sweaty feet can wear them, you can wear them during winter and the leather will keep your feet warm. 

Cool Looks 

The sneakers are great-looking and come in pretty cool colors. From adults to teenagers, everyone can wear them and feel happy to go to their respective places. Want to hear a great thing? These sneakers look absolutely stunning yet professional. So you just gotta wear them and you are good to go everywhere while being in style comfortably.


  • Great looks
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offers stylish features


  • Not durable enough

Why have we chosen this product- sneakers make us remain always in style. It’s a sneaker that can be worn with most outfits. So if you don’t want to go for a boot for your uniform, you can pick this. You will look stunning yet feel comfortable. The leather and the rubber sole of this sneaker are breathable and removable respectively. 

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Shoes For Ups Drivers

UPS drivers have to follow a few things while buying their shoes. If you’re a beginner UPS driver then you may not know how to choose the best shoe for you. Unfortunately, there are many things you have to know to get the perfect shoes if you’re a UPS driver. So here’s a proper guide for you that will lead you to the perfect shoe. 

  • Color- if you’re a UPS driver then you have to follow a color code while buying your shoes. You can either get black shoes or brown shoes. Other colors of shoes are appropriated in that job. You have to find black or brown polish leather shoes. 
  • Cleanliness- UPS drivers must be super aware of cleanliness. That’s why you can’t help getting shoes that are easy to clean and which are waterproof so that you can easily clean them with water as well. But waterproof leather is really rare, so go with one which is easy to clean. At least which can be wiped with cleansers. Otherwise, you will be in great trouble with dirty shoes. 
  • Materials- you have a restriction again, you have to get shoes made with leathers if you’re a UPS driver. Sturdy uppers made of leather are a must there. The leather should be polished leather as well. You can get shoes with man-made leather or similar or similar protective materials as well. But that’s all you got. Other materials won’t be acceptable. 
  • Soles- you got to get shoes with non-slip outsoles. There’s another thing to consider getting a shoe with lightweight insoles and outsoles. That way your feet won’t sweat much, your feet won’t feel heavy and you will feel comfortable while wearing them all day long. Moreover, the insoles of the shoes should be soft enough so that you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing them.
  • Reliability- check the quality of the shoes. As you want the shoes for regular use, the shoes must be reliable, must give good support, and should be capable of tolerating rough uses. Otherwise, those shoes are not good enough for a UPS driver. You need to get one which can provide you with good support. 
  • Durability- leather can show great durability if you treat them well. But if you get shoes made of low-quality leather then you can’t expect good durability. So consider getting shoes with good quality leather to ensure durability. Consider checking the reviews and the warranty from the manufacturers to ensure durability. 

What Shoes Do Ups Drivers Wear?

UPS drivers can’t help following a strict dress code. And that brings some restrictions for them while getting their shoes. There is a bunch of stuff they have to follow while getting their shoes. First of all, they have to wear shoes either in black polish leather or brown polish leather. Any of the drivers can’t wear any other color rather than black or brown.

Secondly, they have to get shoes which are made of polished leather. Especially they have to get shoes with sturdy uppers made of leather. Man-made leather or similar protective materials may also get approved. Other materials are totally off-limit when you are a UPS driver.

Moreover, you must get shoes with non-slip soles and shoes which are capable of giving good support. The shoe type is also restricted. UPS drivers can wear boots, shoes, and sneakers. Cleanliness is another great fact. UPS drivers have to wear clean shoes without a single stain on them. So it’s obvious that they get washable shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do UPS drivers need steel toe boots? 

UPS drivers have to wear boots. But the boots can be steel-toed or not, that’s not restricted. If you want toed boots then you can get one but if not then get regular boots. 

What shoes to wear at FedEx? 

The best shoe for FedEx delivery drivers should be Timberland Whitledge Boot. It is recommended by the owners. These boots will provide great ankle support, unlike the sneakers. The bottom line is those boots are quite suitable for the job routine of FedEx delivery drivers. 

Do UPS drivers have to wear boots?

Obviously. While UPS drivers have to follow quite a strict rule for dressing they are only allowed to wear boots. The boots can be steel-toed or not. But one thing is a must that the boots have to come in either black or brown color and must be clean. 

 Can UPS drivers wear sneakers? 

No. UPS drivers are bound to wear boots. Any other shoe is off their limit. They can’t wear sneakers. Even they can not wear boots with any other color except for black or brown. You need to follow these rules if you’re a UPS driver. 

Bottom Line 

After a long discussion above, we are hopeful that you have been able to pick the right shoe for you among the best shoes for ups drivers. While picking up your desired shoes, make sure that you put a focus on the things that we have suggested to take into consideration. Most importantly, focus on the fact that you have to put comfort over anything and everything. 

So pick wisely because you have to wear the shoes all day long. If you are a UPS driver, then just pick from the boots cause the boots are only ups approved shoes that you get to wear. Otherwise, you can pick sneakers if you don’t have any restrictions with your uniform. Good luck with your purchase!

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