How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Small? (Easiest Ways)

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Shoes are something you cannot wear too big or too small because it will hamper your daily life. The key is to buy the right size of the shoe which does not change much in the case of adults. But is it possible to know the exact size of the shoe? We don’t want to irritate the shop owner by trying on and on like an idiot. how to tell if shoes are too small

Then, what to do? How to tell if shoes are too small? Of course, there are several ways. Ways like feet measurement, keeping an eye on the perfect size for each of the shoe categories. But we have dug deeper and found out some more interesting ways. Keep on reading and we will get there.

For your summary, we have also shared how to stretch your shoes, boot measurement, and other information. Let’s dive into it! 


How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Small?

Any person must try on the shoes before buying as size can also vary depending on brands. While trying on you can keep an eye on the following aspects in order to find out if your shoes are too small for you. Here you will get the answer of how to tell if running shoes are too small as well. Here are a few shoes too small symptoms:

  • Condition of toes: If the toes feel really congested together or they stay bent without much movement, you should always go for a bigger size because the shoes are not perfect for you.
  • Comfort level: If you wear a shoe that is too small for you, you will feel uncomfortable as your feet can not have a better placement in the shoes for being smaller than your desired size.
  • The direction of the toes: The toes must face forward no matter what type of shoes you wear. If they are directed towards sideways or even feel like being, it would indicate the shoe is too small for you. 
  • Material: The shoe material is important as if the shoes are made of leather there is not much chance of stretching it after use. But some rubber shoes can feel comfortable after a few times of usage. So depending on the material, you may face difficulty understanding if your shoes are too big or small. 

Another trick that can come in handy is pushing your foot forward and trying to fit your index finger at the back of the shoes. If it accommodates your finger perfectly that would prove that this is the perfect size for you, But if you are not able to insert your finger, you should go for a bigger size. 

How to Stretch Your Shoes if it Feels Too Small?

There is nothing to stress about if you feel like your shoes are feeling a little bit tight. You can definitely exchange it but before going through that hassle you can try out some tricks to stretch the shoes a little bit. As the effects of wearing shoes too small can be hazardous, you must try stretching the shoes. 

  • First of all, wear the shoes in your home and walk around for a bit. You can also wear socks to prevent any unpleasant things from happening. You can try this technique for 2/3 days and it will stretch the new shoes a bit. 
  • Secondly, you can use blow dryers. Wear the shoes with a pair of socks and then use the blow dryer around the area where it feels tight. Make sure to use it in motion with medium to low heat as it will prevent the material from burning. 
  • You can also go for the trick of using a zip-close bag. All you have to do is fill the bag partially with water and keep it inside the shoes close to the area where it feels the tightest and keep the shoes in the refrigerator. When the water turns into ice it will stretch the shoes a bit. There are a variety of solutions, sprays, liquids for stretching leather, fabric, etc. You can use those in extreme cases. 

How to Tell if  Boots are Too Small?

Almost everyone who has ordered boots online has experienced their boots being too small or too big! It’s the worst thing, but it happens. What do you do, if your boots are too small? 

Sometimes there are blisters on the feet because of too-small boots. Small shoes are not comfortable to wear. So, it’s important to understand the difference between too-tight shoes or snug shoes. 

Small shoes may look so pretty. But, it is too much pain because they smash your toes in the toe box area of the shoe. It also squeezes your toe uncomfortably against your heels. 

But, it is not difficult to tell someone if shoes are too tight in width. It will rub against your foot and when you go outside for a walk, the vamp will increase.  Your shoe’s toe area can squeeze on the toe.

To overcome the problem, you must give a trial before buying any shoe. Another helpful tip is, you can measure your feet properly using measurement tape or scales before buying the shoe. If you feel that your toes don’t face forward when inside the shoe, there are chances for too-small shoes. If you feel there is not much space left for your toes inside,  it may become too small on your feet. 

Sometimes, the material can determine whether your shoe is too small or too big. Some rubber-built shoes may look very peaceful on the outside but there is not much space inside. Another way to tell if the boots are small is to try to fix your index finger inside the shoes. If you find it difficult to move your finger, it is too small for you. If you face this type of problem, don’t forget to return the shoes or try another pair on.

10 Ways to Know If My Shoe Fits or Not:

Shoes play a very important role not only in fashion but also in foot care. Wearing the wrong size shoe can bring a lot of health problems. It is harmful to your ankles, knees, and back. Ill-fitting shoes can become a critical health problem for diabetic patients. So, it is very important to know the perfect size of your shoe. 

Don’t only focus on fashion! Remember, fashion needs to be comfortable. Now we will share the ways to understand your shoe’s fitting. 

  1. You need to measure your feet for the perfect size. It is better to measure in the evening because they are fully expanded at this time.
  2. Do you know you have one larger foot than another? Always go for the size of your bigger foot for the perfect size.
  3. For the perfect fitting, make sure to bring the socks you would normally wear with those shoes.
  4. You have to stand up with both shoes on. There should be space between your longest toe and the tip of your shoe.
  5. You have to try to fix your index finger inside the shoes.
  6. You recommended walking in both shoes before shopping.
  7. If your foot slips out of the heel, this means the size is too big.
  8. Shoes that are too small in length, can smash your toes in the box of the toe area. It is too much pain and also squeezes your toe uncomfortably against your heels.
  9. If shoes are tight in width, it will hamper your feet’ back area and metatarsal bones. Sometimes there are blisters on the feet because of the too-small shoes.
  10. Different brands have different sizes. So, it is important to check a size chart of different brands before shopping.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right shoe size is a lot of trouble. If the shoes don’t fit well, they painfully smash your feet. Hopefully, by now, you know how to tell if shoes are too small. All these ways are very convenient for you to proceed. Afterward, you won’t feel any difficulty with a wrong-sized shoe for sure.

Make sure to take the perfect measurement of your feet if you can. Otherwise, you can also follow the other ways mentioned here. No matter what you follow, make sure to think before you buy the shoe. And never wear the shoe again if it feels hard and non-stretchable. You may damage your heel and ankle by doing so.

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