Top 5 Reasons Why Do Americans Wear Shoes in the House?

You may notice that in most TV shows in America, the actors and actresses wear shoes at their home. Do you have any curiosity about why do Americans wear shoes in the house? Everyone doesn’t wear shoes at home, butreasons to wear shoes in the house most Americans do it.

The most common reasons for wearing shoes at home are cultural, regional, and traditional. In the USA, most of the roads aren’t muddy, dirty, and salty. Moreover, the Americans keep their road neat and clean, so their shoes won’t get dirty while walking on the road. Additionally, they want to protect their feet from sharp things or being slipped, so they wear shoes at home.

Here, we describe the culture, reasons, and science of wearing shoes in the house. Just give us two minutes to let you know everything in detail.

Why Do Americans Wear Shoes in the House?

Don’t you think there are no reasons for wearing shoes at home? There are many reasons for wearing shoes at home.  Let’s have a look at 5 points of wearing shoes at home.

1. Bacteria is Everywhere

Since the bacteria is as small that you can’t see it without a microscope. So you don’t know where bacteria is and where it isn’t. If you wear shoes in your house, you can protect your feet from bacterial infections.

2. Prevent Feet Hurt

When the Americans design the interior of their house, they placed many hard objects and furniture. So if they don’t wear shoes and unconsciously crash with furniture, they get hurt. Not only that, if they have little kids in their home, the Legos can be on the floor, and it also hurt them if they walk in barefoot.

3. Ensure Safety

Some people are always scared about slipping or stubbing. So to ensure their feet safety, wearing shoes in the house is the best option for them. Another kind of people can’t walk in barefoot because their feet are too soft. They feel pain if they walk in barefoot.

4. Foot Odor

Some people have too much odor in their feet. So if they take off shoes and walk barefoot, the smell will spread all over the room. That’s why wearing shoes at home is quite perfect for them.

5. Proving Guests at Home Environment

Since some people always wear shoes in their house. So they don’t like to take off shoes when they go to any party. In this case, the party host allows guests to wear shoes at home to entertain them and feel them at home environment.

Understandably, there are some valid reasons to wear shoes in the house. But if the indoor shoes and outdoor shoes keep separately, that will be great. And if you have to wear outdoor shoes at home, don’t neglect to wipe them with the carpet and clean it frequently.

Wearing Shoes in the House Culture

Culture or tradition don’t grow within a short time. Even sometimes, developing a culture or tradition takes more than a century. Like, any other tradition of America, wearing shoes at home the norm for them.

In which region or culture do you live? That doesn’t matter; the bathroom is the least tidy place in your house. So if you keep another slipper to the toilet to wear, you can only use that pair of slippers while using the washroom and leave it there.

In the USA’s southwestern parts, people usually walk in their house by wearing their outside shoes. They traditionally like to wear large size boats, cades, or shoes. So it’ll be complicated and time-consuming to wear shoes when needed and take them off.

In some of the USA’s regional states, people frequently notice snakes, spiders, scorpions, and many dangerous insects. So if they wear shoes in the house, they can easily protect their feet from harming those insects. Some people traditionally wear cowboy boots, and these boots are heavy- weighted and irritating to take off and wear frequently.

Wearing Shoes in the House Science

After knowing the reasons and culture for wearing shoes at home, now it’s time to understand what science says about wearing shoes at home. Science suggests you to avoid wearing outdoor shoes at home. When you walk on outdoor roads, offices, parks, shopping malls, or any other areas, your shoes’ sole comes to touch many nasty things like bacteria, dog poops, muddy, etc. If you wear those shoes at home, you will unconsciously spread all the germs on your home surface.

But what to do if you can’t walk barefoot or have to wear shoes at home?

Don’t be worry!

Science has an alternative solution to your problem. Keep separate outdoor shoes and indoor shoes. When you come home after completing your outside work, take off outdoor shoes, and store them in an organized way.

Before going out from home, keep a pair of shoes beside the main door of your home. Put on that pair of shoes at home and forget all the shoes related issues.

Take Away

After spending two minutes reading this article, you will surely understand why do Americans wear shoes in the house? If you want to judge anyone’s personality, you can look at his/her dress, wristwatch, and shoes. So you can’t ignore the importance of wearing shoes, whether indoors or outdoors.

But, while wearing shoes at home, you have to consider some aspects to ensure your safety. Such as always clean the carpets, floors, and shoes. Don’t wear a pair of shoes for more than two months if you wear the same shoes at home and for outside work. Before entering the house, wipe the shoes with the outdoor doormat to reduce the shoes attached to dust and dirt.

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