What Does Gs Mean In Shoes? Secret Revealed!

If you are a shoe lover, you have probably been in touch with different short names like gs, ps, and so on. All these names refer to different types of shoes that we often do not know. Not only this but also the names hold up significance and specifications that should be known by people if you are a fashion enthusiast. 

The term gs can be common for you. But what does GS mean in shoes? We got to know that It means Grade School and refers to sizes that are for children. They are the largest size of shoes than the shoes of toddlers and kids of preschoolers. If your baby is struggling to find the perfect measurement with big feet than average children’s sizes, introduce yourself to the gs term! 

There’s always more in our stuff for you. Today, we figured out everything about GS shoe size charts, the meaning in different regions, and other common terms that you should know about. Let’s dive deeper into it! 

What Does Gs Mean In Shoes?

To let you know exactly, Gs means Grade School and the term refers to sizes that are for children. They are the largest size of shoes than the shoes of toddlers and kids of preschoolers. With this, there is a ruse that you can get a bit cheaper shoes, but that has a post dedicated to the deftness itself. 

By giving a trend-setting GS shoe, let your child pay homage to that moment and elevate their style with great comfort. Thanks to its air Sole unit in the heel that gives the younger one a soft feeling with every step. Besides, its classic premium leather cover with a soft texture and its details in the ankle and contrasting swoosh are the perfect addition so you can always show them off.

Mostly in the GS shoes, there are comfortable lace-up ankle boots for boys. In some GS shoes, the interior of the shoes was made of fabric. The absorbent insole is textile. High-quality material has been used on the sole. The shoes for the grade-schoolers meet the needs of the developing foot, ensuring its freedom of movement, but also a slight stabilization. 

Some weightless lace-up shoes from different brands pay off the outer part of the shoes with Ecological Leather. And some models are equipped with EVA,-gel, and jacquard Mesh technology. That GS Shoes undertake weal and do not limit foot movement. 

What Is Gs Shoe Size?

The abbreviation of GS is grade school so GS shoe size men’s shoe sizes for grade school-goers’ children. That is the shoe size of kids from 5-years-old to 12/13 years old moreover before teenagers. 

With children’s shoes, everything is a bit more complicated, only if the child’s feet grow too fast, and the child often cannot expound that if the shoes are comfortable for him or her. Some parents buy it for their children only based on their age. 

But you have to envisage the characteristics of your child, and so it is better to apply the scheme of measuring the feet also. Tracing exact measurements will avowedly be a bit more difficult than for an adult but the result is valuable to him. 

Children aged 4-10 years need to be diligently exhorted, as at this age the body limbs start to grow amain and the size of the legs is increasing. Different brands have different options while buying GS shoes. So, maintaining GS shoe size is a must for your school-going kids.  

Gs Shoe Size Chart:

The grade school shoe sizes vary from brand to brand and country-wise too.  On some shoes, there is some metaphor attached to the logo of the shoes for the kids such as Y with the size that means the shoe size for little ones.


The term Gs may vary with its meaning for different shoes, let’s get to know more!

What Does Gs Mean In Asics Shoes?

Asics is famous for its wide analects of Asics divisions. This kind of wide choice takes into an estimate of the sunder accession to each athlete’s foot. Likewise, adults Asics out gives options for GS size. The Asics GS shoes that mean grade school running shoes for kids are perfect for their daily sports workings. 

The GS size of Asics is 1 to 7 in US size and k13 – size 6 in the UK. It is a multifunctional model that you can use for all kinds of pastimes workings too. Its upper part will achieve a great fit thanks to its fabric and stitched overlays. 

They will not run uncomfortable due to sweat, since it has the necessary attributes to promote ventilation and air perambulation. This design stands out for its durability and resistance. It’s EVA midsole so that easement consorts them every day. Make children’s feet wonderfully comfortable and stable every day with the modern and comfortable Asics GS sneaker. 

What Does Gs Mean In Nike Shoes?

The Nike GS shoes have a static, lightweight fit that allows the skin to breathe and pays off a sense of speed when moving from the grade school kids. It has zoom Air anti-vibration protection that renders a soft and elastic feel, while the glitter look renders an impressive appearance. Generally, the Nike GS shoe size in the US starts from 3.5Y to 7Y. The size is not so different for the UK, the size starts from 3 to size 6.5. 

Nike GS shoes have skin ventilation and support. The mesh material is ventilated and petit. Cordless design with flywire yarns is wrapped around the foot for a firm fit and has elastic anti-vibration protection too. 

The GS shoes provide zoom air shock protection for a petit, supple feeling when you run. The sloping heel design ensures faster transitions from heel to toe. With the pliability and traction, the sole is flexible and bends with the foot in whichever vexation.

What Does GS Mean In Jordans?

There are some differences between adult Jordan sneakers and sneakers for the grade-schoolers. And here the GS Jordan stands for. The GS Jordans are quite different based on looks and sizes. Like the sizes of Nike the GS size in Jordan’s shoes starts from 3.5Y where Y symbolizes youth’s shoe size and the size ends up at 7Y. For the UK, the size starts from size 3 to size 6.

The rubber outsole is divided into two sections to reduce the overall weight of the shoe and allow for smooth transitions. The section of the outsole located immediately below the zoom unit changes to herringbone traction. On the GS Jordans, laces go through eyelets and interlocking loops. 

When you lace them, they apply pressure to the mesh, helping to ascertain your foot on the footbed. Having breathable mesh tongue, padded around the ankle, rubber outer shank, color-changing tongue logo the GS Jordans are great options for school-going kids.

What Do GS And Ps Mean In Shoes?

The term PS in shoes refers to shoes for preschoolers. The pre-school age extent is between 2-5 years. So, the material, size, types of shoes are different from the other ages. To perform the natural movements of the foot without barrage the PS shoes should be flexible. The PS shoes are focused on sizes so that the child does not have to press shrink his or her fingers. The sizes of PS shoes differ from brand to brand and country-wise. 

Again, the term GS in shoes usually means that it is a shoe perfect for the kids of grade schools. The GS shoe sizes are larger than toddler’s shoes or preschooler’s shoes. Choosing the right size is very important, it should not press the foot but it should not be too large so that the child can wear the shoe longer. The difference between GS shoes and general shoes for adults is the cost, quality, and most importantly the size.

Wrapping Up

The question what does gs mean in shoes bothers many shoe lovers as there are numerous confusing answers in this regard. Depending on different shoe types, regions, and even brands this answer varies; which you have already seen in the discussion. But hopefully, our research has been entirely beneficial for you to know the exact answer. 

We have included the size chart for your better understanding. You can compare the chart with your region and get the perfect gs size shoe for your child. As gs is mainly used for children’s feet measurement which is quite bigger than average, this size will help your child to get their shoes more profoundly than before. So read the whole information thoroughly and get the best idea of it. Good luck!

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