Pau Gasol’s Shoe Size And Everything In Details 2021

We all know that Pau Gasol is a famous Spanish basketball player. An interesting fact about him is he has incredibly big feet. Everyone is curious about Pau Gasol shoe size. People assume that his feet size puts a lot of the advantages in his playing size. But is that true? Pau Gasol Shoe Size And Everything In Details

Today, we have set our mind to find out his feet size. We have found out that his feet size is 50 according to the Europe shoe size chart. As for the US size chart, his foot size is 16. That is huge, right? Probably that actually helps him to play in a better way! 

But not only his feet size, but we have also figured out a lot of other things for you. We have shared his net worth, his preferable shoes, and other choices here. So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

What is Pau Gasol Shoe Size?

Pau Gasol is a Spanish player and he is basically a basketball player. He is a famous player in the NBA (National Basketball Association). He was the first non-American player, who got the NBA rookie of the year award in 2002. As we know for basketball, a player has to be very picky about the shoe and shoe size.

The Shoe size of Pau Gasol is 50 according to the Europe shoe size chart. The legs of the basketball players tend to be quite skinny but the shoe size of the players is quite large.

But, the US shoe size is not coequal to the EU shoe size. The shoe size of Pau Gasol will be of size 16 according to the US size chart if we convert the size of the EU. 

However, the size differences will not be too much between his US shoe size and UK shoe size. The UK shoe size of Pau Gasol will be almost 14 and ½. The UK size and the AU size are almost the same.

If anyone wants to buy the same size of the shoe as Pau Gasol, then what will be the shoe size? However, in Japan, the shoe size is measured in cm so according to that, we can daresay that the shoe size of Pau Gasol in the Japanese shoe size chart would be 31.8cm or the nearest 32cm.  

But these sizes may vary from brand to brand a little bit. He has one of the largest feet among all the NBA players. As a professional basket player, he confers to wear high-top sneakers which are very convenient for him. But earlier in 2019 he got a leg injury and had to undergo surgery. For that, he could not continue the rest of the season and he is recovering now from the injury of his left leg.

Pau Gasol Net Worth- How Much Is That?

Pau Gasol was born in July 1980 in the capital of Barcelona, Catalonia. He started studying in the basketball department while still in school. He is one of the most famous basketball players of the renowned NBA. 

Before making his debut in the NBA he was quite an out-of-the-ordinary basketball player in Europe. Though he could not earn much in the NBA at the starting as he did in ACB, he bit by bit overmatched it with skills. He displayed a tremendous performance far and wide in his basketball career that made his career at the peak.

His net worth is approximately $65M. He had also set up a contract and played for other famous companies like Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls. In 2019, he made a contract of $2.6M for a season only with Portland Trail Blazers but he couldn’t carry out the purvey for the reason of his injury. Pau Gasol also had created contracts with some renowned brands which helped to attain wealth. 

In 2014, Forbes declared him to be one of the highest-paid athletes with $21.8M earnings, where $2.5M came from his sponsors. He had triumphed over many champions league with the other famous basketball players. He approximately acquired $116.46M while remaining in the LA lakers. As of 2019; his annual income was $2,900,000.

What Kind Of Shoes Pau Gasol Prefers?

Being a professional basketball player Pao Gasol prefers high-top sneakers for playing Basketball. There are some reasons for it. A basketball player needs to change the movement of feet frequently. So, there is a high chance of injuries. He has to choose the right kind of basketball shoes in this case. These high-top sneakers provide him comfort which is the number one priority.

The high-top sneakers give the player full support and help to control the locomotion of the feet. Shoes like high-top have a higher vamp that is the upper part of the shoe and this upper part creates no irritation on the feet while playing. Flexibility is also entailed in this focused game, and the high-top sneakers provide this advantage. 

The high-top sneakers give unwavering comfort all around the ankle and protect the ankle from injuries like sprains. The high-top sneakers have malleable bolster that serves the player with ultimate mobilization even for a long perpetuation without bothering.

The high-top sneakers have a better system of lacing which allows the player to tie up the shoe without having the tension of tripping. A good pair of basketball shoes must have a condescending stature and the high-top sneakers that Pau Gasol prefers are compatible in all ways.


We are done giving away all the information about Pau Gasol shoe size and other important information. Hopefully, all these things have been entirely beneficial to you. Also, we have shared other information about this player.

We must say that pau Gasol is a wonderful basketball player. And his feet size helps a lot in his basketball career. He has perfectly lengthier feet among all the other players and that makes his playing style unique from others. 

In the end, we hope that other information as in the net worth and his favorite shoe type is clear to you if you are a fan. So gather all the information and keep fantasizing about him. Good luck! 

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