How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big- (Get The Perfect Fitting)

Walking with shoes that are not your right size can be quite uncomfortable. However, people often tend to go for bigger sizes when it comes to shoes due to the myth that bigger sizes are more comfortable.How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big

Well, the truth is, shoes that are too big for you are just as troublesome as smaller shoes. So, How to tell if shoes are too big? The amount of space between your feet and the shoes will differ correspondingly to the pattern of your shoe. Make sure there is only around a 1-centimeter gap between the shoes and the heels. If the gap is more than that, shoes are too large. 

There is more elaborated knowledge that you should gather about your shoes. We will share additional information like if wearing blogger shoes a matter of trouble or not and if you can do anything with the slightly big shoe. Let’s find out! 

How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big? 

Well, to tell if your shoes are too large, you need to take into consideration the type of shoes you are wearing. The amount of space between your toes, ankles, and shoes will differ accordingly. For instance, if you wear boot shoes or heel shoes, the size will change respectively. 

Try the heels on, see if your feet comfortably fit into it and if it does, make sure there is only around a 1-centimeter gap between shoes and the heels. If the gap is more than that, shoes are too large. 

Another sign that the shoes are too large is that your heels are popping out of the shoe, especially when you try to walk. It can be extremely annoying and reducing the shoe size is the right decision. 

Also, another important issue that needs to be considered is that different people have different feet in shape. For instance, some people have feet that are bigger in length, others have wider feet. So, you need to check whether your feet are wider or longer as well. If after putting your shoes on you can slide your feet back and forth, the shoes are too long and you should certainly go a size or two down. 

However, this does apply if your shoes are too wide for you. In that case, getting smaller-sized shoes will only cause pain, as your shoes need to be long enough to fit the length of your feet.

How Much Room Should Be At The End Of A Show? 

Now that you have learned how not to choose shoes that are way big for your feet, the next step is to learn to choose the right size for your shoes. First and foremost, you need to bear in mind that the right size does not mean leaving huge space at the front or the end of the shoe. 

You should always leave some gap in both ends of your shoes for your comfort. So, how much should the gap be? Well, typically,  for most shoes you don’t have to think about the gap at the front. However, this can be vital when choosing a pair of sneakers.  

Typically, there should be around a half-inch gap between your toe ( or the longest finger of your feet) and the shoe. Now coming back to the question, the gap at the end of a shoe is where things usually get confusing. Not leaving enough space in the back can be extremely uncomfortable and cause blisters. 

On the other hand, leaving way too much space can hamper walking or even cause accidents. So, simply put, try to keep a space of around 1/8 inch at the back. This is to protect your feet from blisters and irritation.

How To Tell If Running Shoes Are Too Big? 

As mentioned earlier, your shoe size will differ according to the type of shoe you are going for. For instance, if you are trying on sneakers or running shoes, it is usually a wise idea to get the size in which there is enough space for your toes. This will allow you to run comfortably and wear the shoes for a longer period without any pain. 

However, that does not mean you should get shoes that are way too big. So if you want to know should running shoes be a size bigger, we must tell you that no, it will irritate while running. 

Also bear in mind that, the same does not apply to all types of shoes.  Heels, for example, do not need a lot of space for toes. So, to check whether your sneakers are too big, put them on and tie up your shoes as tightly as possible.  

If you are still comfortable in your shoes, they are most likely way too big. Also, bigger shoes are very uncomfortable to wear when running. So, if there is way too much space when you move your feet back and forth, or if your feet keep popping out of the shoe, this is not the right size.

Is It Okay To Wear Shoes Too Big? 

Simply put, no, it’s not okay to wear shoes that do not fit you properly. There are a plethora of things that can go wrong if you wear shoes that are too large for your feet. First and foremost,  it affects your way of walking. 

Loose shoes can be uncomfortable and your feet may slip out when walking or running in those. Which will affect your natural way of walking and in turn will result in damaging your confidence.  

Secondly, wearing loose shoes can cause a lot of health issues as well. For instance, wearing loose shoes can result in foot corn. Moreover, it can cause excruciating pain and inflammation in the heels of your feet. Although, it is typically believed that only tight-fitted shoes can cause this issue, but the truth is, wearing loose, unsupportive, and uncomfortable shoes can also cause pain and irritation. This syndrome is commonly known as Metatarsalgia. 

Wearing way too big shoes can also result in causing accidents. Walking in loose shoes is quite uncomfortable as your feet keep popping out of your shoes. This can be extremely dangerous and can cause falls. This can be extremely fatal when crossing a road or walking up the stairs. 

What Can I Do If  My Shoes Are Slightly Big? 

If you have somehow got yourself a pair of shoes that are a little bit bigger than the size that fits you, there are a lot of ways to fix them. 

First and the most effective of all, get a shoe filler. A shoe filler is a type of padding that can decrease the size of the shoe to size or half. They not only fix large shoes but also keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. For example,  “Make’em fit” by Shoolex is a great shoe filler. 

Another option is using heel strips, which are a thin pad that is added to the ball of your feet and are usually used for uncomfortable heels. However, this can also help your bigger shoes fit a bit better. 

Aside from that, you can also use an insole, which is thin padding usually made of gel or foam, which you have to put under your feet, along the sole of your shoes. This can provide some cushioning as well as make your loose-fitting shoes fit better. 

Another cheap and easy option is to wear multiple pairs of socks or wear thicker ones if you prefer. This option is quite handy, especially if you don’t want to spend money on fixing your shoes. However, bear in mind that this option is not suitable for hot and humid weather. 

Last but not least, stuffing your shoes with cotton or tissue can also be a temporary solution. This is cheap as you can use any material available,  from tissue to cotton balls. However,  this is not suitable if you’re planning to wear the shoe for a long period or planning to do anything athletic.

Should Shoes Be Bigger Or Smaller? 

If you want your shoes to be comfortable, then go for the ones that fit perfectly. Which means shoes that are not too big nor too large. However, if you can not, somehow, find a size that fits you properly,  it would be better to go for a size that is a bit larger than your actual fit. Here’s why. 

Wearing smaller shoes is linked with a lot of health issues. 

Blisters are probably the most common ones. Though common, these can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. That’s not all, wearing narrow-ended shoes or smaller shoes can put way too much pressure on your toes, which can ultimately lead to ingrown nails. 

This can cause irritation and inflammation around your toenail. Moreover, wearing tight shoes can cause problems to the ball of your feet and damage your joints, bones, or tissues. Wearing smaller shoes for a long time has been linked with arthritis as well. 

Compared to that, the risks of developing health issues wearing bigger shoes are thin. You can also fix it to an extent and make them more comfortable for your feet. So, going for shoes that are slightly larger certainly better than smaller shoes.

Ultimate Decision

By now, it must be clear to you that how to tell if shoes are too big. follow our given ideas and figure out if you have any shoe that is bigger that’s uncomfortable. But yet, if you are okay with wearing bigger shoes, it won’t be a big deal. But if you are buying the shoe for running, it will be a big deal. 

So choose the size and width according to your needs. Give the priority to your comfort and therefore you will be ready to go. Also, don’t forget to remember the problems that bigger shoes can cause you. Good luck! 

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