7 Effective Ways on How to Get Blood Out of White Shoes? 

When you are wearing white shoes or sneakers, any simple scratch or stain can look super ugly. But is the duration of How to Get Blood Out of White Shoesyour white shoes over once it gets stained? No, absolutely not! 

You can easily clean your white shoes from those stubborn stains by taking different measures. Among all the stains, blood stain is the most stubborn that you will ever face in your shoes. So, how to get blood out of white shoes?

To get blood out of the white shoes, you can try using bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and toothpaste if the stain is deep. Otherwise, soaking your shoes in the water can help to rinse the stains easily. If the stain is mild, you can also use detergent or dishwasher to remove those.

Keep on reading and you will get the whole procedure in detail. Also, we will share how you can get rid of other stains from your different shoes as well. Let’s start with the main context! 

How to Get Blood Out of White Shoes? -The Convincing Ways

White shoes are necessary in your everyday life. If you get blood on your white shoes, you have to immediately start trying to remove the stain because fresh blood stains are easy to remove but if the blood stains become dry it would be really hard to remove the blood out of white shoes.

If you don’t remove the stains rightly, the stains will remain permanent on the shoes. There are so many ways you can use them to remove blood stains from your white shoes:

Method 1:

If the blood is clotted, you can use the water to wash the blood out. You can also vacuum the blood-stained area to remove the blood from the shoes. After that, you can blow-dry shoes.

You have to use cold water to wash off the blood stains from the shoes because if you use warm water instead of cold water your stain won’t fade too well and remain permanent on your white shoes. So after soaking the shoes into water, scrub them well.

Method 2:

If the blood stains become dry, you can soak the white shoes in cold water for 15 to 60 minutes, and after that rub it with a brush and after that wash the shoes. In that way, the blood stains will be removed easily from the shoes.

Method 3:

You can use hydrogen peroxide if the stains become too deep. It is the quickest way to remove blood from your shoes. Firstly, soak a cotton cloth with 3% of hydrogen peroxide and then scrub it very gently. After that wash the white shoes with running cold water. 

Method 4:

Isopropyl alcohol is also recommended to remove the blood stains from white shoes. First, mix isopropyl alcohol and water in a 1:1 proportionally, then pour the mix into the stain and rub the stained area with a toothbrush. After that, wash it properly. 

Method 5:

Bleach is also a good blood stain remover for white shoes. If you want your shoes to be stainless,  mix bleach and water at a 1:5 rate and rub the blood-stained place very carefully.

Method 6:

Carbon is an excellent blood stains remover. It’s a washing material, you can find this at any laundry shop. This small yellow container is really effective for removing blood stains. Just use a small portion of carbon into the stained area then continue the same process.

Method 7:

You can also use mild dish wash or detergent. Just mix it with the water and scrub the area with the mix, soak the shoes into the mix for a period, then wash the shoes and dry them well. Saltwater and baking soda are also useful for removing dry blood from the shoes.

Just soak your shoes in cold salt water for 1 to 2 hours,  then wash them with normal water. If you can’t do any of them, normally put the white shoes into the washing machine. After washing,  the shoes will turn out glittery white like before.

How to Get Blood Out of Leather Shoes?

Leather shoes are easy to get stained and it’s quite hard to take off the stain from them. Leathers are like a spongy or absorptive type of material and they can absorb dirt and stain very easily. So you have to clean the blood stains quickly because if the blood stains become dry it would be really hard to remove the blood from the leather. 

The dark color lather’s stain isn’t visible but the light-colored leather stains are eye-catching. You can remove the blood stain from the leather shoes in many ways. You will need some things for removing the stain. You can use the soft cotton cloth, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, and water at a proportional rate. 

First, you have to scrub the stained area with a toothbrush or soft cotton material and water. if the stained area is still visible, you can use dish soap to wash blood stains from the leather shoes. If you use a mild dish wash to remove the blood,  add a little amount of dishwasher and warm water into a soft cotton cloth then rub the blood-stained area until it disappears. 

If the stain is too deep, you have to use 3% of hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol with water. Firstly, take a piece of soft cloth and 3% hydrogen peroxide then rub the place very carefully. If you use isopropyl alcohol,  you have to mix it with water at a 1:1 proportional rate, then scrub the place smoothly until it fades away. 

After that, wash the leather shoes with distilled water and wipe the water with soft cotton material and dry the shoes well. You can also use rubbing alcohol to get better results of removing blood out of the shoes.

Can Toothpaste Remove Blood Stains From Shoes?

Yes, toothpaste can remove the blood stains and return the exact color of your shoes. Toothpaste is an excellent option to remove the tough stains from the fabric. It helps to remove every type of shoe stain so quickly. Toothpaste has many chemical substances that can help you to remove the deep stain very easily.

You have to follow some steps to remove the stains from the toothpaste. Firstly, you have to choose a non-gel white toothpaste and then take a small portion of the toothpaste in your toothbrush and put the paste on the stains of your shoes. Then scrub the stained area with the toothbrush in a circular motion. 

You can continue the process for 10 to 20 minutes and after that, let the toothpaste wait for 15 to 20 min on the stains, in that way blood stains will go away permanently. Also, you can use a soft cotton towel or wet tissues to remove the paste off the shoes. Then you can continue the same process until the stains are gone. After that, wash the shoes with cold water and blow-dry the shoes very well. 

Can You Use Bleach on White Shoes?

Yes, you can use bleach on white shoes. White shoes are really easy to get stained and simply the water can’t remove the stains perfectly. Sometimes there are some dirty stains and spots that stay permanently in the white shoes if you don’t wash them properly.

So, if you want to remove the stains quickly from the white shoes, it will be a great idea to use bleach on them. To wash your white shoes, you have to mix the bleach and water at a proportional rate (about 1:5) and then you have to pour the mix into the stain and scrub the stained area with a  little brush toothbrush.

After scrubbing,  wait a little bit and then wash the shoes with warm water and after that, it needs to be well dried as soon as possible. But remember, do not use bleach directly in your shoes because bleach is a dangerous chemical that can damage your shoe material if you use it on a regular basis and your shoes will turn yellowish. So, if you want to use bleach in your shoes, you have to use it carefully.

Do You Use Hot or Cold Water to Remove Blood Stains From Shoes?

Fresh blood stains are easy to remove by both cold and warm water from the shoes. By any chance, if the blood stains become dry, it will be really hard to remove the blood stains.

You have to use cold water to remove the blood stains because shoes are made of soft material like cotton and if you use warm water instead of cold water,  the blood stains won’t go easily but it will set permanent on your shoes and after someday your shoes will look faded and dirty. 

If you use cold water to wash shoes, the blood stains will go quickly. Firstly,  you have to wash the shoes with cold water, just like you usually wash them. Then the shoes need to be well dried and after that, your shoes will be like before, without blood stains.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know how to get blood out of white shoes along with other necessary information. The whole procedure is easy if you follow it in the certain way that we mentioned. But you don’t need to bring chemicals like bleach or hydrogen peroxide if the stain is not deep enough. 

As we mentioned, normal water can help with the stain pretty well. On top of that, be very careful when you work with bleach or chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. Because if you anyhow spill out those on yourself, you can bring dangers. Always wear gloves while working and keep yourself safe. Good luck!

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