Do Crocs Run Big? The Realistic Feedback

Crocs are generally well known for their shape and comfort. Since shoe sizes are majorly associated with comfort, it is important to know if the shoe runs big or small or true to size. That’s why today we vowed on discovering the answer for you.

Do Crocs Run Big

So, do crocs run big? For your convenience, generally, crocs run true to size. But there are more factors to consider while buying crocs than just the sizes.  The run size varies widely from model to model. So the sizing difference will depend on which model you are picking up for yourself. Usually, the models that focus more on comfort run true to size, and the heavy-duty rough shoes run big.

Today, we have discussed everything about crocs sizing, if these can run big or small and the size charts to help you. Later on, we have shared a few more related pieces of information. So, without any more delay, let’s move forward to know what’s inside! 

Do Crocs Run Big?

You can leave a sigh of relief. Crocs remain true to the size. So when your question is: do Crocs Run Big Or Small, no further hassle is needed to take! The main thing to consider while buying crocs should be the model you’re looking to buy. This is because they are designed for different purposes, some are made for comfort while others are more focused on rough office uses. So the size can vary depending on the model.

With some models, you can get away with buying your exact foot size while with others you might have to leave half an inch or so. Usually, the models that focus more on comfort run true to size, and the heavy-duty rough footwear runs big.

In most ideal cases crocs run true to size meaning you would want to get the size that matches your foot’s size. But that’s not the case for all crocs shoes. Crocs only run true to size for their classic clog models of shoes which are the most popular and have the best fit. So it kind of depends on the model you’re looking at to understand if it runs big or small.

Crocs have five models, classic clog, bistro clog, crossband clog, slippers, and ‘On the clock’ shoes. All of these models have different fits, feels, and run differently. As mentioned the classic clog runs true to size for its roomy and comfortable fit. If you are more into classic clog with the perfect fitting, you can get this one. Click here to view the current price of these Crocs at

Proceeding to the bistro clog, they are fabricated differently than the classics and it runs bigger as it is targeted for wider feet and people looking for a bit more room. But don’t worry about them getting slipped off your feet as most of them come with a strap on the back. We really liked the way they thought about wide feet problems. Here is a beast bistro clog for the perfect fit, Click here to view the current price of

Compared to the previous two the croc band clog doesn’t have as much room and prefers a more fitting feel. Generally, these would run true to size but for people with wide feet, these may run a bit small.

Croc slippers are usually designed very similarly to the classics and have almost the same fit, meaning they run true to size. But since they are slippers they have a fuzzy coating that provides warmth. They can also be used for casually going outside. 

Focused more on office and work cases, the croc ‘On the clock’ shoe is made for a more secure and tight fit so naturally, they do run true to size but some people may need a bigger size if their feet shape is different. Personally, the secure and tight fit feels more into fashion so this is our first choice when we think of crocs. Now you can click here to view the current price of

So with all the different models of the crocs out of the way, you will hopefully be able to conclude whether the croc you are looking for runs bigger or smaller. 

How Many Fits For Crocs Are There?

Crocs generally come in 3 fits for different sizes: relaxed, roomy, and standard fit. The roomy sizes have more room, naturally. They are very wide in both length and width to make sure of breathability. 

The relaxed fit is a bit tighter than the roomy ones but still, there is a lot of space inside, especially at the top of your toe. With these, you won’t feel as unstable as a roomy croc because with those your shoe might slip off. 

Finally, the standard fit, these have the right fit for your size not too tight nor too loose. These are perfect for almost any use case and situation providing great comfort.

Crocs Size Chart

Casting aside the 3 different fits for crocs which we talked about earlier, the model of the croc is the biggest factor towards getting the right size since every model is made with different plans and made for different people. But here we are giving the usual chart that might help you decide better: 


US SizeUK SizeEU SizesJP SizeKorea SizeInchesMillimeters
4N/AN/AN/A2108 3/8212
5334-35212208 5/8221
7537-38232409 3/8238
8638-39242509 5/8246
10841-422627010 3/8263
11942-43N/AN/A10 5/8272


US SizeUK SizeEU SizesJP SizeKorea SizeInchesMillimeters
4N/AN/A222308 5/8221
6N/AN/A242509 3/8238
7639-40252609 5/8246
9842-432727010 3/8263
10943-442828010 5/8272
121146-473030011 3/8288
131248-493131011 5/8297
15N/AN/AN/AN/A12 3/8314
16N/AN/AN/AN/A12 5/8323


US SizeUK SizeEU SizesJP SizeKorea SizeInchesMillimeters
C2N/AN/AN/AN/A3 7/898
C3N/AN/AN/AN/A4 1/8107
C4419-20121404 1/2115
C5520-21131504 7/8123
C6622-23141555 1/8132
C7723-24151605 1/2140
C8824-2515.51655 7/8149
C9925-2616.51706 1/8157
C101027-2817.51806 1/2166
C111128-29181856 7/8174
C121229-3018.51907 1/8183
C131330-31191957 1/2191
J1132-3319.52007 7/8200
J2233-34202108 1/8208
J3334-35212208 1/2217
J4436-37222308 7/8225
J5537-38232409 1/8233
J6638-39242509 1/2242

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do crocs stretch?

Since crocs are mostly made of rubber, foam, and plastic, they are likely to stretch if pushed to do so. But unlike other shoes which tend to stretch to match the shape of the feet, crocs are very rigid and will not stretch easily. Also since most croc models run true to size, there will be a fair bit of space inside the shoe so it won’t stretch anyway. 

How true to size are crocs?

The term true-to-size can be a bit confusing, does it mean it will fit tightly with your feet as it is the same size? In the case of crocs, the shoes that run true to size tend to leave a generous amount of space inside the shoe, but not enough space such that it would run bigger.  

Do crocs shrink?

Strictly speaking, crocs don’t shrink under normal conditions. However, because of the materials used, they have a tendency to shrink if kept under direct sunlight and exposed to heat for longer periods of time. 

Should crocs fit loosely?

It really depends on the model of the croc you are getting. For most of the models, crocs should fit a bit loosely as they are targeted at comfort. But it should not feel too loose as that makes it feel insecure and unstable. 

Do crocs run big for toddlers?

Yes, crocs generally tend to run a little bit bigger for toddlers. Since the shoe is already pretty small for toddlers and the materials used in the making of crocs are pretty thick they make the shoe a little smaller than the actual size. 

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, your curiosity has been perfectly fed by our detailed overview of do crocs run big? Our well-researched opinion may save you from your confusion. We have included the size chart to let you know about your true size so that you don’t get the wrong size. 

As crocs do not run big or small, you can peacefully buy the true size and stick to it. But in the case of heavy-duty crocs, it may differ. In the case of On the clock shoes, you might need to buy a size bigger than the true size. It’s best if you give a trial before you buy the shoe for the most assurance. Oh, If you want to check some cheaper option than you can check this post about shoes like crocs.  Good luck!

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